Revvin’ All Over The World: Project CARS Tracks Trailer


Numbers are very important to car fanatics, I understand. Torque, litres, cylinders, MPH, MPG – top numbers, great stuff. A new Project CARS [official site] trailer also focuses on numbers, even when showing all the pretty places it’ll be racing around.

About the California Highway track, for example, it says simply: LENGTH 26.4 km; TURNS 107. What of the fragrant Douglas-fir! The distant roar of the Pacific! The allure of redwoods! The bigfoot chainsaw sculptures at every roadside stop! I bet you can’t even get out and swim in a river. Tch, no romance, those car people. It is quite pretty, though.

Having been delayedagain – Project CARS is due in mid-May.

If this post is about the trailer and you’ve now seen it, rather than blah on about that, shall I tell you about my road trip through California earlier this month? We followed Route 101 out of San Francisco, which gets oh my stars just beautiful several hours out – a shame the Project CARS track looks close to SF. The land is so vast that, as cityfolk, I couldn’t understand the scale. I sat leaned forward, gasping and cussing at every high mountain and deep gorge. And the redwoods! Avenue of the Giants winds through the trees, even swerving to dodge individual trees. It is the most beautiful place I’ve seen. I swam in Eel River. I’ve rarely been happier.


  1. crisp_n_dry says:


  2. iainl says:

    Laughing at the mysterious 3.34km, 19-turn “Azure Coast” circuit. Someone clearly pushing the limit of what you can get away with if you can’t get the Monaco license.

    • HeavyHarris says:

      I’m pretty sure they couldn’t get the rights to quite a few tracks, Suzuka and Monaco among them.

  3. Dances to Podcasts says:

    Missing the sand dunes of Zandvoort. :(

  4. SuicideKing says:

    What’s 0.0001524 Km long and has just one gentle curve?

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      phuzz says:

      What you did there. I see it.

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        phuzz says:

        Also, you’re being very precise, down to 0.1 of a mm. I assume that measurement is taken at standard temperatures and pressures.
        (Oh edit button, I miss you so.)

  5. rustybroomhandle says:

    Encounter any Ewoks, Alice?

  6. Chiron says:

    Yay, but on the Ayrton Senna scale how good are the crashes? I want jagged metal flying all over the track and deformable chassis

  7. BathroomCitizen says:

    I really, really need to take a roadtrip to the USA.

    I live in the countryside of northern Italy – yes, I’m used to see open environments all the time, I was raised as an isolated country-lad – but I miss that kind of scale that Alice is talking about and that I can only see in my dreams.

  8. edna says:

    Is it just me, or is PCARS not really all that pretty? Prettiness always comes up when it is written about, but it doesn’t look much better than, say, Dirt 3 to me.

    • Shadowcat says:

      And as well all know, DIRT 3 was a pig’s breakfast in the looks department…?!