Time Tiller: The Perils Of Man

I loved Bill Tiller’s work as an artist at Lucasarts, where he worked on several games including Full Throttle and Outlaws, as well as acting as art director on The Dig. That’s a healthy CV. Post-Lucasarts, Tiller has written and worked as project lead on two adventure games since then that I don’t have any attachment to – A Vampyre Story and Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island – but I like what I’ve seen of The Perils of Man, a tablet game designed by Tiller and due to arrive on Steam on April 28th. It’s a tale of time travel, historical catastrophes and family. The trailer is below.

I saw some footage from the first episode of the game, running on a tablet, at Gamescom last year. The animation is lovely and there were hints of a sinister and thoughtful undercurrent that isn’t apparent in the trailer, but the voice acting didn’t sound right then, and it doesn’t seem to have changed.

There’s a demo available on the iOS App Store and the first episode of seven is available to purchase there as well. The PC release will contain all seven chapters though. Reviews of the first episode are quite positive and, tappity-tap controls aside, it seems to play like a traditional point and click adventure with inventory puzzles and all.


  1. Robstafarian says:

    This “skinny limbs, big head” aesthetic has officially gone too far for me: the girl in the screenshot is borderline horrific, and not in an “uncanny valley” way. If the style is applied equally to all characters, then at least it would be better than Frozen (i.e. in Frozen, only the female characters had that appearance).

  2. internisus says:

    Mysteries are all fact, bro.

  3. His Divine Shadow says:

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who read it as “The Penis of Man”

  4. alms says:

    If anyone wants to follow on Steam, here’s the link. Can’t fathom why they wouldn’t feature that on the official site.

  5. April March says:

    Is the villain Abraham Lincoln?

    Despite the first poster’s reaction, I rather like this aesthetic. Half-reminds me of stop-and-go animation.