The RPS Bargain Bucket: Frozen-satche

And I am freshly returned from Iceland, more or less intact. The foul weather only cost a single toe, although the locals were happy to replace it with a puffin claw. As such things go, it could have been worse – and I’m thrilled to discover all the world’s gaming sales didn’t cease during my absence. Enjoy this week’s Bargain Bucket and also this dapper plushie from dosbox!

All Stars Bundle
“All the big-hitters in one bundle,” declares the text for the All-Stars Bundle. It’s pretty accurate, as long as you’re not the type who fancies-slash-needs different iterations of Call of Duty in their bundles. The line-up requires little introduction, really. System Shock 2 is an excellent piece of old-school horror, To The Moon will melt even the most cynical heart, and Tropico 4 shows how dictatorship needn’t always be an awful — what am I saying? Okay. Anyway. You’ll like this bundle if you don’t own it already.

Scribblenauts Unlimited + Scribblenauts Unmasked
I remember the first time I heard about Scribblenauts long, long ago. It sounded impossible. Who didn’t want to be able to make their every word turn into reality? Of course, the actual game itself wasn’t quite as stunningly freeform but that didn’t stop it, or the series itself, from being absolutely charming. On the off-chance you don’t know what I’m talking about, Scribblenauts Unlimited puts you in the role of a child named Maxwell. Armed with a magical notebook, he must rush along an open world seeking Starites in a bid to save his little sister. A bit of a pedestrian-sounding tale, really, but it offers the perfect excuse to randomly conjure ladders and cats and monsters oh my. As for Unmasked, it’s essentially the same deal except with chibi superheroes.

Alien: Isolation
I keep championing Alien: Isolation, but the truth is that game scares the colors out of pyjamas. Actually, that’s why I keep waving it at you guys like a prize carrot. It’s great. It’s definitely not Colonial Marines, which I loathe. It exults in the idea of a xenomorph: that it is a bigger, stronger, faster, more terrible thing that anything humanity can possibly conjure. As opposed to, you know, turning them into cannon fodder. Lonely and eerie, though possibly too long at intervals, it is a bleak, taut ride through the bowels of a spaceship as you seek to escape an insatiable demon of the science-fiction genre. (Don’t forget the #FUNISHOT code for maximum awesome. That cuts another 20% from the listed price.)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Legendary Edition
It’s, hm, it’s out of keys. One has to wonder how you run out of virtual keys, but apparently this is a thing. Either way, as long as you don’t mind waiting till the March 31st, this discount is still a thing. Words fail to describe the amount of love people have poured into the latest Elder Scrolls game. It’s bubbling over with mods, with fan-made expansions, with different ways to customize and streamline an already expansive experience. Like everything else, it’s probably not going to be the end-all RPG for everyone (Pillars of Eternity? Now that’s something else entirely) but it’d certainly make a few of you bargain-watchers rather happy. As always, do not forget the requisite code. JBTBG5-7GVTE8-W2YXRV

Also of note:

BioShock Triple Pack – $11.89/£7.47/€11.89
Love them, hate them, have exceedingly strong opinions on them. The BioShock franchise is, if nothing else, polarizing. They make you Feel. What kind of emotions is, of course, entirely dependent on how well the setting and the story jives with you. I’m a big fan of the first two games, and have somewhat mixed opinions on the third. Which is interesting, but very much tonally different. (Also, the source of endless controversy, if the Internet is to be believed.) As always, there’s a code: 22SLIC-KDEALS-EXCLUS

Be Mine 18 – Pay $4.00/£2.69/€3.67 for everything!
What a curious little bundle. As always, Groupees bewilders with the eccentricity of its selection. Most of the bundles are invariably made up of things that I haven’t even heard of. And that, inversely, gives it a backalley rockstar quality in my eyes. I like Inquisitor, flawed as it may be, and Forest of Doom absolutely delights. Aaru’s Awakening also looks absolutely gorgeous, although I haven’t the foggiest if it handles as well as it plays on the optical implants.

Tomb Raider: Game of the Year Edition – $6.50/£4.36/€5.95
Responses to the Tomb Raider were mixed, between those that liked Lara Croft’s new origin story to those who bristled at the linearity and unnerving death sequences. In any case, it seems at least a solid reimagining of an iconic series – and this price isn’t bad if you’re considering getting onboard with the recently announced (and timed XBone exclusive) sequel.


  1. d32 says:

    Tropico 4 is a great city builder – greatest I’ve played in recent years, before Skylines came.

  2. Kefren says:

    I couldn’t complete To The Moon – I persevered for a while but nothing about it hooked me and I dreaded running it because I just couldn’t face it any more; uninstalling was a relief. I’m not saying it is bad, it is just personal taste, and it didn’t gel with me. I had the same problem with Scribblenauts, it rejected many of the words I tried and all my excitement evaporated.

    Glad to see SS2 on offer (I have played that so many times! I love games that are replayable and give a different experience each time; currently playing through VtM: Bloodlines all over again, my first ever Nosferatu playthrough).

    • gunny1993 says:

      At least you tried, when the revolution comes, your death will be swift

    • drewski says:

      Yeah I bounced so hard off Scribblenauts it wasn’t funny. I got to one level where the game would just not accept a clearly correct solution, because the interface just didn’t understand the interaction I wanted. Frustrating in any puzzle based game, let alone one where the freedom is supposedly the main attraction. Haven’t touched it since. Probably never will again.

      To the Moon, on the other hand, I rather liked.

  3. Commander Gun says:

    Apparently the non-legendary edition of Skyrim is still in stock. What’s the difference between legendary and normal, is it worth waiting a few days for legendary?

    • Darkheart says:

      Legendary Edition has all the DLC in it, so yes it is worth waiting for imo.

      • welverin says:

        I’ll say it: Do NOT by the regular version of Skyrim. The DLC has never gotten a price drop and never gets more than a 50% discount, so it’s far cheaper to buy the legendary edition which includes everything.

      • Tacroy says:

        So what you’re saying is, it’s the legen – wait for it – dairy edition?

  4. Ammike says:

    I’m thoroughly enjoying the first few hours of Alien Isolation, does anyone know if it’s worth picking up the DLC too?

    • slerbal says:

      Snap! and likewise, I’d also like to know if the DLC is any good.

      To be honest I’d love a version where I can just explore the world. The aesthetic is so good I just want to snuggle up in that grand 70’s dystopian sci-fi feel :)

    • Skull says:

      The DLC is not worth it if you played Alien for the reasons I did. I love the franchise and Isolation is one of my favourite games so I immediately picked up the DLC.

      Only the pre-order stuff is any good. Recreating scenes from the original movie works surprisingly well and is just as tense as the base game. The “challenge packs” however, are time trials through some standard looking areas. You go for high scores and there is no story what so ever. It would have been a great way to expand on the fall of the station but instead feels tacked on for people who only adore the mechanics. I quite like the game but it forces you to play on hard difficulty where I felt normal hit the spot for me.

  5. Jalan says:

    Be Mine 18 continues on with the trend of Be Mine bundles being more disappointing than good. I thought maybe Be Mine Anniversary 2 was just a fluke but that doesn’t seem to be so. I also notice that Groupees seems to be falling victim to bundle creep (no less than 7 concurrent bundles running as I write this) which may explain a dilution in quality, since there’s only so much you can output until you’re left scrambling for filler or scraping the bottom of the barrel (similar to IndieGala).

    • kalirion says:

      Personally, I think Aaru’s alone was worth the $2.50 pre-order price (for those who don’t know, groupees bundles tend to have “blind” preorder for 24 hours prior to launch for a reduced amount, though Aaru was hinted by the bundle background image.) Barbarion, Run or Die and Forest of Doom look great as well. Not sold on the others myself, but who knows might be fun too.

    • twaitsfan says:

      Wow – I disagree. Forest of doom alone is worth 4 bucks. I almost bought it on steam on a 50% off sale for $5ish

  6. Axess Denyd says:

    DCS has most of their stuff for 70% off on Steam, too. Good time to pick up Black Shark 2, Flaming Cliffs 3, etc.

  7. CookPassBabtridge says:


    • thedosbox says:

      Heh, I could have chosen a better angle, but it’s supposed to be a hat:

      link to

      The 2013 edition was adorable though:

      link to

      For anyone interested in planes, the RAF Museuem in London (Colindale tube) is worth a visit.

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        Ohhh I see, its a RAF-bear :) For some reason I was seeing an upside down flip flop rather than an officers hat. This is very un-British of me. Though having said that flip flops on Brighton beach are quite British, especially if you add rain.

  8. AbsoluteShower says:

    “Responses to the Tomb Raider were mixed” Not really, critical acclaim, but also the usual few whingers does not balance.

    Tomb Raider is an excellent game.

    • SMGreer says:

      Hear, hear!

    • April March says:

      I don’t remember there being critical acclaim tempered by a few whiners, I remembered a few people saying it was excellent tempered by many saying that (and I’m paraphrasing) there was not much of good or bad to say about the game.

      • AbsoluteShower says:

        I just think the way it is described in the article is disingenuous.

        • Kaeoschassis says:

          Your face is disingenuous.

          • Andrew says:

            My face is disinge- wait.

            Honestly, I thought pretty much everyone said it was great bar John.

  9. Frank says:

    The Bioshock triple pack is the same price and will net you Spec Ops: The Line on the Humble Store this weekend (as would any other 2K game).

    My comp can’t run Biinfinity, so I’m holding off.

  10. scwoodson says:

    I’m trying to pick up the Tomb Raider Game of the Year, but the website seems to be out of stock :'( anyone else tried or having this problem?

  11. April March says:

    Step with me, friends, into the dark underbelly of Brazilian indie games and get a free adventure game/visual novel/interactive comic about a modern retelling of Faust that apparently casts a hot goth lady as the devil: link to

    It says it comes with a Steam key but I haven’t been able to claim mine. I also haven’t played the game yet and can’t attest to its quality.

    Also notice that it’s being given away for free because the devs are running a kickstarter of a new version of a short free game they’ve made: link to