What Are You Playing This Weekend?

And we repeat once more the question passed down through the ages, the question we ask to be polite and because we’re interested in you and because we’re a bit nosey in all honesty: what are you playing this weekend?

Me, I intend to have a crack at the second episode of Life Is Strange. Something about the awkwardness of its writing makes the game weirdly endearing to me. And I really dig the look of Captain Forever Remix, so I’ll probably be roaming the galaxy blasting gross cartoonfolk and building a swish ship out their junk.

Plus everyone keeps going on about Cities: Skylines, so I might have a poke at that, if I can find time between writing, swimming, and playing The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth oh good grief I simply cannot stop playing Isaac.


  1. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Pillars of Eternity, that’s for certain. Maybe some Cities: Skylines and various usual suspects of mine.

    • HyenaGrin says:

      Well, your weekend sounds an awful lot like mine.

      • AngoraFish says:

        Yep, those two, obviously. Also, I somehow booted up Ironclad Tactics earlier and seem to have sunk four hours into it. I must have more time available for gaming than I had thought.

        • Rizlar says:

          Ditto the above but replace ‘Ironclad Tactics’ with ‘can almost afford a dreadnought in Sunless Sea’. Basically the same thing, right?

    • Linvail says:

      Pillars of Eternity too. I’m not even sure I slept last night – maybe it was all in game ?

    • int says:

      For me: Pillars of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Dreamfall Chapters.

    • shasy says:

      Pillars of Eternity and a healthy dose of Total War: Attila. Got to conquer as the Alamans.

    • Brinx says:

      Everyone is playing Pillars of Eternity and I’m (still) writing my master’s thesis. :(
      Deadline is 10th of April however and I set playing Pillars as a reward for finishing my thesis. It seriously helped motivating me, so me not being able to play it might have a positive outcome after all.
      (The weekend after the 10th I’ll probably be holed up in my room not doing anything else.)

    • Mac says:

      I have a problem – now I’ve started Pillars of Eternity who is going to finish my city for me? No time for Cities … need to scratch that D&D itch …

  2. harvb says:

    Pillars of Eternity. Totally hooked.

  3. Azagthoth says:

    Dark souls. Currently in the dreaded blighttown

    • lowprices says:

      Me also. Loved Demon’s Souls, but never got into Dark Souls properly. After all the brilliant reviews of Bloodborne, I’m going to finally complete it. Then DS2, then I might have enough disposable income that I could get a PS4.

    • Swordfishtrombone says:

      Those f***ing guys with the blowpipes. Jesus.

      • Azagthoth says:

        Cursed!… I made it through blighttown, only to end somewhere even worse. Darker, more poison.
        DS is truly the pinnacle of enjoyable self torment.

    • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

      Hah, snap! All this Bloodborne talk and that Darks Souls 2 criticism in last week’s Sunday Papers have fired up the old Dark Souls glands in me. Just got through Blightown this morning and rang the second bell, I’m afraid to say this being my second playthrough, and the huge amount of time I spent dying/replaying it the first time round, Blightown’s been a bit of a cinch. Rung both bells in under 3 hours but only because you can miss so much essential gear gathering in NG+. On to Sen’s Fortress brothers! Praise the Sun!

      • Azagthoth says:

        A loud and orange Praise the sun! to you my fine gentleman. May your weekend be full of frustration and dispair (the souls way, that is)

  4. Fontan says:

    Still Shadowrun: Dragonfall. I had stopped for a few months but retook it this week. Almost at the end, or so it seems from the quest I’m in right now.

  5. Great Cthulhu says:

    I recently got the urge to play Mount & Blade: Warband again, so I’m currently working on my second unification of Calradia. (The previous one was in 2011. How time flies…)

    Besides that, I’ll be playing in a pen & paper 40K spacemarine campaign using a bastardized version of GURPS.

  6. Sakkura says:

    Pillars of Eternity, of course. It’s been great so far.

  7. DanMan says:

    Got me some Metal Gear Solid: It’s Just A Demo which I shall be playing this weekend.

  8. DrScuttles says:

    Really looking forward to Pillars of Eternity. But! With such limited free time overlapping in our schedules, I have to dash off to spend the entire rest of my day off dying in Bloodborne at a friend’s.

  9. Csirke says:

    I know every RPG fan is gonna dig into Pillars of Eternity nowadays, but I only started Inquisition this week, so I’m gonna stick to that. After playing through Origins and Dragon Age 2 to be up to date on everything, it’s good to finally be able to dig myself into this.

    I also read the novels during the last months, and I’m eager to see how some of the things that were set up in those will pay off in the game. I actually really enjoyed the novels, and when I’ve heard that Cole is a companion character, I really wanted to get through Dragon Age 2 and into Inquisition :) So far, his appearance in the Templar quest didn’t disappoint, though I’ve heard he doesn’t really do much important later in the game, which would be sad.

    • Silith321 says:

      You’re in for a treat, especially if you read the novels beforehand and liked them! (this is in regards to DA:I in general, not with regards to Cole – he is cool though and I really liked his character ark, so I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you like him. I took him with me everywhere and his comments and banter are always hilarious/awkward/creepy – when replaying the game, it’s even better because you start to “get” (some of) the things he says, heh).
      Did you read “Last Flight” too? I loved that one, it’s the best of the DA novels IMHO.

      Me, I don’t know what I’m going to play yet – I’m totally overwhelmed by my backlog and thus, don’t play anything. Which is sad. I want to play PoE or Cities:Skylines or the DA:I DLC but there is a ME2 playthrough that needs to be finished so that I can finally replay ME3 for the 164th or so time. Eh, I think I need to organize my gaming time better…
      At least I managed to play through Life is Strange Ep2 already, so that’s crossed off my list. Phew.

      • Silith321 says:

        Why is there no edit button to edit stupid typos? Gah. I meant “character arc”, Cole doesn’t actually own an ark. Sorry if I raised false hopes there.

      • Csirke says:

        I’m around 30% into Last Flight, so far it is good, but not much happened yet. I usually read during commuting (I commute 2 hours every day I go in to work), so I’ll probably finish it next week, before I got very far in the game. I’m happy to hear it’s gonna be good!

        • Silith321 says:

          “Last Flight” doesn’t really tie in with DA:I because it happens around the same time as DA:I does IIRC but I’m pretty sure the events of the game and the book will come together eventually (I’m trying not to go into spoiler territory here ;) ). Even if they don’t it’s a good read on its own if you like the darkspawn side of the DA lore. Glad to hear you like it so far even though the beginning is a bit slow indeed.

    • Carra says:

      Same here, going to continue my Inquisition run. Pillars will have to wait a few weeks.

    • Sucram says:

      I’ve playing Pillars of Eternity, pausing my game of DA: Inquisition, which I started halfway through playing Wasteland 2 which itself distracted me from Shadowrun which…

      • teije says:

        Exactly what I’ve been doing – Divinity Original Sin, then to Wasteland, then Shadowrun Returns, now Pillars. Haven’t seen an endgame in forever… so far as I’m concerned companies can just stop making them.

  10. Jediben says:

    Elite Dangerous

  11. twaitsfan says:

    Bloodborne. *walks away in shame*

    • mgardner says:

      I started last night, and the only shame I feel is for the number of times I died in the first two hours. At least I have managed to recover all my blood echoes so far.

    • Nimble Cat says:

      It’s so good! I was beginning to think the new health item system was too forgiving. Then I met the Blood-Starved Beast. Now I clitch at every blood vial that comes my way.

      I want to finish up Life is Strange episode one so I can move on to the new episode. That’ll make for s nice palate cleanser between deaths.

    • derbefrier says:

      dont be ashamed that game makes me wish I had a PS4. It looks fantastic.

    • Josh W says:

      Yeah, it’s been dark souls today, will be bloodborne tomorrow. In fact, we’re trying to make an event of it, have nice snack food to go through while hotseating the game.

      So far I’ve got spanish omelette on the list, and I was going to go for a massive thing of humus and crisps/chips to dip in it, but I’m not sure if we’re going to be able to comendeer the living room for the entire day, so we might need bedroom food…

      I ruled out pizza with the requirement that nothing should be red or particularly brown, as we don’t know how gory it’s going to get yet.

  12. Amatyr says:

    Pillars of Eternity.

    I played Life is Strange Ep 2 the day it came out and it’s my favourite Telltale-style game (for want of a better term right now) thus far.

  13. Ignis says:

    Star Citizen! I’d love to see some more coverage on this game here on RPS.

  14. TehK says:

    pillars pillars pillars pillars….
    link to i.imgur.com

    Oh, and a bit of Guild Wars 2, of course, because the lovely RPS guild is going on an ADVENTURE!
    link to rockpapershotgun.com

  15. Zankman says:

    I AM NOT ADVOCATING PIRACY… But I really want to play this new Eastside Hockey Manager and I don’t have any cash, so… If I find a torrent, that.

    If not, LoL probably.

    • ansionnach says:

      Funny how sentences beginning with “I’m not an X, but…” usually turn out!

      • Kaeoschassis says:

        Technically they didn’t say they weren’t a pirate, though.

      • Zankman says:

        Why do you say that?

        I am not advocating it – if you can, always buy games and support devs.

        • liquidsoap89 says:

          It’s the RPG everyone is talking about for me. Dragon Age Inquisition! Wait, where’s everybody gone? Pillars of What? I finally started Inquisition, and I have a feeling I’m really going to like this game. What I’m NOT going to like is playing it for the next 10 years of my life.

          If I play anything else, it’ll be The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (still), or Rogue Legacy.

          • liquidsoap89 says:

            Hmm. Lets just pretend this is it’s own little comment, and not a random response to something completely different.

            Don’t be a pirate kids!

        • ansionnach says:

          I said that because I think it’s funny how sentences beginning with “I’m not an X, but…” usually turn out. Including what you said.

  16. SuicideKing says:

    Arma 3 with Folk ARPS, almost as usual.

  17. welverin says:

    Let’s see, Life is Strange ep2, MGS5:GZ, Evolve, Diablo 3, DA:I Jaws of Hakkon, and maybe another stab at the last two achievements I need in Shadow of Mordor. Whatever in there I’m in the mood for at the very instant I decide to play something.

  18. AskForBarry says:

    The Sims 1

  19. Nikki Tanaka says:

    Grim Dawn and Valkyria Chronicles.

  20. tailzdru says:

    Catacomb Kids, Nuclear Throne

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      I’m still TRYING to avoid buying Nuclear Throne – not because it’s unfinished, you understand, I’d definitely make an exception there because dammit the thing looks fun. Rather I hate the idea of spending more on it than I have to, and I know it’ll be cheaper once it’s out of early access.

      Sometimes being a cheapskate is really difficult though, and getting harder every day.

  21. TekknoTroll says:

    Alternating between Pillars of Eternity and Star Citizen

    • derbefrier says:

      Star Citizen is a bit to buggy for me right now or I would be playing. The latest patch has a lot of nice additions but it sure broke a lot of things.

  22. HuvaaKoodia says:

    Dishonored and Drox Operative.
    I play games about two/three years after release. Future me is playing Pillars in 2018, seems like an eternity away!

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      To be fair, I got Drox Operative on release and I’m STILL playing it. Around the time I finally started to get bored with it, Invasion of the Ancients came out and I got sucked right back in. Bloody brilliant ARPG, and the emergent universe mechanics are just meaningful enough to be a lot of fun, without being so important that they end up overwhelming. (Looking at you, Din’s Curse)

      • HuvaaKoodia says:

        Glad to hear the lasting appeal is there. The grind will no doubt kill my interest at one point though, but right now, about 10 hours in, I’m hooked.

        Trying to save the tree hugger faction with a single planet left against three major races. A little bit of diplomacy, a little bit of sabotage and a whole lotta fighting should do it.

  23. Xocrates says:

    Probably finishing off Claptastic Journey for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

    I actually did get to the final boss (I hope) last night, but after spending two hours shooting bullets at that DAMN FUCKING BULLET SPONGE, I gave up and went to bed. So now my plan is finish off the rest of the sidequests, hope to find some better gear and the try again.

    Though if they make me fight through all of the forms again, I’ll probably just look it up on youtube.


    • Morph says:

      Yeah he’s ridiculous, oh and he levels up with you so…. yeah. Just defeated him this morning with 2 players. Took a long time and much much death. Very frustrating. A pity because otherwise it’s a very fun DLC.

  24. ansionnach says:

    Will be watching films at some film festival. If I get any time I’ll probably continue my assault on my catalogue of unplayed games. Since I’ve played through both Bioforge and Alone in the Dark 3 in recent weeks will probably look at either the Ecstaticas or Fade to Black next. Have a strong feeling that F2B is more than a bit crap, which was my reason for not playing it much at the time, but I’ll play through it and see if that opinion sticks.

  25. Andy_Panthro says:

    King’s Quest V, since it’s the current game over at The Adventure Gamer blog: link to advgamer.blogspot.co.uk

    And I’ll probably spend a bit of time with PES2015 on the PS4, trying not to get too annoyed by the MyClub bit that seems a lot like a “free-to-play” game.

  26. Aresbece says:

    Ascent the space game and maybe some Vietnam65.

  27. K33L3R says:

    maybe some Dungeon of the Endless too

  28. Arehandoro says:

    Pillars of Eternity if I find some free time.

  29. LaughingMan_CK says:

    I’m playing the witcher 2 for the first time, and wondering when I became so bad at games! Is it just me or is it really hard In places?
    I refuse to lower the difficulty, and Wi not be beaten, but it may just drive me insane!

    • Horg says:

      If you are having trouble with anything in the first chapter, here’s a tip. Bombs and traps, especially the free traps you find all over the forest, are amazing. You can stack up traps for ridiculous amounts of damage, particularly helpful when doing some of the side missions like the Endrega Queens nest. I get the impression that the developers wanted some of the fights to be virtually impossible to brute force, so you need to think up alternative strategy.

      • LaughingMan_CK says:

        This was very helpful, i wasn’t using traps effectively at all! My new mantra: there’s no shame in running away, esp if i have laid a minefield!

    • Zenicetus says:

      There are a few difficulty spikes in the game, so it may not be you. I remember dropping it down to Easy (or whatever it’s called) to get through one particular section.

      I don’t enjoy repeatedly bashing my head against the wall in games, so I have no shame in dropping the difficulty when there is a spike that just doesn’t feel right, like it just wasn’t play-tested enough so it could be beaten with the tools I’ve used so far in the game.

      Also, it’s worth checking out the usual online sites for tips and walkthroughs, if you don’t want to drop the difficulty. Sometimes it’s just a question of not picking up a particular tactic that the programmers expect you to use, for a scripted encounter.

      • LaughingMan_CK says:

        I’d be willing to bet it’s the first boss fight the Kayran, i had to go to Youtube to beat that guy!

    • kament says:

      Yep, not you. Until you decrapify Geralt (that is, at least till lvl 15 or so) he’s prerry much a pain in the arse to play without resorting to cheap tactics, i.e. bombs, daggers and all that stuff unbecoming a master swordsman. Apparently, something happend to him between between games. Something worse than mere amnesia. Judging by the damage, he had his cerebellum cut out.

      I blame Triss; clearly the witch couldn’t stand losing her favourite witcher to some nurse and did something to his brain in order to erase certain memories, and, well, miscalculated.

      • LaughingMan_CK says:

        As soon as i got to chapter 2 it got easier, Really steep learning curve! Geralt is more of a gymnast than a swordsman at the start, getting better though!

    • Vandelay says:

      You have to just roll around the place like a loon. That should get you through most fights.

      • LaughingMan_CK says:

        Spent most of my weekend going sideways, mostly survived! thanks for the tip

    • Orionmeister says:

      Hey hey, I’m playing the Witcher 2 for the first time also! To be honest I haven’t hit any insane difficulty spikes yet that I am aware of. Haven’t even been using traps or bombs that much, just using magic at every opportunity and taking time to get a couple hits in with the sword before immediately rolling out of trouble. But who knows maybe I haven’t gotten to any rough bits yet. Good luck!

    • malkav11 says:

      Just lower it to Easy. It’s massively harder than the first game even on that difficulty. It’s why I’ve never made it to Chapter 2.

  30. Cross says:

    I’ll be playing Battlefield 4 (Because i am stubborn), Payday 2 (Because I need to catch up) and Sunless Sea (Because i’ve yet to win) this weekend. Excitement!

  31. Banks says:

    Infinifactory. It’s superb.

    • Awesomeclaw says:

      I really want to pick that up but I can’t bring myself to touch anything marked ‘Early Access’.

      • Banks says:

        The game feels essentially finished and It’s well polished with zero bugs encountered so far. They are using EA to add new puzzless and mechanics and tweak some minor things. It’s really bloody good and you won’t be dissapointed one bit if you liked SpaceChem.

  32. ScoutAbout says:

    Definitely going to keep wading into Pillars of Eternity. I was hooked at character creation and completed just the into last night. Love the writing and the beautiful setting. And going to see how my Phillies fare this season in Out of the Park Baseball 16.

  33. Premium User Badge

    Lexx87 says:

    Dragon Age 2 – I wanted to play Origins and 2 before I play Inquisition.

    I forgot Origins is a billion hours long, so i’m still not ready yet.

    Isaac had me for weeks until I managed to ‘Real Platinum God / 111%’ it – what a game.

    • Chaoslord AJ says:

      Origins is good and also quiet different from DA:I. I tried DA2 after Inquisition and couldn’t really connect with it, shame.

  34. Gibster says:

    Not Pillars of Eternity (I don’t even know what that is yet) and not an RPG. Almost definitely War Thunder, and probably some Cities: Skylines on top of that (by which I mean, if I start playing it, I’m probably going to be playing more than “some”, I’ve lost many hours to that game now and its still as captivating as ever).

  35. Zenicetus says:

    Pillars of Eternity mostly, and I need to spend some time offline learning what all the different class spells and abilities are. I’m playing a Rogue as the main character, which is pretty easy to figure out. But the first time I had to level up the Wizard in the party, I had no idea what spells should be selected and how effective they all are. And that’s just one class! It’s fun, but definitely a learning curve, since it’s a new system and not classic D&D.

    Aside from that, I’ve been reading more WW2 history lately, and decided to re-install Silent Hunter 4 for some Pacific Theater flavor. I’m off now to the Solomon Islands to sink some ships in the Tokyo Express. Or get sunk, more likely, until I remember how everything works in the game.

  36. Chaoslord AJ says:

    Started with Apotheon, really cool game. Will continue with old-school pen and paper RPG this evening.
    Then maybe Pillars of Eternity (is it really good?) or possibly Minecraft’s Regrowth conversion. I’m on the terrasteel quest and can’t seem to make any more progress here.

  37. derbefrier says:

    Pillars of Eternity probably a bit of Cities: Skylines and some DnD 5th edition later tonight. gonna be a good weekend.

  38. flaillomanz says:

    Simcity 2000 whenever the gaming rig is in use by my sister, Cities: Skylines via inhome streaming when she’s not using it.

  39. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Is it ok to admit I am probably not going to be playing anything? I am going through a period of gaming ennui

  40. Philopoemen says:

    Pillars of Eternity – specifically trying to defeat Level 5 of Od Nua with a level 4 party. It can be done I’m sure.

  41. Vandelay says:

    Whilst everyone is playing Pillars of Eternity, I am still playing Divinity: Original Sin. I got it at Christmas, but not played too much of it yet (was struggling with getting beyond the walls of the first town.) Now that I found out that poison and fire leads to fun times, it is going much better.

  42. JohnH says:

    I keep trying to get my fix with Pillars of Eternity but I keep bouncing off it. I kickstarted it because I love my old Baldur’s Gates, Icewind Dales, and Planescape Torment. But I honestly can’t say I’ve been hooked yet which makes me sad. :(

  43. benjamin says:

    I just finished Dragon Age Inquisition. Great game, fantastic characters, some really moving moments and tough moral choices. But oh dear goodness me the ending is truely terrible. It makes me want to play DA:O again.

  44. Abajaba says:

    Final Fantasy 8. 36/45 achievements so far!

  45. Azkaltia says:

    I will be starting up a game of X:Rebirth as I managed to get it rather cheap on a steamsale a week ago.

  46. Voqar says:

    Pillars of Eternity and Heroes of the Storm. I might check in on the latest GalCiv build.

  47. ExitDose says:

    Pillars of Eternity, Ironcast, and Catacomb Kids.

  48. Shadowcat says:

    “Don’t be a fool, Marshall! You’re out-numbered!”

    Marshall James Anderson rides again, courtesy of GOG’s re-release of Outlaws :)

  49. April March says: