Wacky, A Bit Wonky: Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round Released

I admire how much Dead or Alive embraces its silliness. The fighting game series might be known for its terrifying unreal simulation of breasts, but that’s unfair to the many other oddities in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round [official site]: geishas fighting roughnecks, huge amounts of zany clothing and costumes, tiger maulings, a colossal Buddha statue coming alive to deck pugilists, and so on.

DoA5LR came out on PC today, though bafflingly it’s launching without online multiplayer. That’s due to be patched in after about 3 months. That’s a bit too silly, even for me.

Publishers Tecmo Koei are at least cutting the price until they add multiplayer, a 10% discount bringing it to £26.99 on Steam. It’s still a weird move that I can only imagine will harm whatever online community eventually forms. Another curious decision is that, as this techno list-o details, it mostly shares visuals with the PlayStation 3 version rather than the PS4 and Xbone one. This means that yes, shock horror, it doesn’t have the ‘Soft Engine’ tech making jiggly things jigglier.

In short, it sounds like a bit of a wonky PC port. It is the first proper DoA game on PC so that’s perhaps not a surprise. Inside the port is still silly kooky punchy-punch-punch Dead or Alive 5, though, so if you want to play that I guess you’ll need to decide how much iffy porting puts you off.

Anyway, look at how ridiculous this all this:


  1. Darth Gangrel says:

    I bet the loser of that plaid-off will lose their plaid, because if there’s anything I’ve learnt from the movie Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid with Steve Martin, it’s that dead mean don’t wear plaid. Although, whether dead women wear plaid is still up for debate.

    • Geebs says:

      I’m pretty sure that title’s a No True Dead Scotsman fallacy

  2. Dilapinated says:

    A 10% discount because of the core feature of the game getting delayed by 3 months?

    This mess (No netplay on release? In a fighting game? For 3 months?) is going to hurt any potential growth of an online community a *lot*, which usually spells stagnation & death for a fighting game.

    • Baines says:

      There was already a pre-order discount. Team Ninja/Koei Tecmo have just extended the discount through June. People, at least pre-orders, also got some free costume DLC to make up for the previous release delay.

      Mind, the PC version is priced the same as the PS4/Xbox One version of the game, despite missing various current gen console features that will not be patched into the PC version.

      The whole thing has been a mess, and yet another black mark on Koei Tecmo’s PC record. Team Ninja refused to speak about the state of the PC port until right before release. Even when Team Ninja previously acknowledged the silence was bad, it was followed by a statement that they had nothing to say. When Team Ninja finally did release information, people were understandably upset because the spec revealed the PC version to be a half-breed mix of PS3 and PS4 features. This despite Team Ninja saying that the previous PC delay was necessary in order to deliver “the best experience possible”. Then right before release, Team Ninja released the FAQ, which had people understandably more upset and even more concerned (containing such gems as telling people to set their system’s resolution to match one of the limited game-supported resolutions, and warning that if you can’t get the game to start then make sure it isn’t installed to a path name that has spaces in it).

      Unfortunately, while this might be new for Team Ninja, it is business as usual for parent publisher Koei Tecmo. Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition followed the same pattern, a very bare bones PC port of the last gen console version of a title with one or two “enhancements”, but also missing even last gen console features. DW8 Empires followed that pattern as well, while carrying a current gen price tag. And now DOA5LR has done the same. At this point, I would be unsurprised to hear that the PC release of Bladestorm Nightmare will be an “enhanced” PS3 port as well, not that Koei Tecmo is saying anything at all about it so far.

      • vorador says:

        And later, they will complain that they don’t get enough sales on PC to justify the effort and will stop porting.

        Instead of doing the ports in-house they should outsource them like other companies do. But to do that they would have to care, instead of doing the ports to fill a blank on a spreadsheet to please their shareholders.

        • DeltaBladeX says:

          They did get a third company party to do a port in the past with Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. They just haven’t continued with that company for whatever reason, and are now trying their hand themselves.

          • Philomelle says:

            They didn’t get a third party company to port Yaiba. That game was completely outsourced to Spark Unlimited, a PC developer known for such staggering masterpieces as Legendary: The Box (still probably the worst FPS I ever played). I imagine Tecmo Koei didn’t stick with them for the same reason Capcom didn’t after Lost Planet 3, which is Spark Unlimited being one of the most embarrassingly incompetent development teams on the planet.

          • DeltaBladeX says:

            Apologies then. I saw information that only listed the normal team for the console versions.

          • Baines says:

            which is Spark Unlimited being one of the most embarrassingly incompetent development teams on the planet.

            I don’t know. That never seemed to stop other embarrassingly incompetent development teams from continuing to receive work doing mediocre ports. Part of the secret seems to be that if a publisher is outsourcing, then they’ve probably already decided that spending as little as possible is more important than quality.

      • DeltaBladeX says:

        In terms of the price, not quite, depending on region. The Steam version is cheaper than console versions in my country (NZ$43.19 compared to $63.95 [PS4] / $48.95 [PS3], and that is after a price decrease since it was NZ$119.99 when checked just a week ago), and I imagine that will be true of most users outside of North America.

  3. vorador says:

    They should have delayed the game. Nobody buys a fighting game for the single player. Not even a game as ridiculously exaggerated and zany as DoA.

    • Crimsoneer says:

      We play it for the boobies.

    • JiminyJickers says:

      I buy plenty of fighting games for single player and I’m sure I’m not the only one. So please don’t speak for everyone because you can never be right if you do.

      • loldrums says:

        Word. Tons of people do. The self-described hardcore, online-only players don’t like to admit it but that’s OK. Developers know, judging by the huge amount of content specialized for single players. See: Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur, Injustice.

      • Kefren says:

        Probably most of my fighting game play has been single player. I used to play game after game of Streetfighter 2 in the arcade, always against the machine – I hated it if someone tried to join in. Occasionally I’d play a game locally with a friend (e.g. Bodyblows, Amiga) but most of the time I still played single player. Apart from a rare hotseat or LAN game I never touch any multiplayer stuff.

  4. edwardh says:

    As somebody who rarely plays fighting games against human opponents (Yes, it’s true! *gasp*) and loved Dead or Alive 2 on Dreamcast and 3 on Xbox, I have to say that I have lost interest in all released sequels ever since.

    Because they used to dazzle me with their visuals (not the jiggling titties – even for me as a 17 year old teen they were only amusing for a while…) but now I find it all quite bland. The textures, lighting and models – it’s all just wrong.
    Gameplay? Oh please… I don’t think I’ve ever played a fighting game that felt bad to me. And I’ve played dozens of those things. Then again… like I said – rarely against human opponents, so I probably simply was never in the situation to go “Oh come on, that’s so cheap!”. Although I did find it amusing to beat the pants off my button-mashing friend at Marvel vs. Capcom 2 but… not so much Soul Calibur. Damn that Maxi…

    Anyway… give me great visuals again and I’ll play new fighting games again. Until then, I’ll just play the classics now and then.

    • DanMan says:

      Yeah, their tech is very outdated apparently if even spaces in the installation path pose a problem.

  5. Hunchback says:

    Looks very bad, compared to even the last Mortal Kombat, not to meniton the one that’s about to be released.
    Also, i’ve never played DOA cause i’ve never owned a console that could run that, but i’ve always heard it’s the definitive “technical” beat-them-up, harder than Tekken and KoF… watching this vid it looked so arcade, absurd over-the-top and crazy that it’s worse than Soul Callibur! WTF?

    • Mezzo says:

      You are thinking of Virtua Fighter; That’s the definitive technical fighting game.
      Dead or Alive plays like a looser Tekken with a lot of linking between moves, and with environmental hazards.

      • DanMan says:

        God, I so want a VF game on PC. I started out with v2 on my Saturn, then v3 on my Dreamcast and then v4 on PS2. I need some VF in my life! Damnit!

  6. Buuurr says:

    Is it just me or are the tits in that screen grab like… on that ladies’ belly button?

  7. ScubaMonster says:

    This could end up being one of those vicious cycles: Company releases half assed port that sells poorly. Company cites poor sales as a reason to not do anymore PC games.

    I’m torn on the game. On the one hand I’m glad there’s finally a Dead or Alive game on PC (not counting any sort of emulation), but it’s really sad they couldn’t be bothered to make it the same as PS4/Xbox One. Which seems especially strange since the current gen consoles share more in common with PC’s now than ever before.

    Hopefully modders will be able to fix some of these technical details. They’ve done amazing things with other games. If we can get bouncy boob physics in Skyrim, I’m sure someone can fix this game up.

    • Scumbag says:

      Dont quote me on this, but that is where things get even more delicious. It may well be that the devs have stated that they explicitly do not want to see any kind of mod in this game at all. If there is some kind of DoA_Fix like DS_fix there is a chance it will be shot down before it can get anywhere.

      • fish99 says:

        Since DS_Fix doesn’t use any game files, I doubt they could shut it down. Of course that might not apply for other types of mods.

  8. aircool says:

    They need to get with the times and add some code for big, swinging wangers.

  9. teije says:

    This game screams “made for arcades”. Playing this on the PC would be just wrong.

  10. JackMultiple says:

    I’m a bit confused… are they fighting to see who serves first in volleyball? Or did they already play volleyball, and they’re just “winding down”? Do they actually fight ON the vollyball court at some point?

    • DanMan says:

      They lost at Volleyball, so they’re now beating up the winners. Really poor sportsmanship if you ask me.

  11. orochi_kyo says:

    OK, its a shame that the article doesnt point out which are the most horrid mistakes of this port.
    1- It doesnt have Achievements, yeah for those who play single, because they want or because they cant play online, achievements will be funny but there arent any.
    2- If you change your steam game, That will screw up the savegame. If you have special chars on your steam name, the game will not save your progress.
    3. No cloud saves. LOL.
    4. If you have glitches or graphical troubles, try to set your desktop to the game res. OMG, this cant be more silly.
    5. No trading cards. Before anyone comes with that this is not important for you, its important to others and denotes how lazy is this port!!

    • FreeTom says:

      Well, this is all very disappointing. Up until now, there really wasn’t *any* vaguely modern PC game in roughly the Tekken / Virtua Fighter mould. Now we finally get one and it’s not worth buying.

      Not to mention the system requirements. My PC is admittedly in need of upgrades but it plays Alien: Isolation smoothly with a few of the settings auto-detected to Ultra. This game appears to have no improvements on the PS3 graphics and apparently I can’t run it at all.

  12. Maruk says:

    Hardly an issue with the missing achievements. The game plays well and looks good. On its own merits, it’s a damn fine game. Unfortunately the internet rage community is in full swing.

    Sucks about the netcode, but people knew that up front. Nobody was surprised, so whining about it is lame rage.

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