Colossus Deathbot Lets You Nuke Your Minecraft Foes

It's like a gigantic weaponised Christmas Tree“Oooh! A rendering of Alexandra Palace in Minecraft? I wonder if they included the ice cream van because… wait, someone built a walking attack robot colossus?” That was a faithful recreation of the experience of browsing the Minecraft subreddit today.

Here’s Cubehamster’s Redstone Robot Colossus:

Essentially you’re looking at a humanoid construction in festive red and green. To board you use a sky elevator and then follow a twisty path to a cockpit (it’s a boat) from which you can reach the five levers which control the beast. There’s a start/stop switch, the right mini nuke launcher, the left TNT nuke launcher, a precision longbow missile, and sequential Tomahawks.

The Colossus has been a work-in-progress since December but you can now download it yourself for version 1.8. Maybe I’ll see if I can take it into that gallery project that made me cry.


  1. Shockeh says:

    “We are going to have to act….”

    I spent the first 10 seconds going ‘ARG, I KNOW THIS!’ and now I’m off to listen to the soundtrack again!

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Blast from the past, isn’t it? I’ve always loved the way C&C had a built-in soundtrack list to allow people to choose which track to play. One of the few games to do so, as far as I can recall.

  2. LTK says:

    That is seriously impressive. I’m wondering if making it bipedal is even a requirement, it seems quite able to move on its own independent of the ground, like those self-propelling missiles. They are very evocative of Conway’s Game of Life. I’m astonished what those slime blocks enable players to do now. My own engineering capability reached as far as a double-barreled TNT cannon on top of a tower, I’m not sure I’d even know where to begin if I knew you could make entire automated structures.

    • Muzman says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Those flying things look like Conway’s game of Life.
      I suppose someone has made that in Minecraft by now…

      • LTK says:

        Minecraft is Turing complete, so it’s possible, but probably not in 3D form by pushing blocks around. Though I’m very curious to see if you could take two of those contraptions and run them into each other so that the aggregate heads off in a different direction.

      • Somerled says:

        Naturally, someone has. It’s not weaponized, though.

  3. OmNomNom says:

    Just looks like a mess to me.

  4. celticdr says:

    It looks like Santa’s biggest, baddest Christmas death machine… ho, ho, ho.*

    *That was a Die Hard reference in case you were wondering.