Freeware Garden: A Top 5 Goodbye

All good and freeware things must eventually come to an end and the very same applies to my dear Freeware Garden and its all singing, all dancing games. This, wonderful readers, is the final post in the series and my chance to admit how much I enjoyed writing it and to thank team RPS for giving me the chance to take this huge freeware burden off my chest. Oh, and to let you know which five games I covered I loved the most. These:

A Postcard From Afthonia by Jonas Kyratzes [pictured above]

Puns, ideas, hope, love, outrageous characters, hand-drawn graphics any childrens’ book would envy and countless descriptions in a game that will make you laugh and think. Often simultaneously. A Postcard From Afthonia will only take a bit of your time, but also introduce you to a truly delightful and revolutionary (in the traditional sense of the world) virtual place.

Mibibli’s Quest by Games for Weird People

Mibibli’s Quest is a huge and completely bonkers platformer, that any sensible dev would have released commercially. Then again combining the mechanics of Guitar Hero with those of King of Fighters in a game that involves lots of jumping around in surreal environments is far from sensible. It’s unashamedly brilliant though.

Elders of Madness by Miguel Ángel García Guerra

If you ever wanted to battle cosmic horrors in a beautifully pixelated horizontal shmup, well, you are in luck for Elders of Madness has been crafted for you; with love. It looks great, sports a sanity mechanic that makes senses, features more than enough otherwordly bosses to accompany its dozens of unnamable baddies and, crucially, plays amazingly well.

Heroine’s Quest by Crystal Shard

Obviously inspired by Sierra’s classic Quest for Glory series, Heroine’s Quest is an expansive, deep and impressively imaginative adventure-RPG. A puzzle filled tale of heroism and fantasy that is, looks and sounds marvelous. A non-linear game brimming with nymphs, spells, trolls, wizards, rogues and fully voiced characters, that will take you hours to fully explore.

Maze Walkthrough by Serafín Álvarez

Beautiful, weird, famous, rundown, high-tech, alien and even scary corridors from sci-fi movies have been modeled in 3D and assembled into a stunning, quite nonsensical and modestly interactive maze. Maze Walkthrough may not have traditional mechanics, but wandering through the the corridors of Alien, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Planet of the Apes, Star Wars, Metropolis, Resident Evil, and The Day the Earth Stood Still is an amazing experience.


  1. Gabe McGrath says:

    Thankyou Gnome/KD,

    You’ve shared some really interesting stuff – and that to me, is what RPS is all about.
    I can read about the top 10/20/100 anywhere on the net, but cool stuff curated by enthusiasts like yourself is something else.

    Thankyou Gnome, and thanks RPS for trying great little series like these.

  2. Pointy says:

    Is it just the end of this series or are you leaving RPS completely?
    If it is the latter, where is your new home going to be?

    I will be sad to see you go.
    Best wishes on your future endeavours.

    • Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

      Thanks a ton :) Also hope to occasionally contribute a few articles to RPS!

  3. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    Oh no! I used to play the week’s Freeware Garden games on the weekend until a couple of weeks ago. I only stopped doing that because I had too much work to do recently. I guess catching up will be much easier now. :/

    Thanks for writing the Freeware Garden, Mr Dimopoulos. I enjoyed it a lot!

    • Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

      Thank you for the kind words and for enjoying the games. I really enjoyed writing Freeware Garden myself :)

  4. Harlander says:

    I loved this column and it’ll be a shame to see it vanish. Best of luck wherever you go from here!

  5. wraithgr says:

    Thanks for the series. I didn’t read all of them but those I did, I liked.

    Do let us know what your next gig will be (if it’s in the works).

    Καλή συνέχεια!

    • Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

      Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ!

      If everyone will excuse my Greek…

  6. Melody says:

    Noooo, so sad to see you go D:
    Thanks for the great column, I’ve found lots of great and interesting games here. Best of luck for the future!

    • Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

      Thanks! I am really glad you liked it and, well, my best!

  7. Fontan says:

    I haven’t always had the time to play through every game listed (and I did enjoy the ones I did play), but I found the column interesting nonetheless. I did wonder how much effort it would take to get a game everyday and write about them as well as you did, and it seems the work was indeed too much.

    I hope to still see your words around RPS and wish you the best of luck.

    • Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

      Thanks! I do hope to occasionally contribute to RPS myself!

  8. Henke says:

    Nooo! I was working on a kick ass free stilt walking sim I was gonna pester you about posting once I got finished with it! D:

  9. freaky_dug says:

    Thank you for the fantastic column Konstantinos, you have lead me to so many wonderful games.

  10. Prolar Bear says:

    Thanks for the column! I didn’t have time to play most of the games but it was a nice read.

    Postcards from Afthonia truly is a gem.

  11. heretic says:

    Thank you sir for a great column, let us know where you’ll go to next :)

  12. twaitsfan says:

    Thanks Gnome! Are we going to see you back at the lair?

  13. Uncaring Cosmos says:

    Nooooo! Your column (like “Live Free, Play Hard” before it) was one of the reasons I came to RPS!

    Sad to see you go, but I’ll look out for more on RPS from you in future, and more on the Lair!

    • Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

      Why thank you so very much for caring cosmos. Cheers!

  14. Premium User Badge

    Lexx87 says:

    I’ll always remember Impulse and all 100 levels :-) what a game.

    I didn’t have time to get involved much recently but kept on reading and playing what I could. Shame to see this column go! Will keep on following you on Twitter :)

    • Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

      Thanks and congrats on the Impulse skills Lexx ;)

  15. shoptroll says:

    Thank you for the column! I didn’t read it consistently, but it was always great to see a new game highlighted each day when I checked the site.

    I hope this is just a “changing of the guard” and the baton for the “daily free game” column is being handed off to someone else. RPS wouldn’t feel like RPS without it.

  16. skalpadda says:

    Aw, it’s a real shame this is going away. I hope RPS will keep telling us about cool freeware games and that Konstantinos continues to contribute to the site. In any case thanks!

    • Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

      Thanks; also I am absolutely certain that RPS will keep on covering freeware games.

  17. Wowbagger says:

    Aww man – Well you still win the ‘most interesting name at RPS’ award.

    Best of luck!

  18. klops says:

    Shame. I think I almost never commented on these but really liked the stuff. Hope to see more text from you still!

  19. Dan Griliopoulos says:

    Ach. Goodnight sweet prince. Been reading these every day, but hardly ever get a chance to play any.

    • Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

      Sleep tight dear Dan; soon you’ll be reading LOTS by me ;)

  20. bill says:

    That’s a shame.
    Found some intersting things, though I think doing one a week instead of one a day would have been a better idea, because it was just too hard to keep up. You could have just written them all now and then scheduled wordpress to post one a week for the next 11 years!

  21. Barts says:

    Butbutbut but why?… (;__;)

    I know I am probably not the most active commenter on RPS, but I logged in to say I will really miss this series. I particularly enjoyed all these quirky little games, even if sometimes your write-up on them was more enjoyable than the games themselves.

    Still, all the best in your endeavours, Gnome, and hope to see you still around RPS sometimes. You fit in here.

    • Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

      Thank you so very much dear Barts! All the best to you too sir!

  22. DantronLesotho says:

    You’ve always been a great columnist and I am sad to see this series on RPS end. I’ll keep checking your stuff on and your twitter though!

  23. RARARA says:

    Even with the column gone, hope to see more articles from you – I always liked your writing.

    Good luck with your ventures!

    • Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

      I am really glad and thank you. Hope to keep on writing the odd article for RPS.

  24. Stopsignal says:

    This column was awesome to read, and the fact that you were giving all this awesome games that generally go unnoticed a good chance was great. As a person trying to make a game, it’s indeed something noble.

    Farewell, friend, and have the best of lucks.

    • Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

      Absolutely noble and even more so when doing it for free during such harsh times.

      Farewell and my very best!

  25. Skabooga says:

    As others have mentioned above, even though I didn’t get around to playing many of the games you posted, it was comforting to read your positive words about them and knowing that they existed, and that maybe, one rainy day in the near future, I would be able to sit down and play through a bunch of them.

    Thanks for all your work, Konstantinos Dimopoulos!

    • Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

      Thanks for all the kind words. Here’s to you finding the time to play through everything!

  26. blind_boy_grunt says:

    hmm i think there was a scheduling error, this was meant to go up tomorrow on the first of April. But the joke is not that funny anyway. Let’s just forget about the whole thing and you get back to work…

    Thanks for all the words and games, i really enjoyed them.

  27. Niko says:

    Aww, I’ve found a lot of interesting and inspiring games thanks to your column! The best of luck in your future endeavors!

    • Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

      Thank you and I am really glad you enjoyed it. Best of luck!

  28. Uttan Lurze says:

    Thanks so much for the column…it was always interesting. As an English teacher, I was always checking out the games to see which ones I could use in the classroom (since, hey, the school can afford free things!). The students even liked some of them…Hill 160, for instance, was fun, even if we were all terrible at it.

    • Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

      That is fantastic, even though admittedly I never had students in mind. Thanks a ton, means a lot to me!

  29. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Thanks for the column! I hope you enjoyed making it as much as I enjoyed reading it.

  30. Telkir says:

    Hey Gnome – your efforts to find and spread appreciation of freeware games have been unstinting and I’m sorry to see the end of this series of articles. Thank you for your time in writing them.

    You must rank up there with Tim W as one of the most enthusiastic advocates for freeware I know of, so I’ll look forward to hopefully seeing more from you on RPS in the future. Power to your keyboard! :)

    • Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

      Thank you so much for the extremely kind words Telkir! My best!

  31. Kaeoschassis says:

    Wishing you all the best in whatever else you get up to. WIsh I’d commented more, now, I really enjoyed your writing, and yes, found a few really interesting gems ‘cos of your series. Take care. <3

  32. GameOverMan says:

    Thanks for all those hidden gems. Just yesterday I played Malleus Goblinficarium for a good couple of hours. Little I knew it was going to be the last game featured on your column :(

    Good luck and best wishes.

  33. davorable says:

    Noooo :(

  34. picniclightning says:

    I appreciate the work you put in, and definitely kept tabs open for days at a time before I could check the actual games, based solely on your descriptions. Here’s hoping you pass the freeware game torch, and best of luck in what you do next.

  35. rexx.sabotage says:

    What a shame.

    Your consistency will be sorely missed.

  36. Emeraude says:

    Adding my voice, might not have been the biggest commenter on your posts, but I did check them with interest.

    Best of luck to you in whatever you do next.

  37. Premium User Badge

    Serrit says:

    Thanks Konstantinos, I’ve very much enjoyed this series during it’s running. Looking back through the previous articles, there are loads of games I’ve enjoyed from it, broadening my experiences. Picking out 5 of my own (not necessarily the best, just a selection as I scrolled through): Iron Snout, Providence, Where’s Tango?, Compact Conflict, Ronin.

    Best wishes for whatever you get up to next!

    • Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

      My deepest thanks for the kind words and wishes. My best to you too Serrit, and that’s a rather fine selection. Did spent tons of hours on Compact Conflict myself.

  38. Harrington says:

    Nooooo! I’m crushed. This and Flare Path are – if I’m honest – the only things I come to RPS for these days. I can’t begin to list the wonderful things you’ve pointed us at, and I’ll be sure to keep following your work wherever you head next.

  39. Llewyn says:

    Thanks for giving me a freeware backlog almost as large as my Steam one. I shan’t worry about you leaving, on the condition that you come back and start this up again a year or so from now when I might have had chance to catch up ;-)

    Off topic, it says much for your qualities as a man that you replied to so very many of the comments on this article.

    Best of luck for the future.

    • Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

      Ah, yes, a fine condition and, well, I’ll see. Who knows what a year can bring eh?

      And thank you so very much; those comments have been really humbling…

      Cheers and my best!

  40. Frank says:

    Thanks for the series!

    Heroine’s Quest is one of my favorite freeware games, too. I’ll have to try these others (and, you know, the hundred recommendations you made prior to this that I have bookmarked).

    • Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

      You are most welcome Frank! And since you loved HQ, I’m pretty sure you could start from Forge and, of course, Postcard from Afthonia.

  41. Chrysomore says:

    Fare thee well dude, I’m just another lurker, but I have quietly admired your enthusiasm and dedication.

  42. Stuie says:

    I hardly ever played any of the games you wrote about, but I did enjoy reading what you wrote about them. Thanks much!!

  43. Mits says:

    Thank you very much for this series! I have only played a few of the games you posted about (most of the rest are bookmarked in a big ‘To Play’ folder) but I’ve greatly enjoyed reading about them (and wishing I had the time to play them!).

    • Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

      Don’t we all love backlogs?

      Also, thank you so much!

  44. Sarah_imPalin says:

    I didn’t think anyone could take over Porp’s glorious freeware coverage legacy, but you proved me wrong

    I’ll be sad to see this go. Hopefully we get more of KD soon. Also more freeware reviews. Damn it, stop taking away my cheap-ass columns!

    • Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

      Thanks for the kind words; and, yes, hope to be writing more for RPS soon.

  45. Premium User Badge

    john_silence says:

    How sad!
    I came round rather late to reading the column with attention, because of a deep-seated prejudice against freeware; I tended to perceive it as inherently less valuable than what people dared to charge for. That this was misguided, and by how much, is perfectly illustrated by your quick anthology in this very post. And by the entire history of video games, since the days of shareware on which I was raised, down to a few small mods like Counter-Strike – I love that Kyratzes recently worked on Talos Principle, perfectly exemplifying the possible bridges between indie, even freeware, and higher-profile games when some goodwill and smart people are involved.
    Every week you pointed the way to things I would never have stumbled upon, many of them even harder to find than the most obscure of Steam games since they were part of jams I’d never heard of or the result of unadvertised university research.
    Sorry for stating the obvious! Every week I played, or at least pored over, bookmarked or Tumbled some of your great finds, many thanks for that. As many here I will keep following you on Twitter and hopefully in many new endeavours.

    • Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

      First of all, thank you so much for the kind words John. I am really happy the column managed to convince you of the quality of games people are willing to simply give away for free nowadays. It’s pretty amazing and quite frankly heart-warming. As are your words.


  46. Pazguato says:

    Great series. Pity is not a regular one. Good job, Konstantinos!