Flutter Bombs: A Weaponised Butterfly WIP


Wandering round ModDB as I am wont to do of a morning (especially when the arduous task of dealing with “hilarious” April Fool attempts is nigh) Flutter Bombs [official link] caught my eye. It’s a third person aerial shooter where you play as a weaponised butterfly.

What the game entails at the moment amounts to an insect target range. You launch your lovely delicate blue butterfly and flap around the environment, killing every other creature there.

Your kill potential is thanks to your nectar gun which shoots out a steady stream of bullets from somewhere on the butterfly’s abdomen or face. You can upgrade the gun by picking up sets of wings from around the environment. No idea why real butterflies haven’t done that yet. There’s also a kind of nectar cannon you can use for the armoured spiders where you hover above them and sort of spit a giant wad of nectar on their heads.

At the moment it’s just the one level on singleplayer, the aiming feels wonky and the right stick aiming/looking can be a little counter-intuitive. I do like the idea, though – weaponised butterflies! – and so I’ll try to keep an eye on this one.

The menu promises a singleplayer campaign, multiplayer options and VR (I can’t test that as I don’t have a DK2) while the dev blog adds that “Campaign mode now has some basic functionality in the works where players will be able to choose a faction storyline to follow.”


  1. haowan says:

    it reminds me of apidya

  2. Rao Dao Zao says:

    Does anyone else remember Insektors? Hilarious 3D animated cartoon where insects shot coloured pollen at each other and the bad guys built amusing contraptions. The localistion from native French into regional British accents (and jokes) was also incredible.