Turn-Based Steampunk Shooting: SteamWorld Heist Trailer

Our John recently played SteamWorld Heist [official site], the side-scrolling, turn-based tactical shooter follow-up to platformer SteamWorld Dig, and he certainly liked it. But John is an old, old man now, and who knows what those eyes can even see anymore? No, you should see it for yourself, which is just what a new trailer playing through clips of combat scenarios offers.

Okay, sure, it looks as pleasant as John said, but he’s still spent a year tipping his hat to a post box he thinks is a stoic clown in big baggy red clothes. I especially like robots ricocheting bullets off walls into enemies with trickshots. Ricochets are, of course, the coolest thing anyone on the wild frontier can do with bullets, whether it’s the Wild West or steampunk western robot spaceship land.

Look, here are some of John’s words from after he played:

So I certainly didn’t have a deep look, but I very much enjoyed what I played. Which was, I admit, a relief. Never too big of a fan of turn-based combat (I’ve realised my problem with particular game types is a complete lack of a desire to plan ahead), this clicked instantly for me. The sensible visual presentation of your potential moves, and the arcadey fun of targeting foes, made for an entertaining time. It’ll be very interesting to hopefully see more soon, and figure out how it all comes together.

Developers Image & Form plan (or planned) to release SteamWorld Heist in August.


  1. Frank says:

    That looks great fun, I must say

  2. XhomeB says:

    OK, that looks super interesting. Simple, yet with enough depth to create interesting combat scenarios. The SteamWorld universe has a lot of charm, so it’s a huge plus, as well.
    Definitely ooking forward to it.

    • XhomeB says:

      “Looking”, not “ooking”, haha.

      • wraithgr says:

        Well, at least the Librarian is ooking for it!

        Personally I am looking forward to reading a wot I think from someone with a good chunk of experience in JA or XCOM…

  3. Villephox says:

    This looks like a lot of fun, honestly. I liked the idea of SteamWorld Dig, but for some reason the game didn’t stick. Sidescrolling, turn-based combat seems pretty fun to me right now, though. It’s too bad it’s going to be a little bit before this actually comes out.

    So far, this definitely steams like a game I could dig.

  4. edwardh says:

    The question of course is… is it a roguelike?
    Because it seems whenever I read “turn-based” on RPS lately, it’s always in connection with “roguelike”… -_-

    • edwardh says:

      I’ll answer my own question:
      Well of course it is. People can’t be expected to develop a turn-based game that ISN’T a roguelike these days! Do you know how much content they would have to produce? The insanity!

      • Kaeoschassis says:

        Quick ctrl+f tells me you’re the only one who’s mentioned the word “roguelike” anywhere on this article and you’ve done so three times in the space of seven lines.
        So, there’s that…

  5. socrate says:

    this looks way to simple for me,i would get bored really fast with that combat i really hope they refine it or add alots to it…i like the steamworld game looks but…this just looks like a really simple turn based combat which is extremely common these days sadly.

    Oh and that music video make me want to suicide i don’t know why game do this so often now.

  6. Cipherpunk says:

    I really want to be excited about this one but this trailer is just plain boring. Round after round, it’s exactly the same: PLINK-PLINK-PLINK. None of these crazy-looking robots throws a grenade or uses a special ability of any kind. Destroyed barrels just quietly disappear. They get to the boss fight and does everything kick up a notch? You betcha! PLINK-PLINK-PLINK (and then to REALLY change it up, he kills the boss with a slow motion PLINK).

    Compare all this to SteamWorld Dig’s trailer. Every shot shows different environments and enemies, upgrades and special abilities. It’s exciting and mysterious and you want to explore it. I’m hoping there’s more to SteamWorld Heist than they’re letting on because this isn’t going to cut it for me.