Wot I Think: Infinite Crisis

My first few hours with Infinite Crisis [official site] convince me it is a terrible game. But I persevere, thinking that part of my dislike may have to do with my lack of skill. Following a particularly bad defeat a teammate collars me in the post-match chat window. “Bredy,” they say, using the username I had misspelled on signing up. “Uninstall this game.”

It was the worst (best) post-game put-down I have ever received. “Uninstall this game.” No anger, no frustration. Just a resigned sigh of a comment, communicating nothing but the undeniable fact of my awfulness. “Uninstall this game.” Sadly, the poo-slinger disappeared shortly afterwards. I had no time to reply and tell them that I already dreadfully, desperately wanted to.

Infinite Crisis is a MOBA based on the multiverse of DC Comics. There is some narrative fluff in the tutorial that informs you the universes are mysteriously and slowly colliding in something called “the bleed”. Supermen and Batmen abound, some adorned in a dark navy sheen (the ‘Nightmare’ universe), others sporting an inexplicable British accent (the ‘Gaslight’ universe). Really it is an excuse for the game to include multiple versions of the same character, without questioning the demand or desire for such fresh Z-listers. Arcane Green Lantern? Nightmare Robin? I do not know a person who cares. There are also costumes to buy from the game’s shop (with real money) that extend this multiverse to never-before-seen lunacy. ‘First Date’ Doomsday? ‘Slumber Party’ Harley Quinn? ‘Deep Sea Fisherman’ Atomic Green Lantern? If it wasn’t so intentionally dumb, it would be unforgivable.

But what about the game. Well, in this regard it is eerily standard. Superman et al take you through the tutorials, explaining the basics of a MOBA and hemming in as much storyjizz as necessary to please the licensors. Bots amble down symmetrical roads towards enemy turrets while an ‘urban jungle’ houses neutral creatures to farm for XP. Control points can be captured in a bid to upgrade your bots to slightly-better-bots, while also providing your team with a better cashflow of coins, used to buy upgrades at HQ or friendly turrets. Push your bots down the roads (“which we’re calling ‘lanes’” says Tutorial Superman, helpfully) and work together to destroy your foe’s HQ.

It is so by the numbers, it could be an abacus. Let’s face it, the world already has Dota 2, League of Legends, Smite and a healthy smattering of others. As far as I can tell, it does not really want for more MOBAS. Or, if it does, it wants one with some refreshing quality that Infinite Crisis, like so many of the licensed phone-ins before it, doesn’t provide.

There are some small hints of character, here and there. Certain skills (called ‘stolen powers’) can be applied to any character. One of these – super strength – allows you to pick up vehicles on the map and throw them at enemies for super damage, while also opening new routes across the map thanks to their removal. A ‘Doomsday’ creature spawns in the center of the map which, when defeated, bestows the killer with a device that can rain down a large AoE blast on the opposing team. There is also a huge library of stat-boosting amplifiers to earn through ‘merit’ (the out-of-game currency) as well as a bonus each day to reward long-term players. And as for the free-to-play model, apart from the conspicuously greyed-out characters on the champion select screen, there is a refreshing lack of nuisance upselling.

One thing it does particularly well is ease you in. The tutorials might be cumbersome and grating for MOBA pros, but as an introduction to the genre, full of familiar characters, it could certainly fill a niche. Recommendations for useful items and skills are constant and the voiceover tips from other heroes continue well into your matches with other players, doing a good job of reading your needs and questions.

Once I got over the initial hump, the competitive element started to work its (limited) magic. At first, experimenting with the different character classes led to a lot of frustration. What is the difference between a ‘bruiser’ and an ‘enforcer’? Or a ‘marksman’ and ‘blaster’? After a while, I can concede there is one, but these specialisations are often too vague for a newcomer to pick up and there is a significant crossover in what each type of champion is able to put their skills to.

The ‘controller’ is the first class I fully comprehend – a plain support character – and I spend the rest of my time playing as Poison Ivy, healing my team and buffing all around me. I am still getting very few kills, but my assists are off the chart. I am healing more points of health on our team by myself than the entire enemy team together and this pleases me immensely. Despite my early disdain, I start enjoying myself. But I suspect, as time wears on and the victories begin to stack up, it is the enjoyment of winning – not enjoyment of the game itself. A joy of seeing stats improve, KDR dopamine. A love for the sport, but not for the stadium. This is not helped by all maps and game modes bar one being closed. Matchmaking for everything but the vanilla two-lane map, Coast City, was turned off at launch to ensure “quick queue times” and is still disabled at time of writing. The other modes – a three-lane map and a capture and hold map – “may be re-opened in the future,” presumably if the game gathers enough players to populate all modes simultaneously.

When I step back and examine it, Infinite Crisis is not a terrible MOBA. It is just another MOBA. I can practically feel all the middling scores seeping from the pages of whatever poor magazines are left out there in the wild. And that’s even if they feel the piercing need to cover it at all. So why do I feel so annoyed about it? There is something about it that irritates me, apart from the cacophony of tiny numbers and plus signs that accompany each tentative mouse hover. +75 Attack. +4.75% Power. What is it?

Slowly, I begin to understand. The game itself is a conceptual blunder. Who could possibly think that the dawdling, sub-pensioner speeds of the MOBA were appropriate for superheroes who are faster than a speeding bullet? It is the most awful clash of genre v genre I have seen since South Park released that first-person shooter for the N64. It might be perfectly serviceable and even enjoyable in short bursts but every time I sit back and wait 45 seconds for Thatcherworld Superman to respawn I cannot help but sigh and wonder, “Why the hell are you doing this, Clark?” At least in the worlds of Dota or LoL the characters are all of that plane. They have no genre baggage to carry from one medium to another, no expectations. They can be as slow or as fast as the designers want, as strong or as wimpy as their blueprints allow. With superheroes you are exclusively dealing with a power fantasy. This is why superheroes work so well in third-person smash-the-world games, where they can fly everywhere and do their thing. In Infinite Crisis, every flying superhero glides softly three inches above the ground, as if they are gingerly learning how to hoverboard.

I understand, I understand. It’s games. We ought to, sometimes, suspend our disbelief for the sake of genre. But when that genre is already so oversubscribed it could fill a cosplay hall and still need to hire a marquee to house another hundred Gaslight Catwomen standing outside on the pavement, does the good grace of that disbelief extend to yet another genetic replica of Defense of the Ancients? Sadly, I don’t think so. Uninstall this game? I probably will.


  1. IonTichy says:

    The phrase “Uninstall this game”…where do players say such things…it has to be a MOBA….of course it is a MOBA

    • Asurmen says:

      I’ve heard that phrase pointed at people regardless of the game or system type. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

      • Grizzly says:

        I sometimes find it on other games, but MOBAs provide a rather intimate bond with your teammates, thus granting them a great power over your emotions. Unfortunately, many players do not have the great responsability required.

        • Arathain says:

          That’s very true. You can get a lot done, though, by being positive in game and dismissing the aggressive asshats. It may be difficult, but you may not be the player your team wants, but I think sometimes that’s the sort of player the team needs.

        • vorador says:

          Unless you can get a couple of friends to teach you the ropes and play with, i recommend avoiding MOBAs. Some people play them like their lives depend on it.

          Disclosure: MOBAs are they only internet game where i wished i could burn computers remotely. The computers of the players on the team i was playing with.

          • Vayra says:

            What you need when playing pick-up-group MOBA’s is a healthy dose of sarcasm and a thick skin, and not take things too seriously. Call the whiners out on their whining, and start giving people sensible advice instead of criticism. It has turned around many a horrible game of DOTA for me and has made many disorganised raging teams into well oiled war machines. Most people are in the same boat as most of us here: we just want to have fun and play a good game with teammates that look out for each other. The only way to get there, is by staying positive and reasonable. Those qualities are recognized and rewarded.

      • Stevostin says:

        Once playing a FPS with an especially awful team mate I told on the gen chat “[his nickname], use left click to shoot”.

    • Danarchist says:

      One thing I truly appreciate MOBA’s for, they tend to absorb the time of the D-sacks that play them and keep them from the games I play. I spent one afternoon watching a guy stream LoL, and just listening to the guy streaming was enough to drive me away from ever trying one. As far as I’m concerned this is just another dewd-bro vacuum that I can happily ignore forever.

      • JohnnyPanzer says:

        Yeah, very true. I mean, yes, there ARE nice MOBA players out there, but they are so few and far between that they don’t even put a dent in the solid wall of douchebaggery.

        People often joke about how awful Youtube commentors and Xbox players are, but they have nothing, absolutely n-o-t-h-i-n-g on 90% of the MOBA player base. Most matches will see the first racial slur within seconds and from there on out it just escalates. And the offenders will defend their actions over and over again on various forums, claiming that they’re just “the competitive type”, but you know what? That’s not it. Behaving that way has nothing to do with being competitive, and everything to do with being a shitty person, down to the very core of your being.

        It’s such a shame, because MOBAs can be a lot of fun and very rewarding, but the player base kills any chance of having a good time.

        • PancakeWizard says:

          Someone needs to make a MOBA where you can only communicate with predefined character quotes.

          • Geebs says:

            I propose a TellTale games MOBA along those lines, where the only criticism a player can make of another is to tell them “xXxBongMeister420xXx will remember that”.

        • trn says:

          Would have agreed with this sentiment until a few weeks ago when I got into Heroes of the Storm. I’ve played about 40 games against real people and only ever had to mute a single moron – so that’s 1 out of about 350 people. A lot of mechanisms in the game are designed to reduce rage – from the relative lack of importance at dying to the short game length. I’d recommend giving it a try on the following conditions: 1) go to the ‘Looking for a Group’ section of the EU forum and add a few people as friends – it makes a big difference; 2) type ‘gl hf’ at the start of a match – when someone’s been proactively friendly, it takes a mega-fool to then rage; 3) acknowledge major mistakes with a ‘sorry’ – show you know you did wrong; 4) join in with teamfights and objective hunting – solo play will lead to a loss.

          My main problem for years was wanting to play online games as if they were single-player experiences with better AI. Any communication or criticism from other players was read as toxic. It isn’t – blatant trolling and racism aside (in which case there’s the mute button and report function).

          • JohnnyPanzer says:

            I always say gl hf before a match, most of the time I will go further than that and add a disclaimer regarding my lack of skill, including apologiez in advance. It rarely helps. Just the other day I did that and was met with a “then dont play the gameu fucking faggot go kill yourself”.

            For some reason online bullying cuts me like a knife. It’s weird, because irl I have no problems just shrugging it off, but when it’s online it leaves me with a lump in my stomach that lasts for days. My reaction is not to mute the offending players (most of the time that would be all of them, or all but one), but to say to myself “fuck this, I have better things to do with my free time than to act as a moderator for the worst humanity has to offer” and then I quit the game. Also, muting them does nothing for me. I still know that they’re there, and given the shit they spewed before I muted them I can imagine what they’re typing and they’ll still ruin any semblance of fun for me.

            But I would highly reccomend DOTAs to anyone who isn’t bothered by online bullying, becasue just like you said it’s a great concept. It’s almost like an old, intricate clock, where every tiny little cog is working in perfect synch. But it DOES attract horrible people in a way that no other game type does. I have no idea why, but it does.

            The suggestion above regarding a chat-free game mode is a good one. I honestly think there are a lot of players who would love a game mode where you sacrifice tactics and communication for peace of mind. Like a noob mode, but open for anyone who’d rather play poorly and have fun than play well and be bullied.

  2. mattlambertson says:

    “But when that genre is already so oversubscribed it could fill a cosplay hall and still need to hire a marquee to house another hundred Gaslight Catwomen standing outside on the pavement, does the good grace of that disbelief extend to yet another genetic replica of Defense of the Ancients?”

    :D it barely needs saying, but this kind of writing is why RPS is my favorite news site on the whole internet…

  3. F0NTAINE says:

    I posted this review on Steam and had some hateful messages sent my way from people who found my Reddit username:

    Other games in the genre do what this game does, except better. The positive in this game is that the characters are DC characters that some people might be invested in. The UI is very clunky, with horribly stretched text that doesn’t work right. Don’t bother trying windowed full screen unless you want your taskbar above your game. A forced (might as well be forced, anyway) tutorial that teaches nothing to players of the genre was quite annoying as well.

    The game doesn’t look like it was just released last week. I have 20/20 vision and I sit about two feet from my 24″ monitor, and the text and icons are terribly small. The UI and graphics (especially item/unit icons) looks like something from the Starcraft 2 arcade made by an Indie dev. There’s nothing wrong with that, as graphics aren’t everything, but it’s not very intuitive, and I don’t think it would be good for spectating.

    The gameplay of Infinite Crisis brings very little that’s unique to the genre, unlike newer MOBAs which are (rightfully so) actually getting attention (Heroes of the Storm/Smite).

  4. Wytefang says:

    The biggest issue is simply with MOBAs themselves, which are barely games in any real sense of the word. They’re pastiche frankengames, crafted in a lab to service the awful idea of “pro-gaming” and “e-sports” – terms so laughably ludicrous in meaning, as to make one weep.

    • kalirion says:

      While I’m not a fan of MOBAs myself, saying that they’re “barely games” is plainly ridiculous.

      • PancakeWizard says:

        Yeah, I was thinking as much as I don’t personally get on with esports or MOBAs, it’s difficult to believe anyone could describe them as ‘not games’ in a time where interaction fiction like Depression Quest can apparently get away with the descriptor.

    • airmikee says:

      This game has a feeling like the devs had completely run out of ideas and their next thought was which game genre they could imitate and clone, providing nothing new or innovative and simply trying to ride the gravy-train that other games have created. The toxic communities in MOBA’s prevent me from even thinking about maybe one day possibly considering even downloading one of the games. Each time a new MOBA is released I feel like I die a little on the inside, knowing that even more people are getting stuck in those toxic communities, slowly losing their rational, common sense as they berate others for playing video games different.

      ‘Uninstall this game’. Yes, because as we all know, online, multiplayer games thrive when they have fewer players. Stupid people playing stupid games saying stupid things causing the eventual downfall of the stupid game, it would be comical if it weren’t so pathetic.

    • trn says:

      Would that make chess ‘barely a game’ given it is even more basic?

    • PikaBot says:

      That’s an interesting historical perspectives, given that the the gameplay foundations of MOBAs were hammered out in the wilds of the Warcraft III custom map scene, not assembled in a lab of any kind.

  5. Neurotic says:

    MOBA, shMOBA.

  6. JohnnyPanzer says:

    I tried it, and fully agree with the WIT. I might even be a bit harsher.

    I’m not a huge fan of MOBAs, mostly due to the horrible cesspool of near-human assholes that makes up most of the player base. But I’ve had a decent amount of fun in DOTA 2, mostly playing against bots (I really can’t stress enough just how awful most of the players are) but sometimes with other players. I can see the allure. It’s a numbers game, a perfectionist’s toy chest buildt upon a perfectly executed balance and min/maxing.

    But this… oh my god it’s so bland and boring. The genre v genre mismatch is certainly one of the key factors. But the amateurish UI isn’t doing the game any favors, and the same goes for the downright laughable graphic design and crappy tech. It’s the MOBA version of shovelware. Somewhere, in a campy and poorly written alternate universe where MOBAs are sold over the counter, this is the game that the most devious salesmen recommend to the grandmothers who enter the store knowing only that their beloved grandchild likes something called a Moba, and later that christmas in GameStop-World, a grandchild started crying as they opened their present.

    • Banyan says:

      Might I suggest simply using the mute button. Some people pro-actively mute everyone as soon as the match starts. I don’t go that far but anyone who gives off even the faintest hint of being an asshat is an instant mute for me. Even pubs have lovely folks who are friendly even when they’re losing.

      I was dumbfounded to realize I’ve played 400 Dota 2 matches. If I had to boil it down to three draws (1) everything is meaningful – anything you do or don’t do affects the course and outcome of a match in a specific, identifiable manner, (2) every match is unique- the variety (in heroes, items, builds, interactions of all these) is such that no match plays exactly the same way so every match has its own emergent narrative, even if that narrative is sometimes “I am an awful player”, (3) as you’ve noted, the nested systems all ticking away on their own rhythms – last hitting, denying, camp and creep wave spawns, rune spawns, roshan spawns, hero respawns, ability and item cooldowns – a vast clockwork mechanism that a player tries to understand and manipulate to their advantage from the inside.

  7. quarpec says:

    why isn’t superman wearing his red speedos? looks dumb as hell

    • Stevostin says:

      You suggest he’d look smarter wearing speedos ? Interesting.

      • airmikee says:

        I think he’s suggesting that Superman wouldn’t look dumb as hell if he were wearing the outfit that we’ve all seen him wearing for the past 87 years.

        • Dawngreeter says:

          They’re also using more than 4 colors and it’s an interactive game displayed on a screen instead of static drawings on paper. The bastards.

    • Spacewalk says:

      Batman’s left his black ones at home too, now it looks like they’re both wearing nothing at all. Which is kind of the whole reason for wearing a speedo, to prevent that. Also to break up large areas of single colouring which in turn makes outfits more interesting to look at but the real reason is to keep their dignity in tact.

  8. Smoky_the_Bear says:

    I remember playing this in beta and finding it dull, shortly afterwards I tried Dawngate and thought it was so much more fun. Now Dawngate is cancelled and this gets a full release. There is no justice in any of the several worlds presented in this game.

    • EhexT says:

      Dawngate being killed by EA (just before they were going to go full DotA and make every hero free next patch!) and any other Moba surviving is the most ridiculous bullshit. Dawngate was so good even LoL is now stealing it’s art style and theme. And it’s approach to Lore (make a plan at the START instead of making stuff up as you go) is still unparalleled.

  9. 7vincent7black7 says:

    I couldn’t get past the tutorials before I got immensely bored in the second Tut, and gave up and left.

  10. wu wei says:

    Thatcherworld Superman

    You kid but they have the IP to back it up :)

  11. RProxyOnly says:

    It doesn’t help MOBAs any, when banned asshats get unbanned because MONEY and it’s just going to get worse.

    The players and by extension the genre, is now just a disease. Anyone with brains, and an iota of morality should just stay away from them entirely, they aren’t a game anymore, they are a business and like anywhere else where business money, advertising revenue and publicity is the main motivation for it’s existence, it encourages and attracts the lowest form of scum and the most deviant working practices.

    The whole system is designed to be a cesspit because those stories are what gets the attention.

  12. Thorpheus says:

    I’ve reached over 30 Steam hours of game-time over the past 2 weeks (more over beta), this article posts some very, very crucial flaws on the game and comments also point out others such as:
    – Hazardous UI
    – Mandatory Tutorial that is terrible for the most veterans.
    – Game is suffering from low population to the point where only 1 mode is available
    – Skins that are mediocre in quality, if you played another high-populated MOBA (Smite, LoL, Dota2 for example).
    – Weirdly paced for Superheroes MOBA.

    But also:
    – Graphical style is, ok. Plastic like champions takes alot of time to get used to, atleast thats what I’ve taken from people who played it.
    – The camera looks ridiculously zoomed in and makes the game weird as you adapt to the new dimensions.
    – High Toxicity. You might think LoL was toxic, but this game can make league look like a childish tantrum saying words that are not even definitely formed.
    – Modulators and Augments (much like Runes and Masteries) is confused, weird and you’ll be dumbfounded how they ever though that it was a good idea to make item-based upgrades in a place you can’t change in champion select\in-game.

    Now, even though its inherently flawed and somewhat dull being referred to another MOBA, the game itself is pretty OK. The fights, when in competent teams, are good and the objectives of Coast City (the 2 lane map) are very different from Twisted Treeline has cited in the article, I would compare it with the Dawngate map and in terms of Objectives I actually have a hard time to compare to something it since, although they are similar in aspect they are different in terms of what they do.

    The only thing that is fairly similar is the Raider that is the old LoL dragon, but doesn’t give global gold, the rest of the objectives can be contested in more ways than one. I’ll give you the example of the doom weapon, even if you kill the guardian you still need to use the weapon (it has a range) and it can be still fought on or turn the battle to your side. About the flow of the game. The point of no return in the game is really really varied and not as easy as League that in 20 mins you’ll know that the battle is one-sided and either you’re fighting to regain any type of equilibrium or you’ll steamroll the enemy and they’ll /FF@20.

    Despite the flaws, its still pretty good to play with, although I recommend you playing with people you know or you’ll get toxic players bonanza that go 0/20/4 because, they know and you’re trash.

  13. afrocigar says:

    Kind of a lazy review. The review starts off very negative and just piles on. I don’t see why he even bothered to review it. Z-Listers? There’s no such thing as Nightmare Robin or Arcane Batman in the DCU. Turbine was given some flexibility with the license to re-imagine some of the heroes. Pretty cool I think.

    I enjoy the game quite a bit and have logged hours in the big MOBA’s, DOTA, LOL & Heroes of the Storm. I really like MOBA’s and I really enjoy this one. I’ll list some of the things that it does to try and separate itself form the crowded field. They may be small but I appreciate them.

    – Itemization. The mods and augments function similar to Leagues rune page system. The augments work exactly like the runes, granting cooldown bonuses, life steal etc. Augments allow you to customize shop items. For instance you can select and augment that takes 150 credits off of an item so that you can buy it a little faster. Or bestow bonuses on some items, and extra bit of cooldown or lifesteal, etc.

    – Map Destructability. If another MOBA has it, I’m unaware. It really affects gameplay. When taking the doomsday device you you can create 2 additional paths too and from it, instead of funneling through the choke point. You can pick up cars, tacos, vans or devour them. As the match progresses the map is wrecked. Fire hydrants are destroyed, shooting water in the air, gnarled tanks, very cool.

    – Multiple summoner spells, in LOL speak. These are you standard Teleport, Ghost, Shield. IC does something different. Every hero has their own version of these spells/powers. For instance, Hawkgirl’s Super Speed allows her to pass through units. Once you take Hawkgirl to level 5, any Protector you have unlocked is able to use the enhanced stolen power. Very cool.

    – Knockdowns! Some characters are able to knock each other down. It’s small but I like it.

    – Opening Protector intros. Your team has an animated introduction before the match. Superman glides in, Cyborg teleports in, all or customized for the character. I like them.

    – The Doomsday mechanic is different. You kill the monster, which is similar to Baron/Dragon/Roshan. It drops the Doomsday Device. You have to pick it up, run it to a destination and activate it. This allows the other team an opportunity to disrupt you.

    – No wards. Wards are baked into the stolen powers, so you can’t buy them. I have no feeling about it, it’s just different. HOTS elected to do away with them also.

    – No defined Meta yet. This I like I am so tired of the LOL 1112. However a meta for Coast City is beginning to materialize. I think it’s 1 top 2 jungle 2 bot.

    – Accolade System. There’s no match history yet. But there is an accolade system that keeps track of highlights of your Protectors performance. 0 deaths? It gives you a little medal and identifies it. Did you get 1 more kill with Shazam than last games? It tells you that you have achieved a personal best.

    – Achievements. This game spits out Merit (in-game credit) like crazy. Play 10 games in a week? 100 Merit (That may be incorrect, I forget, but you get merit). It is also generous with Crisis Coins, the real/fake money like RP in LOL. You get some for reaching different protector levels. I think I get like 100 CC for reaching 20.

    – Easy to build a solid roster. If you complete the tutorials, you get Gaslight Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn. I think you can get Batman too, don’t remember. But if you complete the tutorial and maybe reach level 10 you can have 5-6 decent heroes.

    Finally the leap that will have everyone discard what I wrote. I’m a huge comic book fan and this MOBA makes sense to me. I have an idea what all of these characters should do, and Turbine has nailed it. It’s even more exciting when I see characters I didn’t know existed. Starro? He’s a freakin floating starfish! I like it.

    This MOBA won’t replace the others I play, just as HOTS won’t replace DOTA or LOL. I enjoy the genre.

    • Jalan says:

      I think people are unfairly dumping on the game’s roster of multiverse variants and those who are doing so are likely those who have no idea that the various earths the variants come from DO exist in the DCU at large (the Arcane characters are from Earth-13, for example). Just because Turbine has the ability to use those earths to make up characters that come from them and who may or may not have appeared in a given comic book to date doesn’t mean every nerd then needs to flip out in a rage over it.

      You’re right, by the way, you can get Batman Prime (voiced by Kevin Conroy!) unlocked by finishing 6 or 7 matches against the AI on the Coast City map. I think the default total of free characters one has available (assuming they finish the tutorials and manage to log in consistently for 7 days) is 7 (the Joker is unlocked on the daily rewards as the 7th).

      • Rymdkejsaren says:

        You actually don’t have to log in consistently for 7 days, just on 7 seperate days. :)

    • Hypocee says:

      Altering the map by rating trees is a big deal in Dota (like everything else in it) and some heroes also have built-in abilities to carve new paths.

    • airmikee says:

      Kind of a lazy comment. It starts out negative and just piles on from there. I don’t see why you even bothered to write it.

      Either we all get to write about things we don’t like, or none of us do, but you don’t get to be negative while complaining about others being negative. ;)

      • afrocigar says:

        Ahh! I see what you did there Airmikee. Point taken, I did do that.

  14. MrDeVil_909 says:

    While I’m sure most of the facts regarding the similarity of IC to other MOBAs are accurate, as a complete genre n00b I’m having fun and I have been since the closed beta.

    Things that make it a good My First MOBA are:
    – Really excellent tutorial. It’s seriously good at explaining many of the basic genre concepts. Even once the tutorial is over when you select a hero type the game reminds you what that champion is best for
    – Community. My experience is limited, but so far the players of IC seem pretty businesslike. They either just keep quiet and do their work or someone takes the lead to guide the rest of the players, who mostly follow. Contrast with my first non-bot match of Heroes of the Storm which immediately had players insulting each other and general toxicity. I have limited gaming time, any non-zero amount of crap from other players gets and uninstall.
    – Unlocking permanent champions. Once you play through the tutorial experience you have access to 6 permanent heroes as well as the rotation. This lets a new player familiarise themselves with a set group of diverse champs, rather than have to relearn everything every week.

    I also personally really like the art style, the game is more tolerant of lag than HOTS, the Coast City map that is currently available is very quick and I even quite like the ‘lore’ for what it is. It’s no worse than HOTS.

    So basically, the WIT isn’t really wrong, but for anyone who stays away from MOBAs for their impenetrability and toxic communities, yet is curious to try them out, should give IC a go.

  15. Dawngreeter says:

    Standard cognitive dissonance that a superhero comic consumer has to face (like Batman fighting thugs with guns, and then suddenly being a match for Sumerpman’s foes) aside, I agree that Infinite Crisis adds a whole new and previously unseen layer to it. It is incredibly underwhelming seeing Superman activate Super Speed and, what, move 15% faster than normal? I didn’t see the Flash in action, but that can’t be an empowering experience either.

    I really wanted to like this game. I keep bouncing off wizard-em-ups and this seemed to be riding nicely on my current wave of superhero interest. But after the tutorial it just seems… eh, bland? The idea of having all of these men and women in tights in a single game sounds fun. But so far I’ve had more fun reading descriptions of various batmen and wonder women from parallel universes than actually playing. I keep thinking, why do I want to put in some effort learning these powers and items when I could be doing the same in DotA 2. Which would feel actually useful and relevant.

    And then I remembered that I wanted to see Sins of Dark Age, too. And Smite. And Heroes of the Storm (which would sound actually interesting if they didn’t have a completely separate servers for Americas and Europe between which no migration is allowed and that already made me stop wasting my time with Hearthstone… holy fuck Blizzard get your act together, seriously).

    So I uninstalled Infinite Crisis. Feels like a missed opportunity. Though I’m not sure what an actually decent game with this concept would look like.

  16. Rymdkejsaren says:

    Those first few paragraphs are filled with contempt that I am not sure the game is fully deserving of. I’ve played a bit of almost every big moba out there. Sure there are not any big surprises in this one but when you play a moba you should probably expect… a moba.

    To me the genre is based on a hodge-podge of game mechanics that put together create no synergy, but just a lot of different things you need to KNOW. I think the game and the meta-game is awkward, counter-intuitive and often forces you to spend a lot of time playing in ways that are not particularly fun. Any moba that moves away from that is a step in the right direction to me. Somehow I find myself able to enjoy IC more than other mobas I have played. It seems easier to get into without making umpteen mistakes along the way, and focuses a little more on PvP action which is where I think the fun is.

    Personally, I like the different (and yes, sometimes ridiculous) versions of DC superheroes/villains and the banter and flavour that has been added. That the whole DC infinite earth story has been shoe-horned a little to fit into a the parameters of the game doesn’t bother me. It doesn’t seem any less ridiculous than the lore for any other given moba so far, which is generally something along the lines of “HEROES THAT CAN’T DIE FACE OFF IN A MAGIC DIMENSION”-thing anyway.

  17. Jalan says:

    I hate multiplayer anything. I wasn’t always like that, but eventually I gave in to the hatred.

    I played this and my experiences with it almost make me want to re-think my position on multiplayer overall. Almost. Out of the 10 hours I’ve played of it thus far, there was only one obnoxious asshole on a team I was on and beyond the initial chat during the ready sequence he was easily ignored once the actual match got underway.

  18. intangible says:

    What a terrible article. I’m not sure why RPS would have someone write an article about MOBAs who entirely hates them, or is so completely jaded that they happened to pen this idiocy.

    I find it strange that the writer can be so fluent in the other MOBAs to call this one “eerily standard” and then proceeds to get destroyed his first game. The writer then proceeds to complain about how he can’t figure out what blaster, assassin, controller means, yet he called the game “eerily standard.” Seriously?

    It takes about 5 seconds to figure out what “blaster”, “assassin”, etc mean. You can spend 20 seconds looking at tool tips to figure out. Plus, if you have played any other MOBA in your life it should seem “familiar.”

    Having played thousands of hours in Dota, Dota 2, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, (small stint in Hon), the game is VERY refreshing. The DC comic universe is pretty fantastic and provides TONS of character. I’d say this game has the most character of ANY of the current MOBAs.

    I’ve only played this game about 10-20 hours and I am definitely not a fan boy or anything similar. This writers treatment of the game was outright horrible and undeserved and I am seriously disappointed in RPS for posting this garbage.

    • jzn says:

      I cannot believe they would make someone who hates MOBAs review a moba. IC is fantastic. MOBA is a genre, get over it.

  19. jzn says:

    This guy didn’t even care enough about his review to correctly spell his username. This is rubbish

    • airmikee says:

      LOL With a username like yours, I can understand why other people having nonsensical names would irritate you.

  20. javier-hndz says:

    The idea of superheroes I liked,Here we have one of the best MOBA, architecture of the game is sympathetic, the graphics are beautiful, the music rhythm very well the action and stick perfectly to the ambiance. The animation is fluid, champions movements are natural, no complaints. The game is very stable.

  21. avensis says:

    this is clearly not the best right now … Technically, the action is NOT legible. If you really play Dota and LoL, you can not say that this game is + readable than others

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