Prepare To Die: Titan Souls Demo Released

We’ve been dying in Titan Souls [official site] for years now. From its beginnings as a scrappy game jam game to its fancied-up modern incarnation, it has a rock-hard core of rewarding care and learning in super-difficult boss fights where you only have one arrow and only one hit will kill you. And it’s pretty great fun.

With the full game’s release approaching, developers Acid Nerve have released a demo which neatly recreates that original prototype, showing how far it’s come. Find it on Steam.

I’ve had a few plays of the demo but after being squished enough times by a giant eyeballcube, I decided I should finish writing this post then return later. So! If you fancy reading more about what it’s about, here, Marsh Davies gave a build the old play-o-word-o treatment for us last year.

Titan Souls is due for Windows and Linux on April 14th, priced at £10.99/$14.99/€14.99.

You can still play the old game jam game in your browser if you want. And see here, this new trailer compares the prototype with the final version:

Composer David Fenn explained the demo remake decision in yesterday’s announcement: “Now that the development is complete, we thought it’d be fun to celebrate our journey by remaking this original sample of Titan Souls, replacing the bosses with their full-game counterparts that each of these initial ideas evolved into, and enhancing it with the new engine, graphics and audio.”


  1. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Was anyone else suddenly reminded by that to picture of the final part of Ghostbusters on the Commodore 64 / 8 bit machines? I can see a stay puft marshmallow man stomping back and forth and 6 year old me not being able to figure out if I should move when he lands or when he is in the air.

  2. Clavus says:

    Great to see yet another Ludum Dare title release on the big stage. Speaking of which, next Ludum Dare is in just two weeks. Better clear that schedule.

  3. skalpadda says:

    Tried the demo, and while it looks and sounds great and the bosses seem fun it’s definitely not one to play without a gamepad (which in all fairness it clearly recommends), unless you’re comfortable with arrow keys and [X] [C] controls.

  4. Donjo says:

    It’s like Reverso-World Mario, where everything jumps on *your* head.

  5. internisus says:

    Wait, when you say that the demo “neatly recreates that original prototype,” does that mean that it’s not a slice of the complete game? Is it a unique, standalone thing? Because I almost played it yesterday, but since I eagerly bought the game as soon as I could I decided not to do that—not to divide up the experience, you know?

    • sub-program 32 says:

      It seems to be a replica of the original Ludlum Dare game, with the bosses in their full-game versions. So you will be spoiling four bosses, which are the meat of the game after all.

  6. liquidsoap89 says:

    This actually looks pretty neat, I’ll be adding this to the wishlist!

  7. Harlander says:

    Man, I can’t get anywhere with this.

  8. amateurviking says:

    This looks hotttttt.