Wants To Be Instagram For Games

The company behind Raptr, AKA that thing that lets you know every time someone in the world is playing Red Faction, has come out with a new site that’s basically Instagram for recording and sharing game clips. It’s great news for the Kardashians of the alternate Sliders dimension where they all work for GameSpot. is basically Twitch for the work-about gamer on the go who just wants the instant satisfaction of watching footage of dudes teabag each other in video games. In other words it’s a short-form video streaming service, or at least that’s what the people behind Raptr are calling it.

“Twitch is synchronous, long-form and one-to-many — only about 1 percent of Twitch users are streaming their gameplay, and being a successful ‘broadcaster’ on Twitch requires both a time commitment and a skill set that not all gamers have; you have to be entertaining for long periods of time,” Raptr founder and CEO Dennis Fong told Gamasutra the other day.

“, by contrast, is asynchronous, short-form, and anyone can be a creator/contributor. Every gamer’s memorable moments are interesting, especially if they’re distilled down to just the best parts…”

The new service is in beta right now, but it has its own site and client, and can process video taken with various capturing software. Is this better than YouTube?


  1. olgarWright says:

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  2. mattevansc3 says:

    So a few months after Microsoft announce they are baking this feature into Windows 10 Raptr release it via a website. Well I suppose Raptr are technically getting a few months head start.

  3. narcogen says: is basically Twitch for the work-about gamer on the go who just wants the instant satisfaction of watching footage of dudes teabag each other in video games.

    They have that. It’s called Twitch. Or sometimes Hitbox. Both of which can be used on multiple platforms, unlike which is Windows-only, just like Raptr, which is like Steam except Windows-only and without the storefront.

    Not sure what these guys are thinking.

  4. malkav11 says:

    I’m not understanding how this isn’t just Youtube. Except, you know, with no visibility, no app support, etc.

    • Hedgeclipper says:

      “Our hideous Franken-mix of popular internet company concepts is going to make all the money.”

  5. AbsoluteShower says:

    Yeah, before the article got to it, I was thinking youtube as well. It’s all sausage to me. I suppose they need to market to the content creators who in turn can create an audience.

  6. Fiatil says:

    I just helped my roommate build his new PC, and through some mishap he made soon after installing the OS he wound up with this thing on his fresh new rig.

    It has an extremely obtrusive “Record now!” button permanently affixed to the top left corner of your screen by default when you’re in game, and is quite tricky to uninstall as all of the files on your PC still seem to refer to the old “Raptr” name with no mention of the “” that it calls itself in the UI.

    It’s probably fine if you install it a bit more knowingly and know where to fiddle with the settings, but having to track down the process and delete the .exe to uninstall it wasn’t the best first impression.

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  8. Serv says:

    I do prefer for this sort of thing. Passive streaming where I don’t have to have a webcam on all the time nor have to interact with people watching my stream breaking the flow of my game. Lets me also take clips of the game if something great happens. I really do prefer this method of streaming and sharing to my gaming friends.