Second Life Players Made An MMO Inside Of An MMO

In what is probably the most impressive creative project in Second Life since the giant penis sculptures of SL retail, a group of players have used the game’s building and scripting tools to create an in-game cyberpunk MMO. So, yeah, that’s an MMO made inside of an MMO.

Remnants of Earth [official site] has players take on the role of a hero who has been left behind on an abandoned Earth. Despite the MMO nomenclature, this is essentially a fully-featured table-top RPG. In this game-within-a-game players must interact and role-play with one another through scripted events. You can also do things like crafting and go on quests.

According to the developers via New World: “[Remnants of Earth has a] heavy basis around classic pen and paper RPGs elements, like; dice rolling, stats, monster fighting, story driven events, MMO-like adventuring, and gathering. RoE is the first second life pen and paper table top game in SL, while still keeping the core features of any other roleplay sim. Players can interact with NPCs and other players to accomplish goals, and even engage in heated PvP faction wars. We even have a full crafting and mining system! Think of RoE as a fully functioning table top game in SL, like Dungeons and Dragons, or ShadowRun.”

You can check out a trailer for the game below:


  1. SlimShanks says:

    An MMO inside an MMO? We have to go deeper!
    The outfits in this video reminded me of my APB days. I totally respect others people tastes and all, but… I do have to question what sort of person wants their online avatar to be a topless loli…
    Also I see that in Second Life only noobs don’t have tails. Also some of the characters in that video were pretty cool looking, I always like seeing what people can come up with given good character tools.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      I usually stop and start thinking at Lolis myself, but i don’t mind the feline approach and it looks really well done there.

      I have to agree that some outfits are absolutely great. If there’s something that disturbs me is the potential userbase, if anything.

      Obligatory disclaimer: not everyone, off course.

    • draxtor says:

      link to is all I can say: everyone has a different aesthetic!

    • ssh83 says:

      Some people are 1 dimensional. Some people are crazy unpredictable. Though most people are open minded and are willing to try different things if it’s safe to do so. Online avatar is exactly this “safe” channel to explore things.

      I suggest that you never watch the shows that your mother watched while you were at school, nor read the novels targeted at moms.

  2. Lucid says:

    Massive titted characters, cat girls, and cyberpunk stuff.

    Yep, this is Second Life.

    • LionsPhil says:

      It’s the most Second Life-y thing I’ve seen in ages.

      Admittedly because I haven’t been looking, but right from fighter pilot with cat ears at the start, bam, SL.

  3. Mammux says:

    So they are LARPing, basically?

  4. Citizen Wayne says:

    I liked the song in the background…not a fan of the tails and ridiculous breasts though.

  5. Darkheart says:

    Gratz on the cheevo! Areas look good and cyberpunky. Avatars would ruin it for me though…

  6. Sarkhan Lol says:

    Good to see it’s still just porn.

  7. morbiusnl says:

    this MMO inside MMO in SL isnt new. There are since SL started areas where you can play games, either shooter (sims with the safety turned off so you can get “killed”) , or wow kind of rpg’s. Very heavy on the RP though.

  8. Solanaceae says:

    Reminds me of this:

  9. buzzmong says:

    I didn’t realise SL was still a thing. I thought it had died and shut down years ago.

    Thinking on this more though, I wonder if the reason why it still exists is the same reason Eve Online (launched the same year, 2003) is still around, in that the entire design is based around players interacting with themselves (and creating stuff for themselves), rather than most other mmos where it’s very much Developer content led and the interaction is of that content and the players.

    • Creeping Death says:

      “I didn’t realise SL was still a thing. I thought it had died and shut down years ago.”

      A few years ago when I was in University part of our course was spent making items to sell in SecondLife. I wish that was a joke.

    • airmikee says:

      You nailed it. Games that are entirely driven by community created content have a longer shelf life, which extends so long as the community can keep on putting up with the community. WoW will die once Blizz stops making content (because be honest, people keep shelling out for it regardless of how horrible some of the releases have been), but SL and EVE are practically endless because the devs only have to keep the mechanics of the game updated, the story and experience comes entirely from the people playing the game.

  10. kalirion says:

    Warning, parts of the trailer are NSFW.

    • Thurgret says:

      That’s pretty much a given for Second Life in general, though I guess not everyone’s heard of it.

      • LokiEliot says:

        Adult content makes up only a small percentage of Second Life. If you want it you will find it, and media in the past only seemed to report on that aspect of Second Life giving it a false reputation of being just full of sex. The idea that generally second life is full of NSFW content is completely untrue.

        • Dawngreeter says:

          That’s just because Second Life is one of the rare online fictional places that doesn’t actively combat sexual stuff. Never logged in there myself, for no specific reason other than it simply never catching my interest, but I honestly don’t see why it always has to be dismissed with an offhand “lol sex” remark.

          It’s a virtual world for people to spend time in it. Why is it odd that people are interested in sex?

          • Dawngreeter says:

            “online fictional places” was, of course, supposed to be “online VIRTUAL places”. I want the edit button back :(

          • LokiEliot says:

            “doesn’t actively combat sexual stuff.” In my view Second Life does more to combat sexual content than Facebook and google. Of course a place that allows you to create anything at all is going to have people make lurid content as is seen through all social web services. What Second Life has done is create a small adult rated area that only people with age verified accounts can access. This is the same method the UK government want to put on all adult content sites. There is sexual content in Second Life if you wish to find it by verifying your age, but as a whole Second Life is not the brothel the media made it out to be, and saying that NSFW content is “pretty much a given for Second Life in general” is unfair to the majority of creators and their communities in SL who have strong successful businesses, experiences and socialise with nothing to do with adult sexual content.

    • Doganpc says:

      Where was this NSFW content in the video? All I saw was comic proportions and clothes… nothing explicit. If you think a cat person in a bikini top and short shorts dancing is NSFW you probably shouldn’t leave the VPN

      • LionsPhil says:

        You probably blinked. There’s a few seconds of toplessness about halfway through.

      • Cederic says:

        What I’m comfortable viewing and what I’d view at work are very different beasts.

        I could get sacked with no notice just for the shit I post to the internet, let alone the stuff I view.

    • AngoraFish says:

      Seriously? I think there might have been a blurry cartoon nipple in briefly in the background of one of the shots, otherwise there was nothing there you wouldn’t see in dozens of MMORPG trailers. And it’s not like the barely-there bikini top in the still-shot isn’t something of a giveaway. If your workplace is going to get worked up about that, odds are pretty good that you’re not watching 6 minute long video game trailers from your cubicle anyhow.

  11. The_invalid says:

    The idea of taking an expansive avatar-based virtual world owned by a monolithic corporation, and using it to host a cyberpunk-themed roleplaying game is irony defined.

  12. WJonathan says:

    Third Life?

  13. melancholicthug says:

    Secondception? Lifeception? I have nothing.

  14. omegajimes says:

    That looks absolutely breastacular!

    • Scrote says:

      Don’t be rititulous, it doesn’t look that nice, average at breast.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      It looks fur to play, although ignoring how disturbing it actually is would be a tail order.

    • Scumbag says:

      I thought it looked a bit arse, but if some people think its the tits I wont question their tastes.

  15. LokiEliot says:

    This concept of Roleplay games inside SEcond Life isn’t new. Remnants of Earth is the latest in a long tradition of roleplay communities in Second Life from steampunk and historical RP to cyberpunk and fandom RP. The platform has not remainder stagnant over the years and continues to add new tools for its users to build better content and systems which can be applied to games, art and education experiences. There is nothing like Second Life, anything that has tried has’nt lasted.

  16. Yokorose says:

    Is it just been a really slow news day as i seen this post on many other gaming news sites. like everyone is copying each other right now and This is nothing new for second life they have been doing this type of thing for years and years now.

    • AngoraFish says:

      If copypasta is something you’ve only just noticed today, you’re not reading a lot of gaming press.

  17. evilgrin says:

    Why would the create this in SL, if they wanted more then weirdos in SL to play this.

  18. kimberlypcrook says:

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  19. grinxen says:

    I’ve played a full campaign of Curse of the crimson throne with pathfinder rules using second life voice chat and our own created miniatures inside SL. We finished the campaign 3 years ago and the game lasted for about 2 years.

  20. VeNT666 says:

    Looks like anarchy online?

  21. draxtor says:

    Nice to see SL in the news again after the press had abandoned it so readily [after hyping it I might add]. One thing needs to be said though: there are TONS of games, role-play groups and MMO-style projects in SL, not only the above mentioned.

    Since everything in SL is user-made you’d expect a wide variety of content, some fabulous, some lacking aesthetic coherence, but always fascinating because whatever it is it presents a glimpse into someone else’s dream if you will. I wish the mainstream press would clarify that in SL ANYONE can build ANYTHING & share it with the community which IMHO is the secret sauce.

    Btw for the VR crowd = Oculus Rift works with SL NOW and many projects are taking advantage of it, so go in there and be inspired!

  22. djgizmoe says:

    I teach English (EFL) in Second Life, and after I checked RoE out last week, I brought my class here last night. It was a fun field trip. My impressions:
    1) Hybrid of pen and paper RPGs (you get a HUD for rolling dice, basically) with mining, crafting and an emphasis on role-playing/socializing. If you’re into old school games like Shadowrun, you’ll be right at home; just imagine your die cast figure is now your awesome avatar. But you do have to sit down for an afternoon with the online rules files, because there’s a lot to absorb (I haven’t gotten there yet).
    2) Community is very helpful/friendly. I had lots of help from volunteers at the welcome area helping set up my account and titler. And people said hi to me on the street (in IM).
    3) It can get pretty laggy, so you need a decent connection/PC.
    4) Officially in an Adult neighborhood in SL (there’s a strip club, natch), but I was able to bring my class in without fear of nudity or public boinking.
    5) Decent lore and a detailed environment.
    6) Do not expect anything but a clunky, homemade experience. This is not Deus Ex: Online. But if you take it for what it is – a labor of love – it’s worth checking out.

  23. Kala says:

    How gloriously meta of them!