Smite Beefs Up Its God Game With Medusa

The team over at Hi-Rez Studios has good news for anyone who has ever wanted to play a character with hair modelled after my own. The latest character being added to the Smite [official site] roster is The Gorgon Medusa, Miss Medusa if you’re nasty.

Medusa slots quite nicely into the hunter role with lots of ranged attacks. She also, quite naturally, has a nice ultimate that turns enemies facing her to stone. The latest update also sees improvements made to the game’s clan system, along with new skins for Thor, Vulcan and Athena. There’s a hero introduction video explaining Medusa’s abilities below.

Every MOBA needs a giant snake, I guess.

Smite only recently started its Season Two, which saw the introduction of an overhauled Conquest map to change and de-clunk the game area, and improve strategic play overall. We took a look at what had been changed earlier in the year. You can also check out our coverage of Smite’s first world championships.


  1. ribby says:


    What about dragons?


    What about the cockatrice or the basilisk?

  2. Wulfram says:

    Turning into a snake never helps

  3. Voqar says:

    I tried this game and the idea of that kind of perspective in a moba is appealing but the game feels clunky. Uninstalled after one match.


    it’s actually tagged with “yes we all know you miss Tribes Ascend”
    this is great, keep acknowledging me

    i still hope hirez fucks up in a massive way so smite dies and goes to shit like everything else they touch, but it doesn’t seem likely.

    it irks me that the only thing they needed to stop dropping the ball was a genre where people are accustomed to ridiculous and amateur monetization

    i’m sure the unfair amount of attention pcgamer and rps give to mobas also helped

    i shed a single tear whenever i hear the word smite, even when it’s not referring to this miserable game at all

    • Fiatil says:

      I like this game quite a lot, and I’ve vowed to spend as little money as possible on it in honor of all of my Tribes bros. Fortunately it’s easy to unlock the gods you want without spending cash, because yeah these jerks did kill Tribes after all.

      • tangoliber says:

        It’s been a long time since I touched Tribes: Ascend, but what did they do to hurt it? The last I played, they had converted it into a Buy 2 Play game by selling all items for $15 or something. I remember it being a completely game with a decent amount of content.
        It’s not as good as Starsiege Tribes or Tribes 2…and I didn’t like the Unreal Engine for that sort of game…but I still thought it was a fairly well done game, and they gave the game plenty of support. I don’t know how they could have killed Tribes when they got people playing it and liking it again. I think that it’s a great time to introduce a new Tribes game, because of Ascend. I just don’t think it is as profitable a genre as some people would expect.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      Maybe i’m dense but i can’t see what wrong with their monetization since it’s not really that hard to play absolutely for free, especially since the only thing that really translates to how you actually play the game is simply unlocking gods.

      There are no runes like LoL or other shenanigans, plus it’s not the first time that they offer a 20 dollars or so pass for all the heroes both past and future.

      Again, maybe i’m dense but all i’m reading there is some serious hate for their abandoning of Tribes ( which might have good reasons behind? ), and nothing that actually addresses how Smite actually is.

      • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

        Or maybe 30 dollars, though that’d still be reasonable.

      • Kirjava says:

        You’re not dense, some people just have an irrational level of hate for HiRez. The monetization of Smite is fine, the game is fun and EMERGENCYUSERNAME sounds pretty salty.

    • the_kabong says:

      Let’s see,

      “Starsiege: Tribes was released in November 1998, and sold a total of 210,000 copies”
      Not bad for 1998 maybe? compare to other games in the same year….
      Starcraft : 11 million
      Half-Life: 9.3 million
      Hmm sounds pretty niche actually…
      2001 Tribes 2 is released, Dynamix is closed the same year. Must have been a huge success!
      October 2004 Tribes: Vengeance is released developed by the very successful Irrational Games. Then…
      “On March 23, 2005 it was announced that Vivendi Universal games were ceasing all support for the game, beginning with the termination of the 1.1 version update.”
      In 2006 GarageGames (founded by former members of Dynamix) announced what would become Fallen Empires: Legions a “spiritual successor” to tribes. How did that go? Released in 2008, shutdown in 2010. Another rousing success!
      All this and your mad at Hi-Rez because their version of tribes is actually still running after 2 years?
      Get over it. Tribes has never been successful on more than a niche level and will never be in the future. I say this as someone who still has Starsiege: Tribes installed on my computer and loves Tribes more than any game series ever. I’m just realistic.

  5. piedpiper says:

    Is the comment about Dota Medusa still legit?

  6. Kitsunin says:

    But still no SEA, or even West Coast server? That’s nice.

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