Ghost In The Shell Online Uncloaking This Year

Go go cyberlegs!

Do I think Ghost in the Shell Online [official site] will be good? No, not really. Am I able to resist posting about rad cyborg ladies able to tear tanks apart with their cyberhands? No, not really.

Look, here, it’s word that South Korean free-to-play developers Nexon are indeed planning a western release for their class-based FPS based on the anime series based on the manga. It definitely has chunky shotguns, cyberarms with pop-out rocket launchers, and thermoptic camouflage, which I shall look at and nod approvingly.

Ghost in the Shell Online will debut in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America this year, Nexon have said, before spreading elsewhere. Beta signups are due to start before the end of June, but the proper launch is a bit more of a mystery. And that’s about it, really. They didn’t have much more to say. We’re still mostly going off translated details about what it is.

Which is class-based, team-based shooty shoots with futureguns and cybernetics and drones and turrets and probably some kind of monetisation model that’ll make me pull unpleasant faces. Nexon’s F2P FPSs are often unpleasant with that. But I will probably put up with a bit so I can run around as a rad cyborg muttering “Cool, cool” at cool cyberthings. Nowt wrong with getting a few hours of fun out a F2P game.

Here’s a recent dev video showing concept art, folks working on 3D models, and folks shooting guns in a desert. You may get more out of it if you speak Korean, otherwise, hey, moving pictures:


  1. CobraLad says:

    I wonder if highest donation tier mes your character into first fully-digital lifeform.

  2. Philopoemen says:

    I love how FPS developers always go play with guns to get an idea about how they work in real life.

    Because it never makes it into the game.

    Also what happened to the “Stand Alone Complex : First Connection” moniker?

    • EvaUnit02 says:

      Clearly you weren’t paying attention to the featurette, because they were firing off the guns to record their sounds. I.e. just like DICE does for the Battlefield series.

      • snowgim says:

        Clearly, because the logo at the end clearly shows ‘Stand Alone Complex : First Connection’. :P
        Really, Philopoemen, you must pay more attention.

  3. X_kot says:

    Here’s a F2P graphical option that I would love to pay for: the ability to reskin all characters according to the different GitS iterations. I really like Major Kusanagi’s design in Arise but prefer Togusa from the original film and Aramaki from SAC. That might be prohibitively expensive to produce, sadly.

  4. LionsPhil says:

    Do I think Ghost in the Shell Online will be good? No, not really. Am I able to resist posting about rad cyborg ladies able to tear tanks apart with their cyberhands? No, not really.

    An understandable situation.

  5. PeopleLikeFrank says:

    That lady sure looks bored about being a kickass cyborg.

    Cyber-dude, on the other hand, finds it mildly consternating. “I gotta punch how many robot heads off now?”

  6. BLACKOUT-MK2 says:

    I’ve no clue if this’ll be good or not, but I want a good ghost in the shell game so badly.

    • rapchee says:

      there are a couple in sony console land – on ps1 a “fuchikoma” 3d shoot-em-up (with a thumping techno soundtrack), on ps2 a stand alone complex 3d shoot-em-up with motoko and batou and on psp a stand alone complex fps (which i haven’t played)

  7. geldonyetich says:

    If they offer tachikoma pets, I may be powerless to resist.

    • Lord Byte says:

      I think that’d break several human rights laws, something about unlawful enrichment on the back of fans that are powerless to resist…

  8. Wisq says:

    Tried watching with translated (automatic) subtitles. I suspect the problem lies a lot more in the voice recognition than in the translation, but either way, it’s so unintelligible as to go far beyond “useless” and enter into “hilarious”. Worth a (re)watch with them enabled.

  9. phanteh says:

    I love both Ghost in the Shell and shooters, but I can’t say I’m excited about this.

    F2P mechanics aside (Blacklight Retribution sets the bar for f2p shooters as far as I’m concerned), given the amount of source material and scope for awesomeness, I just can’t see a relatively unknown developer coming close to my hopes for such a game.

  10. Ignis says:

    Do we really need yet another franchise destroyed by an MMO adaptation?

  11. GeneJacket says:

    I will play it, because GitS…but I have zero expectations and I think we all know the series deserves better treatment in games than it’s ever been given, though the PS2 Stand Alone Complex game is pretty rad.

  12. Vin_Howard says:

    I just want a taunt that lets my guy shout out “The superstructure, man! The superstructure!!”

  13. -Spooky- says:

    I love GitS, i´m in Psycho Pass S01 .. but i read Nexon in the tags. So .. no thank you. :)

  14. 0positivo says:

    This looks a lot more like how a deus ex game would look like. It doesn’t really FEEL like a ghost in the shell, IMHO

  15. apa says:

    If this is the western release maybe someone could go and play the Korean version and tell us if it’s any good?

    (western release of cyberpunk franchise. howdy pardner, seen any cyber-indians around these parts?)