Age of Empires II Teases Upcoming Expansion, Camels

I think the cactus is either a bouncer or he does tech support

“But how many camel archers should I put in a screenshot to make it look like they’re an audience for another camel archer who is giving a rousing speech?”

Microsoft Studios – in announcing a new expansion for strategy game Age of Empires II – suggest that perhaps the answer is five.

As part of a post marking the HD version’s second birthday on Steam the developers outlined their future plans. They include the aforementioned new content which will be produced by the same team who created the Forgotten Empires expansion.

Further details will be forthcoming later in the year but the dev blog notes that:

“As with the Forgotten Expansion, you can anticipate a lot packed in there, including new civs, campaigns, game modes, units, and more. If your focus is more on the original AOEII experience, the new content development means you can look forward to additional support and features that benefit every owner.”

Also on the roadmap are improved mod/Steam workshop support, performance improvements of various flavours and the total shunning of Windows XP for the rest of time.


  1. Ushao says:

    Really glad to hear this is happening! But I’ll be honest and admit my first reaction was: link to

    • InsuranceSalesman says:

      I know, it’s bizarre that a game released in 1999 would still be receiving expansions 15 years later. Not that I mind, of course, considering that it’s one of my favorite games of all time, but it still feels like something you’d read about for April Fool’s.

      Hope they consider doing this for Age of Mythology and Rise of Nations as well.

  2. WiggumEsquilax says:

    Do people still have AoE II installed? Will it even run on windows 7/8/10?

    And before you ask, it’s because 7 8 9.

    • Det. Bullock says:

      The article was about the “HD edition” on Steam.
      Which really isn’t anymore HD than the original, they only added a few shiny effects on the water and widescreen while quashing that horrible graphical glitch that affected the old CD rom version from XP onwards and swapping the old MSN Gaming Zone multiplayer with Steamworks.
      Also they already made a new expansion, The Forgotten, which was based on a mod for the CD rom version.
      And yes, a lot of people still play it, while I’m not a rabid RTS fan my brother still plays it everytime he’s not playing Civilization V.

      That said, it’s somewhat heartwarming see this game literally resurrected, the 2D look hasn’t aged as much as the 3D of some RTSs from the same era, there is now a prolific Steamworks modding community and now another expansion.

      • jrodman says:

        Agreed it isn’t HD, but for some reason that seems to be the new Shiny term for old games that are coming back.

    • Thurgret says:

      This may help: link to

      Looks like it usually has between 2,000 and 6,000 players online on Steam, depending on the time of day.

  3. Joshua Northey says:

    I always felt like AoE II games had a terrific first 5 minutes and that this part could easily have been deepened and scaled up into an entirely different non-combat game.

    • GepardenK says:

      The early game was Awesome! I think it hugely contributed to the success of the title. Anyone can enjoy that part, from farmville granma to hardcore RTS dude. It gave Age an edge over other RTS titles. The simplification/”combat focus” of the early game is, imo, the reason why Age 3 and Age Online didn’t to as well as Age 2.

      Personally I prefer Age 1 early game even more, but 2 does basically the same thing.

  4. Big Murray says:

    Eh … AoEII was one of those games which seemed awesome at the time, but hasn’t aged particularly well.

  5. Text_Fish says:

    I still love AOEII, but I do think they should prioritize fixing the AI if they’re planning on keeping development going.

  6. Jambe says:

    I grinned after reading that first sentence. Excellent work.

    Also: yay to this news. Even the hardest of either AI is easy to stomp but it’s still a fun time to play some civs you usually don’t bother with and see what happens on a random map. Also there are people to play with I guess.

  7. milton says:

    Pretty good news, honestly have a really good time playing with friends. Favourite mode being the ‘super random’ map. Can’t wait for new civ’s as well, variety being the spice of life.

    Biggest complaint is probably that the unit pathing is super dumb and the aggressive mode makes melee units try and attack ships. So painful to watch when it happens haha