Izle Kickstarter Offers Grapple Hooking On To Clouds

By the time I’ve learned that a game is about crafting on a procedural landscape and on Kickstarter, I’m a sludge on the ground, my lack of interest unable to hold my molecules together. Izle had a long way to go to re-corporealise me, then. It did it first by making its procedural worlds floating islands rendered in a pretty, polygonal, flat-textured style. Then by having a grappling hook which lets you swing from clouds. Then by having some sort of ability in which you fly into the sky and then a giant hand comes out, as if from a galactic giant, and I think that’s how the islands are formed? Then you get a bird you can fly upon.

Also there are meteorite strikes, voxel destruction, space boats…

Although the pitch video shows yer usual digging + building, the game seems to move beyond simple Minecraftbut territory and firmly into the lands of the Minecraftbutbut. That’s partly because there’s a light side/dark side mechanic in which you can choose to become one of the shadow people – the evil force you’re ostensibly protecting this land from – in order to gain greater powers. The cost of which is that the islands “suffer” for your choice, becoming dark and scorched as seen above.

Shadows get a bad rep, I say. A pledge of $14/£9.48 will get you the game when it’s released, with a project delivery date of December 2016. $25/£16.93 gets you alpha access, though there’s no word as to when that’ll be, plus instant access to the “original 2013 prototype,” whatever that contains. The project currently has $9,217 of its $90,000 goal with 22 days left, so someway to go yet.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Jerodar says:

    I went through pretty much the same thought process there;
    ah just another minecraft wannabe
    hmm looks shiny
    Ooh grapling hooks!

    The soundtrack is also very lovely, and is inspired by, but not really copying the minecraft soundtrack. It also helps that I already was a fan of Mindthings to begin with :P

  2. Morcane says:

    Even the unique art style is not convincing enough to get me to pledge or buy another crafting builder game thingy. Although the dark / light mechanic sounds cool enough. Yeah. I’ll just wait. I think.

  3. AreaEffect says:

    Hey guys, I’m Alexis the creator of Izle. We’re working on a playable demo that will be available in a few days, so that you can see how Izle is nothing like Minecraft ;) And in the meantime if you have any question feel free to ask!

    • Lagran says:

      I noted that in your FAQ you state about the game being released to Steam, any thoughts on using other computer digital distribution sites (e.g. GOG, Humble etc.)?

  4. GameCat says:

    I remember that very first thing I wanted to do in Minecraft was to climb the clouds.
    Sadly it isn’t possible. :x

    Hmm, for some reason I have only audio without visuals in kickstarter pitch.

  5. evyatron says:

    This looks really nice and actually quite different than the rest of the generic builders/crafters.

    My only beef is dropping a tenner for a game that will be available at the end of next year – at best.
    I’m sorry, but that really feels like just throwing money down the drain. If the ETA was closer, say end of 2015, it would’ve been different. Or if I got early access with that tier as well.

    Would probably only back if the demo is superb.

  6. Gusty_06 says:

    As much as that looks like a Fable+Wind Waker+Skyward Sword+Minecraft mashup… I’m excited for it.