Bang: Arma 3 Fires Big Update Alongside Marksmen DLC

Arma 3 [official site] has a nice approach to paid DLC. When makers Bohemia Interactive sell new odds and ends for cash money, they’ve also released free updates adding related extras for all.

This week they released the shooty Marksmen DLC, which adds more guns, scopes, ghillie suits, firing drills, and other things that go ‘bang!’ They also rolled out a hearty patch which improves the fundamentals of how guns work, and adds new bits and pieces including a scenario focused on feeling cool rolling around firing guns from moving vehicles. Heaven help me, I do enjoy shooty vehicle sections in games.

That bid ole patch accompanying the DLC brought shiny new things including the ability to rest weapons on surfaces and deploy bipods to improve accuracy, making recoil feel more powerful and real, making AI respond to suppressive fire, improving the sound by changing it in different environments, boshing in a new multiplayer mode, adding a scenario where you roll around firing from vehicles, and oodles more. Check the huge changelog for more.

That’s out free now for everyone.

The Marksmen DLC adds seven new guns, two new scopes, two laser target designators, ghillie suits, three firing drills to run through, and a scenario where you’ll “Use your new abilities and long range sharpshooting skills in a tense reconnaissance mission.” It’s £10.99/12.99€/$15.99 on Steam or from Bohemia, or cheaper as part of the DLC bundle.

Look here, this trailer shows off bits from both DLC and patch:


  1. Beowulf says:

    Bipeds are deployed in every combat zone. Some armed forces even deploy quadrupeds, however mainly for search purposes and guard duty. Cheers ;)

    Comment to be deleted after correction.

  2. Press X to Gary Busey says:

    *cocks rifle*

  3. Gap Gen says:

    Much as I want a game based around having 3 arms, I’m guessing the title should read ArmA 3?

  4. WhatKateDoes says:

    A tuner! A tuner, for the guitarist! *wince*

  5. Artist says:

    Arma3: BANGARANG!
    I wish they would fix the weak performance in MP.
    Or apply proper multithreading to their outdated game engine. (Arma 3 is internally not much more than Arma2 v1.5)

    • Continuity says:

      Lets face it the whole arma series is basically operation flashpoint with stuff bolted on. Many aspects of the engine are very similar if not the same.

  6. Ethaor says:

    I’ve passed on all these Arma III DLCs. Like the whole lot of 2 new helicopters of the last 13 euros DLC, the bang for buck is, to me, alarmingly low. Yet every time Bohemia seems to be patting itself in the back for such a job well done and DLC rich content.

    I’m really looking forward to the “upcoming” new terrain though, I never liked that Greece-like setting one bit.

    • soulis6 says:

      It’s definitely kind of weird, because Arma is a weird game of which there’s not really anything else like it out there, but basically the big bulk of the work on the DLC is given away for free -the engine changes, the mechanics updates, all the stuff in the update – and they just charge for the content that can be safely removed or added without breaking the game for anyone who doesn’t have it.

      Really they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place in terms of DLC and updates that are largely new features and mechanics. They can’t wall off joining games for people who don’t have the content, because it would splinter the community, but they need to be able to charge for something, to keep funding all the updates and new features. So this seems like a pretty good compromise.

  7. goertzenator says:

    I don’t really care about the extra guns and helos. They’ve overhauled two major systems in the game for free now (helos and infantry). I can’t describe how much *better* the *existing* helos and rifles feel now as compared to before. I bought the DLC pack to say “thank you” and to encourage more improvement (multithreading hint hint).

    • quintesse says:

      Same here. I hardly even play it (single player is not much fun and I don’t know any nice multi-player servers worth the trouble) but I’m glad the game at least exists and I want to support that. I’d love it to be a bit more accessible though (action menu hint hint ;) )

  8. SlimShanks says:

    So here is the real issue with the new DLC. At the same time as the new long range weapons were released, the same update made all the existing long range weapons (like medium machine guns and sniper rifles) much less effective at range. Now this will probably be changed, and it was probably not intentional, but as things stand those with the DLC can basically thrash those without it at long range. In PvP, that is going to be a HUGE issue. Obviously this will cause more people to buy the DLC so that they can get an edge. Kind of suspicious.
    That aside, BIPODS!!! And also, more bipods!

    • heretic says:

      I thought if you played on a DLC server you would still get all the DLC albeit in a low resolution version? I seem to remember that being the case for Arma 2

      • SlimShanks says:

        I wish. The current thing seems to be that you are not allowed to use the DLC weapons without a purchase, BUT some servers have hacks to unlock them for everyone. If you are on said server, you will just have your screen covered in tiny logos every 5 minutes.

    • Walsh says:

      That’s not how this works at all. All of the weapon resting, bipods, etc are available to everyone as a patch.

      Only the new weapons are not available to everyone and requires the DLC.

      The items that are asterisked required the DLC for full functionality:
      link to

  9. heretic says:

    Downloaded the simple weapon resting mod a few days back, does this platform update now make that obsolete? It was pretty neat (didn’t have much time to play around with it), now I have to figure out which mods to turn off with all the stuff they’ve added!

  10. Grizzly says:

    Obligatory mention: – Folkarps is an RPS co-founded community that plays Arma 3 without any mods or DLC requirements twice a week. It’s great!

  11. Darth Jimmi says:

    I’m in a Milsim group, and like other milsim groups we use alot of mods. Lot of them pretty much essential like AGM and all that. Since the marksman patch, everything is broken. We can’t be more than 3 in any land vehicle. We had transport trucks and HMVs and such, but only 3 of us could get in each one (we were at least 15). We had to walk all the way to the AO because of that stupid bug. Luckily it wasnt far.

    Other things are broken too. MCC objectives were bugged. We couldnt blow up a helicopter we were supposed to, in desesparation another squad threw a dozen grenades and explosives at it, wich completely broke the server for a good while. Objectives would’nt change to complete once we completed them.

    All in all, this new “patch” that bohemia gave us, wich i guess is cool for new players or casual players, broke vital mods for Milsimmers, wich is an important part of the arma playerbase.

    • Emiliano says:

      Hardly sounds like Arma’s fault, the mods probably weren’t kept up to date.