A New Reason For League Of Legends Fans To Hate Teemo

Teemo. Bane of my life, idiot in a stupid hat. My sin, my soul. Tee-mo.

For those who live safely outside the enclave of League of Legends [official site], let me introduce you. Teemo is the game’s official mascot of trolls and an absolute pain in the behind to play against. So Teemo players should get their ults ready in anticipation because Riot Games has released a fancy new Legendary skin for the little guy.

It’s called Omega Squad Teemo and it’s one of the most expensive things you can buy through the game’s store, coming in at 1820 Riot Points (or around 10 human dollars). It looks great too.

The skin will turn Teemo’s poison darts into knives, his stealth mushroom bombs into landmines from the future. The dev’s have also given him a new and somewhat grittier sounding voice, while dressing him up new squad gear. Gone is the fuzzy Yordle face, hidden by a full-face helmet. Check him out in action:


  1. Rinox says:

    As someone who has never played LoL, can someone explain to me what is particularly annoying about this character? Or what makes him so troll-y?

    • The Inquisitive Loon says:

      No problem, man.

      Teemo is very aggravating to deal with because his kit seems designed to troll people. First off, he has a ranged ability that lets him blind someone briefly, meaning that (if you are trying to pull off your combo on him as a physical damage champion, of which there are tons) you might miss EVERYTHING because of the blind debuff. Second, he has a movement steroid that lets him run faster than most other champions, particularly if they don’t have a gap closer, allowing him to annoyingly kite you or run away laughing from your attacks. He also has poison darts, which majorly suck to deal with especially if you are a melee champion. And Teemo is considered best in the top lane, which is where most melee/tanky champions like to go.

      His passive ability allows him to go invisible for as long as he stands still, allowing him to set up ambushes so that he can kill you in seconds before you have time to respond (and, even if you do, there’s the blind dart in your face to give him more time to kill you). Lastly, there are his mushrooms. He can place an infinite number (as far as I know). They are invisible. And if you step on them, they do an AOE explosion that can take out a third of your health or more. And he doesn’t even have to be anywhere near them for them to work.

      tl;dr – Teemo’s kit, while not overpowered, seems designed to elicit rage and frustration in his opponents. Hence his infamy.

      • BlissAuthority says:

        Not to mention that if your teammates have the Teleport spell, they can teleport to your mushroom mines. Which are invisible. So there’s that.

      • Echo_Hotel says:

        the mushrooms also slow movement by up to half and give a small field of map view that also lets you notice when they’ve been triggered encouraging you to leave them in grass and near buffs

    • Coffee Ray Gun says:

      There are many reasons, but first I need to say that I like to play Teemo so I’m certainly not biased.

      1. His Ultimate lets you plant invisible mushrooms that explode when an enemy gets near (normally an enemy player). It’s slows, and does heavy damage over time.

      2. He’s played in the top lane, which is normally reserved for melee characters, Teemo is murder against melee champions for many reasons. He has a passive which makes him super fast, therefore able to outrun almost all melee champs, an ability which causes all attacks to miss for a short time, and as I mentioned before his mushrooms slow opponents, which leads to Teemo’s placing mushrooms behind them as they kite their opponent forever.

      3. If he stands still for a little (three seconds I believe) he becomes completely invisible, and gets an attack speed buff when he comes out of stealth. This leads to Teemo players planting a bunch of mushrooms in a highly trafficked area on the enemy’s side of the map, and waiting for an enemy player. This will almost guarantee death if you step on a mushroom.

      4. If he gets an early game lead he can buy items which snowball him to incredible power. MAny of the items you can buy seem like they were made just for Teemo.

    • Senethro says:

      When I last played 2 years ago he placed invisible mines on the map that poisoned, slowed and made you visible to all enemy players. He was a ranged character with another slowing ability meaning he was difficult to chase and difficult to escape from.

      When he stood still for a few seconds he turned invisible meaning if he broke line of sight with you even for just a few seconds then you could never be sure if he had ran away or was just watching you and calling in support. Did two of his nearest teammates just vanish from their positions? You’re not sure. Is it too late to run away? Probably.

      The presence of Teemo messes with your head. One position in the game is Jungler who has the job of harvesting the neutral monsters for gold and XP and roaming around the map by unseen routes to support your team. It was my favorite position to play because it was active and cooperative with other players, and let me pick tanky disruptive heroes working towards the good of the team (while also being highly visible to your teammates :P ). In one game I had a Teemo player lock in as Jungler which was an incredibly unusual pick, as Teemo’s speedy, kiting style was not suited to handling the neutral mini-bosses.

      So either I was facing an idiot or a genius.

      I immediately freaked out, suspecting the worst. I quickly moved out of base to the nearest mini-boss before it spawned, dragging a couple of complaining teammates in tow. I wanted to secure the site before it was possible for Teemo to arrive, because I was afraid that Teemo might arrive first and go invisible, wait for me to take some punches from the miniboss, and then shoot me in the back for an easy kill. Or worse – steal the miniboss rewards by getting the last hit on my THEN easily kill me. Well, I cleared it without trouble, my teammates went to their assigned positions and they report all enemies present and correct except for Teemo.

      But now in my imagination Teemo was everywhere on the 90% of the map that hadn’t been secured. How was I supposed to do my job of roaming if I was too afraid to move? Teemo hadn’t come for me at the first miniboss, so he would undoubtedly be waiting already for me at the second. I would be humiliated in front of unsympathetic teammates, starting the toxicity whirlpool that leads to an early surrender vote.

      With the fear of Teemo in my I immediately conclude that he most sensible option is to break my ritualized neutral farming route of a hundred games, and to immediately run deep into the enemy controlled half of the map, far away from any support, and to steal their mini-boss rather than risk being killed at my own.

      But it works. Noone is there. I steal their stuff, level up 3 times and gleefully teleport back to my base, certain that I have outwitted a mastermind and that those 3 levels mean that I am secure and able to turn any ambush by Teemo back around on him. I leave base once more and head to the expected ambush position, spoiling for a fight. On my way there the Teemo player leaves the game and I cackle madly to myself, thinking that he was so ashamed at failing to ambush that he quit. With the game now 5v4 players my team goes on to an easy win.

      The punchline: When I watch the replay so I can relive my incredible good play I see from chat that the enemy team is so enraged by the guy DARING to pick Teemo for jungler that he goes AFK in their base 30 seconds into the game and then auto-kicked for being idle.

      TLDR; Teemo casts such a shadow of fear that he doesn’t even need to be in the game to troll you.

    • Rinox says:

      Thank you all three for taking the time to explain at length the rage and fear that this character instills in opposing players! I can totally see it now. I wish you many Teemo-less games then. *doffs hat*

    • Baf says:

      In addition to everything said above, it’s worth noting that Teemo looks like a cuddly little hamster. If he looked like some kind of badass ninja, I think he would be a lot easier for people to take.

    • vahnn says:

      Not to mention his Ultimate (the mushrooms) can be placed every 30 seconds. Faster, with Cooldown Reduction items. They can be placed all over the map and show up for your entire team as a small green dot on their minimaps. If an enemy touches it, not only does it do an AoE damage + DoT + slow, it also grants vision for every enemy caught in the blast. This makes it extremely risky to try going deep into enemy jungle to flank a lane due to the constant risk of exposure and subsequent murder by the team who now sees you.

      Plus, sneaky Teemo players will put the shrooms in areas that are commonly avoided while laning/pushing, but a click farther away on the map will auto-path a champion right past it (especially corners). This, combined with constant harrassment and baiting means it’s very risky to try to attack Teemo once he gets the upper hand.

  2. anthonygomez says:

    Dude OMG my brother plays league of legends every day!! I was trending on a wealth generators fan page and saw some walkthrough on league of legends as an Ad, gave them to my brother because he was stuck on a map LMFAO, he couldn’t beat the map I felt bad.

    • Senethro says:

      The spambots grow more cunning by the day.

      • Dilapinated says:

        They’re learning. Watching, imitating.. Absorbing.

      • Cloudiest Nights says:

        Silly spambot, League doesn’t have maps! Once you get your vocabulary down, though, you’ll be all set to take over the world! Hang in there little guy!

        • anthonygomez says:

          LMFAO you guys are hilarious to be honest… I love your replies they are priceless LOL xD

  3. WarKiel says:

    Almost tempted to reinstall LoL just to troll around with Teemo again. Already have his best skin though (easter bunny).

    I checked the article about this skin on LoL page and everybody was whining about RP prices in comments, anyone know what’s up with that?

    • The Inquisitive Loon says:

      That recent controversy on RP prices is less about special skins like this one for Teemo, and more about the “Chroma skins”, which are basically just recolors of existing skins. People are complaining that a recolor that seems painfully simple to do code-wise shouldn’t cost the player $5 a pop. For more information, this story Kotaku did on the issue provided a great amount of detail on it: link to kotaku.com

      • WarKiel says:

        OK, thanks. That one’s interesting, but I think they were talking something about increasing RP prices.

        • Vurogj says:

          Riot recently rebalanced RP prices to account for currency fluctuations across the various currencies it’s possible to buy RP in. Given the enormous size of the LoL playerbase, that would be enough to upset SOMEONE at least enough to rant about it. And once a rant starts…

    • Smoky_the_Bear says:

      LoL forums? To be honest it is 90% whining and very little else so that doesn’t surprise me.

  4. Xocrates says:

    I do love the COD-esque login theme though:

    link to youtube.com

    (should be up after URF ends)

  5. Hunchback says:

    RPS is posting about a LoL SKIN being rolled out?

    When i started loading this site every morning, it was for the legendary quality of the articles, the independent opinions and just journalism. I don’t want to sound bitter and mean, but honestly some posts of late have really made me question my “idea” about this particular gaming site.

    Nevermind me, i am just an old troll and probably my don’t have the motivation to back my words.

    • Flappybat says:

      I’m with you. These days a gaming website is surely required to post news to keep up visitors but I can go to a dozen places to get news, mostly the same news regurgitated between sites with a tiny bit of opinion.

      Not finding it too onerous to skip them but reporting on “new skin for league of legends” demanded comment.

    • Persona says:

      You’re definitely not the only thinking about it. I used to read nearly every article posted on here, but nowadays most of the posts consists of ‘news’ (a lot of times 2-3 days old news) with the usual puns thrown in for good measure. I also subscribed as a Supporter as soon as it went up; my subscription expired recently and I don’t feel like resubscribing at the moment, despite following RPS since its early inception.

      There’s already a lot of websites dedicated to news coverage, posting these same news far quicker than RPS can ever dream to do with their schedule, so I don’t exactly understand their purpose around here. It’s one thing to post news that are relevant to the majority of the reading audience, but I don’t think skins for LoL, new character for MOBA #123, reveal dates for announcements of sequel #32 of big budget franchise, weekly trailers for upcoming blockbuster and reposts of news that already got major coverage in other blogs qualify as a great contribution to the community. Those are things that are all over the internet as soon as they get out and there are already far too many blogs/sites covering it. By the time they appear here, it’s likely people have read/heard about it somewhere else.

      I’d rather learn about those games that aren’t being covered by the big outlets, which is something that I’ve been seeing far less nowadays. RPS has a big community, a lot of indies have been helped by having their game exposed here. I would welcome more of that, and not just when they become big hits on Steam.

      More opinion articles, more interviews with developers, more weekly features with dedicated writers (get Rab to do a couple more along with Cardboard Children!). The subscriber articles were a bit lacking, some good ones every now and then, but a lot of them ended up being too superficial and without much to say. If time constraints are an issue, I’d rather see articles taking a few more days to write than speeding them up just to meet a weekly quota.

    • The Inquisitive Loon says:

      I honestly don’t understand why people have this reaction to some gaming websites. If there is an article that pops up that you have no interest in, why don’t you just skip it and read the next one that does? Some people like small ones like this even if they lack substance because they provide a lighthearted look at one of the writers or editors like or enjoy playing (in this case, Teemo in League of Legends). It’s okay to not like that, but condemning the site as a whole because of it just feels unfair to me.

      • Persona says:

        I don’t think that’s the issue people complain about. I continue to read the site as it is and skip whatever doesn’t interest me, that’s not a big deal. What’s noticeable is the direction it’s been going, where you’ve been seeing a lot more news posts doing the same typical coverage any other blog does, especially the news coverage of dated information. Case in point: this article is about an update for a LoL character from March 26, 2015. I don’t think the subject in itself is worthy of posting (RPS has a limit of articles per day, so they should be used well), but disregarding whether one thinks it’s relevant or not as that’s subject to interpretation, if you play LoL, by now you’re probably aware of a 3 weeks old update.

        Not sure why some people take offense with criticism; if they actually like to read RPS, they should provide criticism about what could be changed to make it better, rather than criticize those that point out what they don’t like. There’s a difference between reasonable criticism and blatant trolling; for all its faults, RPS is still the top gaming website/blog around and I’d like to continue seeing it that way.

        • Hunchback says:

          Also, if you have to “skip” more and more articles, you might as well end up skipping the whole site, since you wouldn’t really bother now, would you?

          As Persona said, it’s not about SPECIFIC posts, it’s a general trend that i have noticed and i dislike. It’s the turning of a “special” gaming journalism site into a generic “kotaku” one, that would report on news and general stuff without… soul.

          Too tired to really explain much of this, but once, long time ago, i used to read and actively participate in the life of a real-life gaming magazine that had a very unique style. The articles and especially game reviews were so unique and different, that you either loved it or hated it. Most of the time they weren’t “objective”, and were much more a piece of written art than an actual review that would give you facts and a 1-out-of-10 score. The fans of that magazine loved it for exactly that, and others hated it because they just wanted to know if a game was good or bad. Eventually the magazine closed shop, because it couldn’t cope with the competition, who went much more “main stream” and generic. As usual.
          When i came to RPS i was looking for something similar, and mostly found it, even if in smaller quantities.
          Point of my OP was that, lately this is getting ever more rare, and i find this sad. OFC i can skip articles i find silly and pointless, but as i already said, if this keeps going on, i might just lose interest altogether.

        • The Inquisitive Loon says:

          Fair enough to you and what Hunchback said in reply to you. I guess I just try not to let it bother me because I’m not sure that what you describe (which I would love too, by the way!) is economically feasible for online video game blogs/magazines/sites anymore given how traffic for them is falling across the board (thanks Youtube/Twitch). I don’t know how one would do it, but I’d be very curious to see if they get more traffic now (with more iffy news articles like you observe) or if they got more in the past with the more substantial, thoughtful posts. If they get more now, then I’d argue it might just be a necessary evil.

      • pipman3000 says:

        nobody here seems to have heard of something called a slow news day. nothing interesting happened today, nothing noteworthy was released, etc. so why not just write a front page article about some farmers’ goat goving birth and call it a day?

        • ButteringSundays says:

          That’s kind of missing the point twice-over. If there’s nothing interesting to post then don’t post. This isn’t a newspaper, there are no columns to fill.

          That said I don’t mind some variety in the content. Unlike some of the readers above I don’t visit several gaming blogs a day, so I wouldn’t hear about this stuff elsewhere. That said I do come for the original content.

          • Asurmen says:

            Seems like you missed the point. Not posting anything is more likely to drive people away than this supposed change you’ve seen in RPS. Someone wanted to post something, they can and will. We lose nothing by this.

    • Person of Interest says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I feel both better, and more informed, because you shared your opinion by putting words here.

      That’s completely the opposite from Emily’s news blurb. It’s absolutely not the case that I don’t play LoL, but have friends that do, and those friends talk enthusiastically about Teemo sometimes, and so this blurb and video (and comments explaining who Teemo are) both helped me understand what my friends are yammering about, and provided me with a silly gaming-related topic for friendly banter. Nope, not the case at all.

      Seriously for a moment: of course you wanted to sound bitter and mean. That’s why you wrote a bitter and mean comment with no redeeming value, other than to drum up more griping and negativity. You provide no actionable feedback other than “suck less” and no alternative topics for coverage or discussion (here’s mine: “Emily, I’d love to find out more of what’s going on with the in-development The Magical Realms of Tír na nÓg: Escape from Necron 7 – Revenge of Cuchulainn: The Official Game of the Movie – Chapter 2 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa!“). That ain’t criticism, it’s just crap. Keep that shit to yourself.

      • Hunchback says:

        Well, ButteringSundays said what i mean better than i could.

        Still, point taken – by posting “shit” i am not doing better than Emily Gera who posted a silly news article, because you probably don’t care about my opinion and don’t want to read it. But then again, this also applies to YOU and YOUR opinion on MY opinion… but let’s not go there.

        As for the actual OP and why it kinda irked me, and to provide some more “context” to my observation – it’s not simply that it’s a news post about “old news” as someone else said, or that it IS a news post in the first place, it’s more about the actual topic – a skin, released on a game who’s business model is based on selling skins. Something that happens all the time, for dozens of heroes on the same game. Something that also happens in hundreds of other games, all the time, every day. You see what i mean? It’s like posting a news article about a new DOTA2 item appearing on the Steam Workshop. I mean, ok, it IS news but it’s SO irelevant and common that i deem it completely pointless and really out of place on the RPS main page. Sue me for holding high standards about the content on this site. As i said, i started following the site because of the original content, writing style and all that, not about the awesome news of the gaming world that RPS might or might not provide. If i wanted that, i’d go on IGN or Kotaku or any other “for the masses” site that posts stuff like that, reviews on “PC games” that they’ve played on consoles and all the steaming hot news on the next COD installment. Oh shit, wait, i can now do that on RPS too… kinda. :/

        P.S. I am not AT ALL saying that the general content is bad, there’s some very nice reviews, interviews and columns out here, written by talented people who love pc gaming. I am saying that there seems to be a trend, that i have noticed, that is worrying me and that somewhat feels a bit like, dare i say it, spam. As ButteringSundays said, if there’s nothing to post about, don’t post. To me at least, it’s always been about quality and not quantity. But that’s just me. And it’s almost universally less profitable, i can see that in my own business where i sell high quality teas rather than your average Lipton Yellow. Still, i try.

        • Person of Interest says:

          Thanks for your reply. And for what it’s worth, I can totally get behind what you’ve written here, so thank you for elaborating.

          Weekend content on RPS is a recent development, in my experience. So is the influx of videos. And the effort spent on the supporter program. Normally I’d be a bit skeptical, or even annoyed, all the changes and shifts happening at my favorite entertainment/hobbyist website.

          But instead, I’m concerned. Lately there have been some high-profile (in my field of view) news site closures: Joystiq and Massively in games, Dr. Dobbs and Gigaom for computers. The editors of some of those sites have stated that advertising has recently tanked, even more precipitously than the general downward trend in online ads. So when I see RPS doing more business development, which I’m pretty sure John and/or Jim say they hate doing and claim to be quite bad at, I wonder if the miserly online publishing business is forcing RPS to try these new things, rather than RPS branching out willfully.

          So I’ll give RPS the benefit of the doubt. I’m ok with new-to-RPS weekend writer Emily Gera getting her toes wet with some dubious articles: the way I remember it, Pip had a rough start as a staff writer, and I had no idea what Alice was going on about at first. But they found their voices, I think. I don’t think there’s cause for dismissive comments, but then again I do not consider this article to be part of a particular trend. Otherwise, I would have written something closer to “me too” rather than “eff you” ;)

    • Kala says:

      Going to say that (contrary to the other responses) I disagree. I have to admit the story isn’t of much interest to me personally; it’s only going to interest people playing that game, and as someone else noted, the people who play that game would probably already know about it.

      That said, it isn’t about whether it’s of personal interest to me. It’s about whether it’s of personal interest to the person writing the article; which it clearly is. Not only is she mentioning that Teemo gets a reskin, she’s also talking about her personal hatred of Teemo; as per the title, a new reason for LoL to hate Teemo.

      This has caused explanations and amusing anecdotes in the comments of other people sharing exactly why they, also, hate Teemo.

      So yes, it might be a story of niche appeal, and no, it’s hardly a weighty topic. If you, like the writer, finds the topic of interest, that’s great. If not, oh well. That is what I like about RPS, it seems to me that they choose the things to write about that interest them, they tell us what they think, as independent voices, rather than pandering to what’s popular or what they think they most people will like.

      You can, of course, see that as a deep flaw. I don’t.

  6. airmikee says:

    LOL seriously? OH NOES! A VIDEO GAME BLOG WROTE A STORY ABOUT ONE OF THE MOST PLAYED VIDEO GAMES IN THE WORLD! RPS has been covering LoL, Dota, and MOBA’s since their inception years ago. If you’re just barely noticing these articles now, that’s about you, not them. (And I say this as someone that despises the entire genre.)

    • ButteringSundays says:

      Its a glorious thing to watch someone so masterfully miss the point.

      The complaint was about the posting of press release style news, not the genre of the game being mentioned.

  7. alms says:

    Weird place, that world you live in, that has ‘human dollars’.