New Rust Update Lets You Play Guitar With Your Mouse

As someone who’s entire career is about staring silently and slack-jawed at lists of patch updates, I have nothing but love for Garry Newman. He’s the kind of guy who’ll write an update that says: “I’ve been spending a good wedge of my time looking at performance, figuring out why the game sometimes runs like shit.” What prose! What truth!

Then he’ll go on to post pictures of guys playing electric guitar with their wangs hanging loose.

Things like this are central to Rust [official site], a game that has inspired its own developers to introduce guitars into the game so you can finally impress fellow players with your instrumental cover version of Smoke on the Water.

According to Newman: “I wanted to slip the guitar in as a quick secret and have people randomly discover it after we released the patch. But that didn’t work. So what the hell is this guitar doing in Rust? Well a few days ago I noticed that our spear holding pose. It got me thinking: ‘I bet that could fit a guitar, too’. So I downloaded a guitar from the asset store and it did.”

It’s an actual playable guitar. You can play different notes by changing your screen pitch and pressing left or right mouse buttons.

You can check out the full run-down of new updates right here, including something for people who hate lawns: “Remember when everyone was like ‘hey let us turn the grass off’ and were like ‘why’ and they were like ‘because it lags us out’ and we were like ‘no it doesn’t’ and they were like ‘grrr’ and we were like ‘there will never be an option to turn grass off.’ Well now we are like ‘lol, here’s an option to turn the grass off.'”


  1. Wisq says:

    Graphical fidelity is always a touchy matter in multiplayer games. Sure, not everyone has the latest fancy graphics card, but every option to turn down visual fidelity comes with the risk of creating some gameplay advantage (via clearer visuals). If word gets around, everyone who cares more about their success rate than their visual experience starts doing it, and all your fancy graphics were a waste of time. So I can sorta see why they’d be reluctant to allow the no-grass thing.

    That said, I haven’t played Rust, and I don’t know to what degree disabling grass might or might not provide an advantage. So I’m just speaking in general terms here; feel free to ignore me if it’s completely inconsequential and they should’ve done it ages ago.

    • Enough. says:

      Due to the competitive nature of the game, unfortunately everyone had grass disabled in prior versions of the game. It was (is) also common practice to increase brightness at night, so as to not have to use torches.

      It’s a ridiculously nasty, anger-inducing, addictive game. I love it.

  2. April March says:

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  3. stinkytaco says:

    Gary’s mod 2, I mean RUST is really not that great of game to begin with.

    The way he is approaching gluing together thousands of meshes is what is causing most of the lag.

    The artwork is doen by some UBER amature artists. Thre is Z-fighting on almost every single model. This doubles and tripples when you start gluing the meshes together to build something.

    You guys should check out 7 Days to die. It does not look like a voxel game anymore. The new unity 5 rendering really brings some great visuals to this game.

    It also is a bit “laggie”, but at least the visuals are somewhat believable. They are quickly patching the game though. In just 3 days after the releasse they released a few bug squishing patches.

  4. Shadowcat says:

    He’s a game developer, but he also has a pilot’s license! Imagine that!

  5. yhancik says:

    To my Monday brain, it first read as a post about Gary Numan