Warframe Update Moves Beyond Sharkfin Helmets

Get ready for the nine words you’ve been waiting for: “The New Protocols is here with six new tilesets!” Warframe [official site], or that game what have Space ninjas, just got a new batch of DLC that will give you a load of additional ability mods, weapons and a couple of helmets.

But the tilesets! What an exciting series of random vowels and consonants to behold. In Warframe-speak they’re talking about a set of map components that randomly generate every mission. The results are beautiful, you can check out some of the new vaults here – It’s sci-fi slick with a hint of BioShock. You can also check out some of the new Augment Mods (stuff that adds effects to your weapons) that have arrived.

Likewise, you should have a look at Jim’s deep-dive into the weird alien world of Warframe over here. He wrote these words: “Warframe is a sci-fi over-the-shoulder shooter where space ninjas have upgradeable sharkfin heads. Sadly that doesn’t quite clinch the deal, because the free-to-play beast of Digital Extremes has been in beta for a year now, and still hasn’t quite driven home the wakizashi of success. But has that journey delivered it from the hollow purgatory of its early release? Or will it determine to be a footnote in the history of free-to-play experimentation?”

Dear past Jim, it’s ulta-popular so presumably not a footnote. Just ask Rock, Paper, Skana, the friendly RPS Warframe clan. They can be found via the forum.


  1. SupahSpankeh says:

    Think someone should mention the RPS Warframe clan?

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      Graham Smith says:


      • ssh83 says:

        Please Graham… fix this article.
        1) Augment mods are a type of mods that change the behavior of your warframe abilities, not weapons.
        2) There’s no “DLC,” they’re all traditional PC game update and patches. Not paid, not optional, and not itemized.
        3) There aren’t 6 new tilesets. Just 6 new vaults. A tileset is an entire map theme. This is not even a new terminology.

        Also… warframe is the biggest success story of indie PC AAA development since Minecraft. Instead of gushing over Deus Ex… you guys should have better coverage to reference than some outdated opinion piece on extremely old version of the game.

  2. Pich says:

    i like it until i couldn’t start the Archwing quest, because the first mission crashed on the loading screen every time.

    • SomeDuder says:

      Youre not missing out by not doing the archwing stuff – its a pretty radical change of style from the regular gameplay.

  3. Scilantius says:

    DLC is a bit of a misnomer. Well – I suppose if you look at it from a certain angle, it is /literally/ Downloadable Content. I don’t know about everyone else, but for me DLC equates Downloadable Content in exchange for currency. And one that is optional.

    Whereas this is a “mandatory” (or should I say automatical) free update to the game.

    I’ve been quite taken with Warframe for a while now, I have to say – coming back at the start of this year after a year or two of hiatus, I’ve seen much of it change and mainly for the better. It looks slick, and it plays slicker. It may be a bit of a slow burner at first, but it, at least for me, keeps it there.

    Shoutout to Rock, Paper, Skana – the lovely RPS clan for the game with wonderful people helping out with levelling, freebies or just general questions. Full dojo and research – the works. You can find us in game, or on the forum here – or the steam group.

  4. KDR_11k says:

    That right one looks kinda pants-on-head…

  5. Lacero says:

    I think the one of the right looks a bit like ovaries.

    This might be something for me to discuss with a qualified professional.

  6. Metalfish says:

    I have a soft spot for Warfarm. It doesn’t respect the player’s time all that much, which I why I decided to shelve it. I rather like the dev’s “cool stuff now, balance later” approach, even if it does lead to inevitable power creep (the premium content delivery methods tend to encourage this too).

    • Ejia says:

      Warfarm? Hmm. Well, I suppose I could go for a hybrid Farming Simulator/RTS…

  7. Blackcompany says:

    I so badly want to like this game. Its free; it can be played in co-op; it features loot and melee and shooting. Its right up our alley, my girl and I.

    And yet…those controls. We both prefer controller, and I just cannot make it through a level in this game with starting gear and a controller. Precision aim seems to be a requirement, and with a controller, I just cannot get there. Takes forever to kill a single enemy – that might be down to gear – but…I just cannot make it past the second mission.

    Perhaps I shall visit the RPS group for some tips.

    • The_invalid says:

      I absolutely adore Warframe but I’ll be the first to admit that the initial difficulty wall is pretty insurmountable, especially if you’re not playing via public matchmaking.
      If you’re just starting out, it’s really worth joining in whatever public games you can. Running with more experienced players will earn you valuable affinity, so you’ll rank up faster. Also (and this was my initial downfall), don’t forget about modding your gear. Elemental and damage mods will make your weapons hit loads harder. Although it’s definitely worth swapping out your starter weapons as soon as you can, as they’re generally not that great.
      But yeah, hit us up on the RockPaperSkana clan if you want some good people to run with :)

    • ssh83 says:

      Think cover mechanic circa PC 2001. You can take cover anywhere, not just at special glowing spots where you hit a button to trigger a ducking animation.

      Also, get a Rhino or Valkyrie to help you compensate for your control difficulties. They are much more defensive and less punishing when you screw up.

  8. scannerbarkly says:

    Warframe is the only game I have played consistantly since returning to PC 2 years ago. Everything else goes through cycles on interest but Warframe gets played every weekend. Hundreds of hours (maybe over a thousand by now…its hard to tell since the game went to steam) all the frames, so many guns, floating things that come with me on missions, swords and other things to kill people with. I have 3 dogs. 3 of them.

    Every time I think “okay, i am done” another new update drops. Let me go DE. Let me sleep. Let my war be over you bastards. lol