Zombify Your Life: Dying Light Mod Tools Released

Mod me good.

Wonderful things, mods. Without them, we’d have far fewer readme files in the world. Today Dying Light [official site] joined in on the mod fun with the release of its official mod tools, which let folks create levels, script quests, and whatnot. You too could make a map of your office and populate it with lookalikes of your office who tell you how cool and ruggedly good-looking you are. But please do remember to write a readme explaining that.

Or, for non-modders, good news: I see a load of new Dying Light things to play coming your way.

If you want to make new things, the Dying Light tools should now be in the Tools section of your Steam library. Creators Techland have also whipped together a short video tutorial series that’ll help get you started. From there, heck, go wild: poke, pull, prod, break things, and see how it all works then put it back together as something marvellous and new. Techland plan to release advanced, in-depth videos soon too.

If you just fancy playing new things, keep an eye on the Dying Light Steam Workshop. You can ‘subscribe’ to mods in there to have Steam automatically download them. It’s a jolly handy system.

“Our Developer Tools will be regularly expanded with new possibilities and updates, so what you say and what you create do matter to us,” creators Techland say in the announcement. “If there’s anything particular that you want to see corrected, speak up!”

Dying Light got off to a bad start mod-wise, blocking changing files that’d let people fiddle with weapons. It didn’t help that overzealous copyright watchers were issuing takedowns on mods which removed the visual grain filter either. But that was all cleared up and look at us now, facing a mod-o-rama.


  1. jezcentral says:

    This looks amazing.Yay to Techland! I’m half tempted to buy the game, just to see how far I can push it.

    P.S. Dear IO Interactive. Please do something similar for Hitman: Next Subtitle.

  2. Rizlar says:

    This could be pretty cool. There is a great horror/survival game, full of tension and bursting with possiblities at the heart of Dying Light that unfortunately gets buried under mountains of crap. At the very start if the game your focus is on just surviving, getting to that safehouse before the terrible, terrible things come out at night. Later on the stupid plot and ridiculous weapons take over and you have no need to even consider the reactive landscape around you.

    There was that whole article about this potential for playfulness in The Sunday Papers: link to gamesradar.com And yet, as the game progresses this is never developed on. That bridge is the high point (forgive me) of the whole thing.

    I think the game would have been about 1/10th as enjoyable if I hadn’t already modded out the ability to see where every bad guy was at all times on the minimap (thanks Jakkar!). It feels like Dying Light is an amazing toybox which the right combination of mods could open up.

    • Jakkar says:

      My pleasure <3

      I'm eyeing these tools, and my amount of free time, wondering if anyone else will make a suitable realism mod… I fear my ambitions may outweigh my abilities or patience, at this point. Time will tell.

  3. Jakkar says:

    Anyone still on the fence;

    Dying Light is a truly interesting game. Take Dead Island, clean it thoroughly of b-movie nonsense, bugs and poor level design. Give it a singleplayer emphasis and a much more serious attitude. Mix in two tablespoons of STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, emphasising dry shanty-town environments and complex terrain full of mundane but useful loot and Turkish snack-food. Climbing on rooves and watching enemies from afar, thoughtful, afraid, yet curious.

    Leave to sun-dry for two weeks on the corrugated iron roof, until a rich stench develops, redolent of of insufferable, asinine plot events, casual sexism, and a childish wish to be just like Far Cry 3-4 when it grows up.

    Throw in some chillingly well-written side-quests along with the diced mixture of excellent combat mechanics, satisfying physics and varied AI – not forgetting to accidentally drop in commensurately stupid human enemies like a splash of ketchup in your cornflakes.

    At this point, serve in a bowl, then hit the bowl with a hammer chalked with the words ‘forced, inappropriate, utterly broken yet unquestionably entertaining multiplayer’, and after getting changed into a variety of ridiculous costumes – the only thing that will distinguish you from the other three square-jawed American hero clones who’ll join you if you choose to share the adventure – lick the mashed mixture of incredibly richly flavoured, tasty food from the dining table while avoiding the damp croutons of awkward action-RPG nonsense.

    In short, mod the hell out of it, get rid of that damned minimap, bump up anything that enhances realism and play it like a sunny, Southern, melee-focused STALKER. Get out of here!