Finish It: Mortal Kombat X Launch Is A Bit Wonky

Update: it’s now working, though still downloading in frustrating little bits. You big sillies, WB.

If you bounded down the stairs this morning keen to gruesomely murder men, you may have been disappointed. Oh no, I’m not talking about GTA V’s issue (sshhh pretend you didn’t read the headline or see that picture up there of two magical ninjas fighting: the joke falls apart if you already know I’m talking about Mortal Kombat). Oh no no no, this is Mortal Kombat X [official site], which has also launched with a few wonky bits.

Due to apparent issues with an unconventional downloading technique it’s using on Steam, Mortal Kombat X is not playing nicely, sitting at menus or happily crashing.

The problems seem to stem from MKX using streaming downloads, where the initial download was only 3GB and it’d then download bits and pieces after you loaded it to start playing.

“As soon as the game is played for the first time, a batch of DLC content will appear in your download queue,” Gary Lake-Schaal of publishers Warner Bros. explained to pre-loaders yesterday. “Check the Steam client to see the download progress on DLC items labeled Mortal Kombat X Install Pack 01 through 23.” Except that’s not working properly.

MKX’s Steam reviews and forum are full of folks griping that no, it isn’t downloading the other bits properly. Folks are finding themselves staring at menus for ages, or having the game crash when they try to play.

It’s possible the game was set live earlier than planned, and when it wasn’t ready for the full launch, as the Steam store page had previously said it’d unlock this evening. Whatever the cause, Mortal Kombat X on PC is not playable right now despite being on sale, so don’t expect to play it for a while.


  1. JiminyJickers says:

    Oh dear, I don’t see what is wrong with just letting people download the whole game in one shot.

    Starcraft 2 tried something similar where you could start playing before it was fully downloaded, went completely wrong for me.

    • Ross Angus says:

      See, this is why you wouldn’t download a car: you’d be tempted to start driving it before all the wheels were printed.

      • Hedgeclipper says:

        I downloaded a handbag once but all my intangible property kept falling through the hole in the bottom.

    • iainl says:

      As I understand it from Twitter, it’s partly because the extra downloads include the one that adds the ability to buy Easy Fatalities at $4.99 for 30. Yes, consumable.

      If it had been in the base product, then reviewers would have known about it, so it had to go in a day one update.

      • JiminyJickers says:

        Double oh dear.

      • Bull0 says:

        Easy Fatalities that can also be earned through normal play anyway, so it’s fairly pointless DLC at worst and not something to get upset about really

        • Baines says:

          Well, they did apparently also did things like offering a $20 “unlock stuff” DLC while putting out a release patch that slowed down how fast you could earn in-game the tokens that you’d use to unlock stuff.

          • Belsameth says:

            What I find even more interesting is that *nobody* bats even a single eyelash at that in the press. When Forza 5 released on the Xbone (Yuck!), there was a HUGE uproar about in game money progression being slow, coupled with the fact that you could buy cars with real money.

  2. XhomeB says:

    Never thought I’d say it: Steam has officially beaten GFWL when it comes to offering a crap “service”. Bravo, Valve. Bravo.
    I mean, this is a disaster. Apparently, disc versions are affected, too – there’s less than 3GB of data on DVD, you have to download the rest. ROTFL.

    Let people CHOOSE if they’re willing to put up with this wonderful “feature” next time.

    • phanteh says:

      Ignoring the fact that GFWL and Steam provide(ed) radically different services, I don’t see how you can blame Steam for NetherRealm’s decisions regarding how their game is downloaded.

      Though, there is something to be said about DVDs and steam. Last time I had a retail copy of a game on steam, I simply could not get steam to read the data from the DVD. The data was there, but steam insisted on downloading it all. Very frustrating when you buy a DVD because your internet connection sucks!

      • XhomeB says:

        The software was written by Valve, who do you expect me to blame? NR merely used the tools, it’s Valve’s responsibility to ensure their service works as advertised. It clearly doesn’t.

        As for the DVD issue you’ve described – yes, I have experienced that bug, too. Incredibly frustrating.

        • Xocrates says:

          If you’re hammering a nail, and hit yourself, do you blame the hammer manufacturer since you “merely used the tool”? Maybe if it’s a really shit hammer, but by default?

          • XhomeB says:

            Not a valid comparison. At all.
            Here’s a correct one: NetherRealm bought/rented a cordless drill, manufactured by Valve. It was supposed to get the job done. It malfunctioned. Valve screwed up.

          • Bull0 says:

            They used the drill in a pretty bloody weird way, making all the data into DLC packs. Every day tons of games are delivered successfully through Steam. Reading your original comment one would think these sorts of mishaps are commonplace.

          • FlipMooMonkey says:

            In this case they appear to be trying to hammer nails using the grip of the cordless drill and then wondering why the shelf falls off the wall.

  3. thelastpointer says:

    It occurred to me multiple times now that game developers generally don’t expect that their game is going to be launched at some point.
    I wonder why isn’t this common knowledge.

  4. ffordesoon says:

    Warner Brothers published this thing?

    Now it makes sense.

  5. Drew says:

    fwiw Steam is now downloading all the updates in lots of little bits.

    • Fiyenyaa says:

      Yeah, I’ve played it a bit now, it’s working.
      What I don’t like is how it doesn’t tell you when you can realistically play it. You can have a couple of bits downloaded, try to jump into a game which the games menu will allow, and just get a crash to desktop because although the game will let you try and play it, it’s not got any stages downloaded. Weird!
      Still, it’s working now. Continue with the disgusting guts and gore and squishy bits.

  6. Chubzdoomer says:

    First GTA V, now Mortal Kombat. What is it with so few publishers/developers being able to properly release games on PC?

    • Hedgeclipper says:

      To be fair these are series and developers known for their console focus they probably need to bring their kids to the office to show them how the PC works.

  7. Creeping Death says:

    I feel it’s worth noting that it has been over 12 hours now and still single player and online aren’t working (along with certain characters like scorpion, sub-zero etc weirdly being locked out). What a mess.

    Not to mention that is the longest it has ever taken me to download around 30GB on Steam.

  8. Ninco says:

    A bit wonky? No this is a complete and utter shit pile of a launch. best damn menu simulator of 2015 though.

  9. Uninteresting Curse File Implement says:

    Who even came up with the whole “Play before you’re done downloading” fad? I neved asked for this. No-one asked for this. Stop trying to play gods, publishers!

  10. capn.lee says:

    This feature would be great if it worked, I do look forward to Valve fixing the problems with this.
    Once the game was able to run (which took far too many of the DLC downloads to start) I was impressed that additional levels, modes and characters were added without having to come out of the game.

    This has been handled badly in this instance, training mode was available without any dlc featuring scorpion and subzero in a forest level yet the game bombed out in 2 player mode because there were no stages available, but this feature will be a great addition to steam when it does work. I’d hope that Steam and the publishers make sure each bit of DLC is self-contained and allow you to prioritise a chunk that you want (ie focus on single player content or focus on your favourite character)

    I see a lot of complaints above that this feature is worthless and should just be dropped all together but when this does work, this will purely be an improvement, especially for those with poor internet connections