Dote Night: A Gallery In Three Lanes

Sven and Centaur Warrunner by Fiona Ng

One of my habits is searching art and design forums for what their denizens are doing with Dota 2. There’s some excellent stuff out there – cute cartoons, painstaking pixel art, whimsical watercolours and [other alliterative thing here]. To that end I’ve been poking about on Behance. It’s a platform for artists seeking to showcase their work. It used to be that a site search for “Dota 2” would yield little – maybe some pixel sketches or loading screen-style character art – but going back to it today I found far more.

The feature I’d originally planned for tonight had to be postponed so I thought this might be the perfect opportunity share some of what I’d found while bimbling about earlier in the week (plus a link to the artist’s page in case you were interested in following up on their stuff). I’m focusing on what’s been put on the one platform simply because I’m experimenting with ways to share this kind of thing in manageable chunks. I think in future what I might do is focus in on a particular hero or idea and explore that further. Until then, here are some rad things:

Centaur Warrunner (and Sven in header image) – Fiona Ng

Templar Assassin – Leandro Martinez

Leandro Martinez

Concept art for Nevermore, The Shadow Fiend – Muhd Aiman

Muhd Aiman

Kunkka and Rubick – Adwait Pawar

Adwait Pawar

Adwait Pawar

This is a slight crop of a Treant Protector artwork – Mark Tamura (the cropped version gives you a bit of a better look at the beetles and butterflies on his face -)

Mark Tamura

Enigma – Ugurcan Bakar

Ugurcan Bakar

Leshrac – Alex Sandro Marinho

Alex Sandro Marinho

Weaver and Meepo – David Fong

David Fong

David Fong


  1. Synesthesia says:

    awesome. Are the first ones 3d models?

    • PedroTheHutt says:

      They’re 3D models in the sense that they are physically existing figurines~

  2. Fenix says:

    The Lanaya one is really cute and reminds me of the Magic the Gathering art for “Personal Sanctuary” ^^

  3. Pantalaimon says:

    That’s some pretty stylish dota art. My favourite art from anyone is probably Tiny-Tyke’s Dota pieces on deviantart. Great combination of humour and attention to detail. Painfully talented!

    link to

  4. camotron says:

    Being a long time luker of this site, was a really pleasant surpise finding a drawing of mine here!

    Thank you, Im glad you liked it ;)

  5. Bugamn says:

    So when will Dota 2 do a reversal and release an RTS with those units? I don’t want to play with strangers but I like the art.

    I guess I could always reinstall Warcraft 3.