Frozen Cortex Update Adds Draft, Injuries And AI Simming

A sports game without a proper management and season-by-season structure is like X-COM without its Geoscape or Total War as a series of historical battles, without a strategic map. That’s why Frozen Cortex [official site] hasn’t been stealing my evenings, despite the quality of the tense, tactical in-match action. Mode 7 have just announced a major singleplayer update, however, and it sounds like exactly what’s needed to convert the futuresport sim from occasional pleasure to glorious time thief. You can play the beta version right now by opting in. Details and instructions below.

As far as I can tell, you’ll need to be running the game through Steam to activate the beta. Simply right click the game’s title, choose properties, then betas and select ‘staging2’. Then, once in game “choose the middle Single player option (Global Cortex League) and then either choose Manager Easy or Manager from the next menu.” I’ll quote the next part as well because I’m not entirely sure what it means – “Right now easy only allows you to see AI plans in matches”. That makes sense if ‘only’ and ‘easy’ switch places, I think. Maybe?

The actual content in the update does make sense though. Delicious sense. The kind of sense I’d order for dessert and then ask for a second helping.

“It’s pretty big – it has full AI simming of other matches, a salary cap, player bidding, injuries, player stats, AI strategy stettings, a 90 team college league with players leaving for a GCL draft, and more.”

Mode 7 are hoping for plenty of feedback from beta testers, so let them know what you make of the update over on the forums. It’s great to see this level of post-release support – Cortex seemed like a game in search of an ideal mode and this may well be the answer.


  1. Guvornator says:

    That’s fine and all, but where is the multiplayer league? Playing against meatbags is so much more fun than playing against my AI brothers. You don’t know what they’ll do next!

    • bonuswavepilot says:

      Unfortunately it looks like the MP league stuff is not going to make it to the game, so we will have to rely on external tools for league game planning.

      Like this one, for example, if one were interested in joining the RPS Frozen Cortex league (forum thread here, first season starting soon!)…

  2. wraithgr says:

    Haven’t sunk my teeth into this yet because of the controls. If it ever becomes touch-friendly I can see myself spending time on it, but not before…

  3. The Crane says:

    It’s a shame there aren’t generally more players online for this excellent game – I’ve had so many ‘we cannot find any opponents’ messages that I’ve decided to wait until the next Steam sale. Seems like it’s less populated than Frozen Synapse was, but perhaps it’s just that more people are playing single player.

    • Guvornator says:

      Last time looked there were 6. But of course you don’t have to be online to play against people. You can find an opponent/victim, start a game and they’ll do their turn when they log in. I’ve found that people don’t tend to do this as much, though.

  4. Cerzi says:

    “Right now easy only allows you to see AI plans in matches”

    I guess what they mean is that the only difference between easy and normal is that you can see AI plans in matches.

    • PaulMode7 says:

      Here’s a clarification: currently, Easy Mode allows you to see the AI’s plans during matches; it does not make anything else about the game easier. We may add other options to make the game easier in future.

  5. jezcentral says:

    Ooh, PaulMode7! How is the implementation of “automatic multi-player losses after a certain time period of inactivity” working out? It never worked in Frozen Synapse (that I saw), and the long list of people not coming back for their damn thrashing was the reason I drifted away from it (albeit after 70-80 hours).

    • Guvornator says:

      I can’t speak for everyone, but it worked for me.

      • PaulMode7 says:

        It’s definitely now working on both games. I’m going to try and make sure it’s communicated better in future – at the moment it just happens and you get the win added to your total, which isn’t very satisfying in terms of winning a match!

  6. tokyodan says:

    Ah man. Why screw up a perfectly good tactics game with all that management crap.