Now You’ll See It: Invisible Inc Out Next Month

Are you afraid of Early Access? Convinced that playing unfinished titles is a waste of the slim collection of hours you call a life? Worry no more: Invisible, Inc [official site], one of the recent leading lights down in the Early Access ghetto, is very nearly finished, so you can play Klei’s excellent cyberpunkish, stealth-based, turn-based strategy game in good conscience. It’s out on May 12, with a bunch of new stuff and things due to be added into this release version. I realise you’re all busy being sickeningly inhuman in GTA V right now so probably DON’T EVEN CARE, but as far as I’m concerned II getting finished is the best of best news.

Among the additions to the release build are a new voice over, a conclusion, more playable Agents and programs, a new enemy corporation and unspecified but exciting-sounding upgrades to graphics, UI and sound. There’ll also be some cinematics, which we can get a glimpse of here:

Klei are keeping some cards close to their chests still, but here’s all they’ve let slip so far about what’ll be with us come May 12:

  • Fully realized story and world, with 2 fully-animated cinematics.
    All new voice over (over 1000 lines recorded!).
    A massive balance pass on all the items and programs, and a few new items, augments and programs to round off the suite.
    The Final Mission (dun dun dun).
    3 new starting programs which vastly change your playstyle.
    4 new agents, and a balance pass on existing agents, each with their own special augments and items.
    A daemonic new enemy, in the new Plastech corporation.
    World generation and gameplay options screen, where you can set the game up as you see fit.
    Expert Plus mode — for those who want the ultimate Invisible, Inc. challenge.
    A revamped Endless mode with increasing difficulty as the days progress, up to difficulty 10 missions.
    New music for every corporation, final mission, and more.
    A giant upgrade to the UI, sound, FX and visuals.

One of the many reasons I love Invisible Inc is that it’s always felt finished even when it was a long way from being finished. This is a clear-eyed game that knows exactly what it’s doing, and now it’s time to tie it all up in a bow. I’ve written assorted things about why I dig Invisible Inc so much, but that tyke Quinns managed to nail just why it feels so good for more adroitly than I ever could in this here video.

May 12 is going to be a very good day. Unfortunately, you now can’t buy it until then – Klei are switching off Early Access sales as they want any prospective purchasers to only experience the finished game. That’s kind of unusual, right? If you’ve already bought it you can keep on playing the most recently-released build (some 2.5 months old) if you wish, however.


  1. k47 says:

    I went back to playing the game after Quinns video, and had a lot of fun with it, its new agents (which I thought were bad until they saved my life) and gadgets. However, I was disappointed that the final mission past 4 days of the campaign remained the same placeholder courier mission after so much time.

    Hopefully there’s more variation than just this courier one and the final one when the full release comes out.

    • caff says:

      All the stuff Quinns wrote about it made me want it more, but it’s my early access “uninstalled” section until release so I can enjoy it more (hopefully).

    • BisonHero says:

      Yeah, I finished exactly one playthrough back in September, and thought I’d lay off of it until significant updates had happened. I didn’t actually check back in, but it’s kinda weird to here that all they’ve done is add in a couple minor new characters and items, but the campaign mode is still kinda majorly unfinished and has no real ending.
      It doesn’t sound like they necessarily embraced Early Access where they patch the game more and more until the final Early Access version is 90% of the way to the final release version. Instead it sounds more like they just got one early press build in a playable enough state to release in Early Access (as well as send to the press for preview coverage), then they’ve been chugging along on a dev build in the background that has likely had more mission types and a more complete campaign for some time, I would assume. I have to imagine they’ve been basically content complete for the last little while if it’s out in like 30 days, but the Early Access build hasn’t really seen any major changes aside from items and some characters.

      • Kitsunin says:

        They’ve probably done it this way for the same reason Starbound has their Nightly builds which are as likely to completely fail to work as they are to be incredibly buggy, and then a new stable build, like, after a year, was it? I imagine it’s a lot more efficient (probably depends on the engine to a large extent) to just chug away on the content without worrying about the end-user and then get the optimization and fixes out of the way after its all done rather than having to likely redo a lot of your work with the things that get broken, fixed, and rebroken naturally between each build.

        There’s an argument to be had that it shouldn’t be early access in that case, but I dunno, I think it’s understandable.

  2. balinor says:

    Personally Invisible Inc is a game of much more importance than GTAV. I just wish I was in a position to support Klei as I think they are one of the better companies around at bringing unique and interesting games to completion.

    I will eventually pick this up in a year or two and hopefully it will give me as much pleasure as Don’t Starve did.

  3. derbefrier says:

    Sweet been waiting for this to come out of early access and i have read nothing but good things about it. Looking frward to release!

  4. emptyskin says:

    I bought this in March (only of my only EA purchases). It has continually gotten better and better. Spies, turns, and hacking!!

    The only thing I wanted as I played the EA was a story and some variation (competition with another spy agency would be cool). Ever since they announced they were not doing weekly updates, I have been holding out for the finished product.

    • emptyskin says:

      I should specify, March 2014.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      You had me confused. EA purchase.. what? But I suppose if we don’t wish to grant Electronic Arts the satisfaction of owning that abbreviation we might as well get used to it meaning Early Access.

      • emptyskin says:

        “Electronics Arts”? Is that a kind of medium? Like canvas painting? I’m unaware of anything that goes by those two words in that order. I vaguely remember Madden ’97….

      • klops says:

        Concerning that, I always wonder why “early access” is written in capital letters. Then again my language is much more strict with those than English.

        • Hmm-Hmm. says:

          I suspect it’s written that way because it looks more.. like a special thing. Even though early access existed before Valve branded it that way (they did, didn’t they? Clever bastards).

      • TWChristine says:

        Every time someone says something about Modern Warfare I still think they’re talking about MechWarrior..

        • Philotic Symmetrist says:

          I was recently very confused as to why everyone was talking about Path of Exile and comparing it to Balder’s Gate…

  5. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Good news! I expect this’ll be a good one.

  6. Zekiel says:

    What is this “GA TV” of which you speak? Does it have procedurally generated stealth?

  7. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    Weird, I finally took a look at this last night after seeing Adam’s video and realising it is right up my street. And now I can’t buy it! For a whole month! Why is life so unfair!

    Can’t wait though, looks brilliant.

  8. Koshelkin says:

    Didn’t regret once investing into it’s Early Access. Klei has such a good portofolio that I knew this gonna be good. Looking forward to play the full release. So far my Early Access&Kickstarter Investements all turned out nicely. I really cherish the new “movement”. What’s left, atm, for me is Grim Dawn, Satellite Reign, Mordheim and Torment: Tides of Numenera. I have high hopes for each of them!

  9. slerbal says:

    Invisible, Inc is great. I couldn’t give a toss about GTAV, but Invisible, Inc is a different matter. I bought it before it released in Early Access because it was so strong, and frankly it has only improved since then. Really impressive game and I can’t wait to play the released version and get the soundtrack too. I hope it does really well for Klei because they make quality games and I’ve enjoyed all of them except Shank (which I really disliked). Mark of the Ninja was brilliant and Don’t Starve is quite the headf**k :D