I See You: Colourful Stealth Horror Brighter Day’s Demo

Brighter Day [dev’s site] is certainly the most colourful stealth horror game I’ve played, though that’s little comfort when giant hovering eyeballs are chasing me down a hospital corridor and I’m out of ways to distract them. Perhaps I should’ve taken my medicine rather than try to fling it at awful eyes.

It goes down in what appears to be a sunny little psychiatric hospital where everything from doors to showers make cheery music. Though I think it’s delightful, apparently we want to escape. The game’s still in development, but you can have a crack yourself in the demo that’s out now.

I might be tempted to unpick the whole psychiatric hospital setup but heck, it’s not the first game (film, book, song…) to cast them as prisons for wackies and it won’t be the last. Besides, an entire game jam set out to challenge the usual portrayals of mental health in games and I’m just one bum. It is, at least, a very colourful hospital. I do like how musical everything is. I do not like the roving eyes.

They patrol the corridors, searching for you. You can toss collected pills to distract them, or exploit their fondness for big glowing lights, but there are an awful lot of them. I haven’t yet finished the demo because those dang eyes keep catching me whenever I pause to read e-mails on computers. Still, I enjoyed playing, and you might too.

No word yet on when it might be released, but it’s up on Steam Greenlight.


  1. Oddminzer says:

    reminds me of the old game ‘The Sentinel’ in a good way

  2. April March says:

    Eh, I understand the need to unpack. The fact that the devs went with this highly stylized take, and then decided very deliberately to set their game in the real-ish enviroment of a psychiatric hospital (when they could have made Lovely Planet: Stealth and it’d still look as interesting) certainly makes it look like they’re trying to make a statement.

    I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to make a joke about how you’re a bum and the things in the game are eyes but got nothing.