Trine 3 Swings Onto Steam Early Access Next Week

Debuting Trine 3 [official site] through Steam Early Access is a curious decision from developers Frozenbyte. I warmly remember the first two as beautiful, polished treats that I played with a face like a small child seeing whatever it is that makes small children incoherent with glee (the faces of authority figures appearing and disappearing behind hands? sweeties? warm milk with a nip of whisky?). Then I didn’t return for a fair while. I wouldn’t want to sully that initial play.

However, if you are keen to chip in feedback before Frozenbyte call it done (test it, some might say), you’ll be able to do that next week. It’ll launch into Early Access on April 21st.

The initial Early Access release will be only the first two levels. It’ll cost £14.99/19.99€/$19.99 during Early Access then increase a bit at launch, which is likely to be in a few months. Frozenbyte explain on the Steam page:

“Trine 3 is our first move towards 3D-gameplay in the Trine series, so we wanted to get in touch with our player-base in an early enough phase to collect feedback on the new gameplay features, so we can tweak those into the right direction. Early Access can hopefully provide us with lots of players willing to do this.”

Ah, fair enough! No one’s forcing anyone to buy it. If you’re really keen to get stuck in, you can, and you’ll help make the game better for the rest of us. We may or may not groan “Ugh I can’t believe you did that” at you, because we’re certainly ungrateful wretches.


  1. Manburger says:

    While playing the Trine games I also found myself in the state you describe; slack-jawed and filled with a child-like sense of awe and glee. Such things of beauty, those games! I was super stoked when Trine 3 was announced, especially after witnessing the gorgeous trailer. But I’ll definitively wait for it to be finished, I want to experience it as a delicious , polished game like the previous ones.

    • Seafort says:

      There’s no harm getting the game now for the cheaper Early Access price and play it when it’s done like I’m going to do :)

      I loved the first 2 games so don’t want to spoil it either but I won’t be missing out on a discount if it’s available :)

  2. Eight Rooks says:

    Sure, I’ll bite. I mean, to be honest, my motives are not going to be entirely altruistic, here – do I want it cheaper in exchange for buying into an early, not 100% polished version? Christ, yes – but if I actually see anything I think they’ve missed that needs tweaking then hey, it’s no effort to post on the Steam forums or whatever.

    A strange series, Trine. It’s awkward and kitsch, like one of those pewter statues of an over-designed spiny dragon with a giant crystal in its mouth that’s come to life, voiced by an embarrassing dad telling a story no-one could possibly really care about. I rage-quit the first one on consoles over that last level – I still think it was one of the worst difficulty spikes I’ve ever played – and told The Internet I’d never buy another Frozenbyte game again. And yet at the same time they’re jaw-droppingly gorgeous things, able to sweep me up into their funny little world for all their amdram theatrics, and an absolute pleasure to play (difficulty spikes aside). And the devs really seem to care about making them as good as they possibly can be. I cracked and bought 2 when I’d said I wouldn’t and I’ve pretty much known I’d buy this since the first footage. Bring it on, I say.

    • pepperfez says:

      like one of those pewter statues of an over-designed spiny dragon with a giant crystal in its mouth that’s come to life
      This seems like the strongest possible endorsement of a fantasy side-scroller.

      • Eight Rooks says:

        Oh, sure, if you like that sort of thing, then presumably it’s heaven on earth.

    • Czrly says:

      I found the Trine story (from the first two games) to be delightful. Yes, it was a bit silly and a lot whimsical and no, it wasn’t serious or life-changing or gritty or “thought provoking” and it did not challenge me with a vague, controversial moral dilemma but it had that magical quality that is so vital in the fantasy setting: CHARM.

      In fact, it that’s precisely what all these high-falutin’ “serious serious” RPGs (Skyrim, Pillars of Eternity) miss completely and that’s exactly why they inspire naught but a bored grunt while Trine 3 is an instant buy.