Endless Legend Free On Steam This Weekend

Endless Legend [official site] is the Bestest Best Game Of 2014 says we, but it’s possible that you still haven’t found time or money to sink yourself into the clever, fantasy, 4X strategy game. Good news, then! The game is free this weekend on Steam, from now until the end of Sunday. That seems like long enough to see whether its hexagons are for you.

Alternatively, its cousin Dungeon of the Endless [official site] is also free for the same period.

If you don’t know, Dungeon of the Endless is a roguelike-meets-tower-defence game set in the same universe as Endless Legend. Actually, it’s set on one of the spaceships from Amplitude’s previous 4X game Endless Space, which has crash-landed onto the planet which you’re trying to conquer in Endless Legend. That sounds complicated and kind of brilliant, but the important part is that they’re all games which do interesting, formula-twisting things with their respective genres. If you’re disappointed that Endless Space isn’t part of the free games this weekend, you can comfort yourself with another that is, Fractured Space [Steam page]. I haven’t played it, but it’s a multiplayer space game about giant capital ships doing attractive laser war at one another.

Steam’s free weekends, in case you weren’t sure, allow you to play a game for free during a period defined by the developers. Once the time expires, you’ll have to buy it if you want to continue playing.

If you’ve read the Bestest Best Game piece linked above, try also this piece on why Endless Legend is the Bestest Best 4X of the same year, or Adam’s review of Dungeon of the Endless.


  1. DanMan says:

    The UI is kind of off-putting due to it’s blandness. I shall persevere though.

  2. Pich says:

    i bought it this summer, played it once and i had no idea of what was i doing. i haven’t played it since.

  3. DOHrps2015 says:

    Joining the “What In The Hell Is Going On Here?” chorus. I have played all sorts of games, and l like depth. This comes across as finely ground gibberish, and the tutorial was like trying to make sense of the thoughts of a dog on a car ride. I want to like it (since I bought it based on the RPS review) but I’ve taken several runs and it’s not sticking. The other thing – I think it might just be completely non-compelling. It’s possible that I am getting it and that once it has been got there’s nothing interesting to do. I am certainly open to suggestions.

    • basilisk says:

      My advice: pick either the Wild Walkers or the Vaulters, play on normal difficulty or below (depending on your experience with this type of games) and just follow a) your instinct and b) the main quest of your faction, which is more or less designed to teach you to play the game. There are many subtleties that aren’t very well explained, but normal/easy gives you a lot of leeway to fix any mistakes you’ll make.

      But picking a good faction is probably the crucial thing. Some of them are a little out there and may make getting into the game harder than it needs to be.

    • Zenicetus says:

      If you’ve already started and dropped 3 campaigns (with different factions, I hope), then it may just not be the game for you. Nothing wrong with that. I don’t like many of the games talked about here on RPS.

      Personally, I find EL full of fresh ideas that aren’t always perfectly developed, but I like playing a game this different from the usual 4x design. I enjoyed Age or Wonders 3 too, but this is the one that stuck with me. It’s great to see a “Fantasy” game that isn’t leaning so heavily on Tolkien and D&D faction designs (well, mostly), and is actually a science fiction scenario in the background. It’s also one of the rare examples of clean UI design and great art direction in a turn-based strategy game, which doesn’t hurt.

      I wish the tactical combat was a little more developed, and this game really should have naval battles. But the rest is enough to keep me playing it occasionally, when I need a 4X fix..

      • teije says:

        I was going to write my thoughts about why I like Endless Legend, but then I read your post.

        So ditto, I agree, +1.

        A very interesting entrant to the TBS genre, well worth a try out. Lots of fresh ideas well executed. Speaking as someone who’s played them all…

      • DOHrps2015 says:

        Thank you all for the feedback. I guess I need a more structured set of goals, or something. All I know is that when I play these types of games I inevitably begin to add things to the background around me. Music, videos, phone calls. I begin to start doing other stuff and I realize it’s because I don’t feel anything happening in the game really requires my focus. It always feels just fine to save and quit.

        I want to like it. I read about Crusader Kings and I think I would really like these sorts of games. In reality I feel like the developer did a lot of fine work, and the only thing they didn’t do was put a game in there anywhere.

        • HidingCat says:

          Well, I think that’s the problem, isn’t it? These games can be fairly deep so you should be concentrating but you aren’t.

        • trashmyego says:

          Sounds like you shouldn’t be gaming in these situations. Either that or these games just aren’t for you. They take focus and attention. They’re very much digital board games. So if you’re not invested in each turn and all the surrounding context of your choices, it can feel like there’s not much there because you’re ignoring the whole of the game. There’s more game here than most. Amplitude does make games on the weird side of things, both in their design and mechanics, so that could be an issue as well. It’s one of the reasons I adore them so much though (also that they continually add free new content to their games while improving them). They’re one of the most original and exciting developers out there. Their games are always familiar but also always unique.

  4. ikigeg says:

    It’s also part of the strategy humble bundle currently running :) link to humblebundle.com

    • ikigeg says:

      Ah, so stupid, it’s Endless Space – will return to the shadows!

    • Baines says:

      Endless Space is cheaper on Steam than in the Humble Bundle. Only game added in the $12 tier on Humble, when the BTA tier is still under $4, means you are paying over $8 for Endless Space.if you get the $12 tier. Steam price is only $6 until Monday.

  5. bit.bat says:

    This does noy

    • bit.bat says:

      Thanks iphone!

      What I meant to say was, this does not seem like a try over the weekend type of game but I might be wrong.

      • AngoraFish says:

        Depends how long you have to play over the weekend, I guess. But yeah, you might need to set aside five hours or so before you get a good sense of whether the game might be a long term thing for you, or just a try and forget.

        • bit.bat says:

          I actually tried it for a couple of hours and I while I certainly do not understand most of what is happening I find the look of the game really impressive. It is full of character and I also really like the look of the UI.

  6. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    I have to say, I dislike free weekends on Steam. Does anyone know if it’s possible to delist those games so they don’t show up on my games list?

    • leeder krenon says:

      yes, wait til Monday and they’re gone. you are a bit odd.

    • LionsPhil says:

      If you don’t mind also hiding stuff you don’t have installed (and thus presumably don’t play much) from the small view, set the filter to “Installed”.

    • varangian says:

      Well I love free weekends as it compensates for Valve’s still pretty crappy refund policy – I believe you can get your money back if you go at them persistently enough but it could be a lot better. EL was on my buy-it-sometime list as I like a bit of strategy and RPS gave it the thumbs up. The free w/e test showed I’d have been wasting my money, however, as although the title screen was very pretty trying to play the tutorial just dumped me back to the title screen a few seconds later and trying to start a new game produced a message saying a serious game error had occurred. There’s a few beer tokens saved.

  7. Rizlar says:

    Playing it and enjoying it a lot. Help me! I’m not made of money. :(

    • Zenicetus says:

      It’s not that expensive! Steam is showing it right now at $17.50 USD, which includes the latest free DLC with a way to escape the planet by discovering and building a starship.

      That’s an absolute steal, compared to the abysmal (IMO) “Civilization: Beyond Earth” which is still selling for $49.99 USD. Endless Legend covers basically the same ground — you’re trying to deal with a hostile alien planet — and it does it with far more imagination and flair.

      • Rizlar says:

        It’s all just so well done. The city building is like a massively more satisfying version of Civ and the combat is like all the good bits of AoW put in a form that’s actually enjoyable after the 20th battle. And all the design work, the gorgeous map, the music, the stories and how they present them, amazing!

        • HidingCat says:

          Yea, you know, so far from this Free Weekend… I think I might actually like EL better.

  8. klops says:

    Not my cup of tea by the six hours I gave to it. Bland with a somewhat clumsy UI.

  9. JohnH says:

    Gave this a go tonight based on the stellar review here and recommendation from a friend. But I’m giving up now after 6-8 hours of starting several campaigns and playing about 150 turns before starting over to try a different faction and game settings. But as it turns out the main problem is the rubbish combat mechanics, they’re just to horrible! Which is a shame since the exploring, city building and research aspects of this game are nice! But the terribad combat just kills this for me.

    • Senethro says:

      Let me guess – you’re trying to micromanage combat too much with positions and targets instead of accounting for low initiative units losing their turns if a high initiative one attacks them first? Units in the second half of the turn order should just be given free rein to do whatever they want because it is very difficult to predict ten moves ahead.

      It becomes about managing risk than trying too hard to optimize.

      • Zenicetus says:

        Right, the way initiative can make a mess of your battle plans is something that probably trips up newcomers to the game. It’s an interesting game mechanic once you get your head wrapped around it, because it feeds into unit selection, upgrades, and which minor factions you might want to assimilate for your armies. But it’s a bit baffling on first exposure.

    • Valkyr says:

      Personally I just automatize the combats… I probably miss a lot of fine tactical points but I enjoy more the rest of the game this way.

  10. malkav11 says:

    I enjoy Dungeon of the Endless more, of the two. But that’s just me.

  11. edwardh says:

    The xth update and still it can’t detect the monitor’s native resolution and start fullscreen? That’s just pathetic. It’s the first game like that that I’ve come across.

  12. LionsPhil says:

    Anyone know how Emperor and Classic editions interact in multiplayer if not everyone has the (piddling) extra content?