GTA 5 Modding Has Taken Its First Steps Towards Reality

Quick someone mod Trevor into being a good character.

Despite no official tools to support it, Grand Theft Auto 4 had one of the best modding scenes around, adding new cars and improved textures, rocket punches and gravity guns, letting you play as a police officer or Superman, and much more. GTAV is similarly devoid of official modding support, but it seems likely that people will again prove undeterred. First up: mod tool OpenIV has been updated to support Grand Theft Auto V.

OpenIV is a tool for browsing and editing base files for GTAIV, Max Payne and now GTAV. (Probably they now regret calling it OpenIV). It’s an important part of being able to mod the game, both for mod creators and people looking to install mods. While the GTAV support only includes the ability to browse and open files so far, it seems likely that the ability to edit those files is just a short while away.

Doing this stuff in GTAIV meant working around Games for Windows Live, essentially stripping it out of the base game in order to stop it interfering. That’s obviously not a problem this time around, but instead players will risk running afoul of rules concerning GTA Online. That’s a larger problem this time since GTA Online is something you might actually want to play. For now, tread lightly.

Thanks, PC Gamer.


  1. HidingCat says:

    Funny thing is, I might be getting GTA V just for its video editor alone. If there are mods that allow for custom models, or even maps, it’ll be even better.

    Does it count as machimina at this point?

    • OscarWilde1854 says:

      I couldn’t agree with your comment more! I only bought it (this time… I have all 3 versions now…) for the video editor and I can’t wait for custom models to be added.

      I can’t imagine what will be done for the editor through mods; so exciting!

    • Gibush says:

      Add me to the people who’ll be installing the PC version (after buying it for PS3 and PS4) essentially just for the video editor.

      I love filmmaking tools in games; I used the one on Driv3r (lol) despite its general assiness just because so few games have them.

    • noodlecake says:

      Really? The amazing physics engine, beautiful graphics, well crafted world, interesting and well written characters, stellar voice acting and general fun anarchy don’t have any appeal to you at all?

  2. savagegump says:

    Rockstar should seriously release some modding tools and integrate the steam workshop! I know that they’ve been anti-mod since the hot coffee fiasco but times have changed since then. You only need to look at what its done for games like HL2, Skyrim, Civ5 etc in terms of adding longevity and building community. I understand they probably want to retain control of all game content but there is so much potential that I just wish they were more supportive! I can only hope.

  3. Thirith says:

    Graham, you wrote in your review that you could write more about Trevor. I’d definitely be interested in more about him, because I think it’s interesting how people have either taken to him or taken to hating him, and I’d say it’s where the game shows its biggest ambition to be valid social commentary and where it also fails the most. There are scenes with him I really enjoy, and I agree with you that his relationship to the other characters is often fascinating and makes the character a better one, but other times he completely fails to be anything other than the writers’ meanspirited sniggering that’s much less clever or meaningful than it thinks it is.

    • noodlecake says:

      I found him utterly contemptible, and he absolutely was not meant to be a relatable character. I don’t see anything remotely controversial or morally ambiguous about having a contemptible character portrayed as contemptible acting contemptible. There are occasional moments where you can sympathise with him slightly, but so what? And he also funny at times, but so what again? I don’t understand what’s so troubling about having him as a character in the game.

  4. jenniferehuston says:

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  5. fake_squirrel_gamer says:

    If there were a mod to do this, I would just walk around. Let me slowly drive through grey hell with some trippy LA chillwave music playing and would be so happy.

    link to

  6. SaintAn says:

    Wish they’d give us tools and allow us to mod multiplayer like NWN. GTA V would be incredible. Unfortunately they make a lot of money from selling the fake money to stupid people in GTAO so it’s unlikely they would allow such modding.

  7. kevmscotland says:

    Solution: Dedicated Servers.

    Got mods = use your own server/disable progression.
    No mods = official GTA servers/system.