Daily Challenges In Desktop Dungeons: Enhanced Edition

“Oh, I would but I can’t: I need to play Spelunky‘s Daily Challenge.” For a fair few weeks, friends bailed on all sorts of commitments to squeeze in a crack at the leaderboards on that day’s randomly-selected seed. You might remark that I have flakes for friends, and you’d be right, but I can’t grumble: if The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth adds daily challenges, I will ditch every commitment short of a funeral to hit the day’s run.

I wonder who I’ll lose now Desktop Dungeons [official site] has added daily challenges in the free update turning it into an ‘Enhanced Edition’. Maybe Alec will vanish.

Developers QCF Design explain how daily challenges will work:

“Your Kingdom is being audited, but in order to check the correct boxes and fill what seems to be an infinite void of incomplete records, you have to recreate lost adventure reports as part of the Daily Expedition Re-enactment Program, or DERP, every day a new DERP. You’ll be able to pit yourself against your friends with this seeded adventure each day. The daily expedition preparation choices also allow you to play with combinations that you might not actually be able to have in the game and select multiple preparations from the same building. These auditors are all about the hypothetical, so it’s time to explore your ideal power combos! Daily expeditions will reset at midnight, GMT.”

The upcoming iOS and Android versions will each have different seeds, so you can have up to three sets of rivalries on the go if you’re dedicated.

The Enhanced Edition also brought new classes with the Rat Monarch and Chemist, new quests, and interface improvements “that make understanding the game a little easier.” Check the patch notes for a few more details.


  1. alms says:

    I wonder who I’ll lose now Desktop Dungeons [official site] has added daily challenges in the free turning it into the Enhanced Edition. Maybe Alec will vanish.

    Ok I am feeling a little sleepy, but that almost sounded to me like an addition to the original, free Desktop Dungeons, rather than a free DLC for the paid version.

    • mechabuddha says:

      No, you’re correct. This is a free addition to the paid version.

  2. fauxC says:

    It’s also finally got a decent reduction on Steam so I bought it.

    • Shadow says:

      Yeah, I had been waiting for months for a decent discount, but they had been stingy with them until now and the full price of 15 dollars remained quite steep.

      5, on the other hand…

      • jrodman says:

        Is 15 dollar a steepness? Perhaps I am too provincial.

        More than you felt like spending, I can fully understand, of course.

      • Mr Coot says:

        Picked this up today and quite regret now not exploring it previously. I’m not sure if the name turned me off, lol! But tis well worth the price even if not on special, and does what it sets out to do perfectly, imo.

  3. Wetworks says:

    I don’t understand the point of spending all this time and money upgrading the games art if your not going to implement true wide screen support. You can go full screen but everything looks low rez and blurry. How hard would it be to implement a true 1080p option?

    • epmode says:

      While this is fairly trivial when it comes to modernish 3D games, it’s a Big Deal for 2D games. In this case, it would require virtually all of the art to be redrawn and the game rewritten to accommodate the change.

      • jrodman says:

        To avoid giant pixels, I’m in agreement. To avoid blurry?

    • Shadow says:

      Widescreen support can be achieved (and is generally achieved in 2D games) by making the interface adaptive, enabling it to use of all the available screen real estate. No redrawing of assets required, other than a few modular UI bits.

      • TillEulenspiegel says:

        Yeah. Worst case scenario you add some kind of fancy background in lieu of black bars, and keep the actual game content in a 4:3 box. No excuse for just stretching the aspect ratio.

  4. Berzee says:

    I’ve been playing the daily challenges on the “secret” beta version for a good while now, and I enjoy them immensely! As long as it’s not a goatperson challenge. If it’s a goatperson challenge I lose my will to succeed.

  5. FuriKuri says:

    I just picked this up yesterday – great fun so far. Grabbed it mostly because it’s currently discounted on steam – link to store.steampowered.com

  6. yeti says:

    This is also part of the Summer Sale at GOG :
    link to gog.com