Ghost Of A Chance: Beetling About In Garden

Look at this cool ghost!

Today is all about insects and gardens, it seems. First I revisited Morphopolis, now I’m onto a game by Daniel Linssen, Tak and Martin Kvale which is actually called Garden [official site].

In my role as a ghost I must dash hither and yon through the overgrown paths, popping large flower buds and reactivating fountains. BUT WAIT! There is also peril! Peril in the form of buzzing insects and scorpions and all manner of other creatures I’ve always suspected of being out there and lurking, ready for when I let my guard down in the Great Outdoors.

I’m not like Alice, you see. She genuinely believes in the Great Outdoors. She thinks it’s all lovely and teeming with indifferent wildlife she can coexist with at a respectful distance. She thinks swimming in ponds won’t get you killed by a six foot pike and that swimming in the sea won’t cause your legs to develop gross horrible blisters the size of 2p pieces. Well, at least one of those things has happened to me. And as for “things on land and in the air”, I got headbutted by a bee yesterday so don’t talk to me about “things on land and in the air”. Suffice to say it’s no great surprise to me that you’re already a ghost, what with all the natural hostility that’s out there. Waiting.

But yes, you get to roam these little paved areas using a dash ability to take shortcuts across grass or dodge enemies as well as activating these flower pods which somehow fix the fountains. Little collectible orbs can be used to increase your lives or to generate ammo in case you need to deal with the garden’s unruly denizens.

Dealing with my ghost business.

In short, it’s a very pretty game, simple to grasp, and which embodies the vindictiveness of nature towards me. I’m sure if Alice booted it up it would become a walking simulator and the creatures would be passive but fascinating. There would probably be a pond.

Somehow I’ve made myself cross.

Garden is awesome and pay-what-you-want-if-you-want-to on


  1. Wisq says:

    Nature. Nature never changes.

    I’m waiting for the high-tech day when I can have a little hovering orb next to me that fires wee little lasers to destroy all insects that get within a metre of me. Then maybe I can actually go outside and enjoy nature.

    Yes, I’ve thought this out a lot.

  2. CobraLad says:

    Insects tend to grown resistant toward the pesticides human use on them, causing pesticide arms race.
    One can only imagine nightmare of a world where insects survived lasers. Or developed their own.

  3. April March says:

    I’ve been headbutted by bees. It’s pretty much the third best interaction you can have with bees (second being it buzzing harmlessly past your ears, and first naturally being eating honey). It goes downhill quickly after that.