Morphopolis: Gorgeous Point And Click Is Nineteen Pence

It's a cricket in a bee costume. Nothing odd about that.

I managed to miss this until the last few hours of the sale but Morphopolis is 19p on Steam until 6pm BST. Nineteen pence. NINETEEN PENCE.

To explain why this might be worthy of your attention, it’s a game where you clamber around in beautifully illustrated vegetation collecting seeds and dismembered insect limbs in order to guide a little grub through a process of metamorphosis. What I like about it is that it could so easily have been a twee project, but it sidesteps that both by having you collect bits of dead insects and also by having the metamorphosis process be rather creepy. You clamber inside the bodies of other insects and emerge kind of wearing bits of them.

It does follow a hidden object adventure template (collectibles followed by minigames) although far more endearingly produced and without the jarring insensibility to context that those games generally go for. And I say that as someone who plays hidden object adventures.

It’s not a perfect experience – the shuffling between screens can become frustrating if you’re in the mood to just get the collection tasks done, as can the fact that sometimes if you haven’t moved your insect far enough into a screen, clicking on a collectible object can activate the “move back to previous screen” animation and you’ll waggle back and forth in an annoying way. But it’s a beautiful world to spend some time within.

Nineteen pence.


  1. castorp says:

    Well worth the few pence or cent or whatnot. Would be worth the full price as well I’d say, it’s lovely! Has a certain Samorost vibe to it.

    • instantcoffe says:

      Yeah, immediately thought of Samorost. Got it in a Bundle, started it just to farm the Steam cards but found it too beautiful to resist. First thing I know it was 2 in the morning and I had just finished it, a smile upon my face.

  2. cai says:

    Yes! I finally can cash-in all those annoying trading cards for a WHOLE GAME. Looks nice, too!

  3. Truckse says:

    The only issue with this game is that whenever someone reports a bug, the developers will probably just laugh.

  4. ribby says:

    Aw this is nice

  5. Kaeoschassis says:

    This is the first case I’ve ever seen of a game being TOO CHEAP for me to buy it. My bank would freeze my account in an instant if I did.

  6. LTK says:

    I spotted Pip’s name in the credits as an alpha tester. CONFLICT OF INTEREST! Man the pitchforks and torches!

    Seriously though, that was a good use of 25 cents and an hour and a half of my time. I was surprised I eventually solved the final puzzle, that beetle wheel was a lot more difficult than it appeared. Or maybe it wasn’t, which is why I was surprised I solved it.

    I wasn’t expecting to go reassemble dead insects so I could crawl inside them as tiny insect mech suits in a hidden object game, that’s for sure. Thanks for bringing my attention to this!