Rain Check: Mortal Kombat X Character Unlocks

The first time I played Mortal Kombat [official site], Nintendo had replaced all the blood with sweat, which seems like the kind of extreme detox plan Gwyneth Paltrow might be promoting next week. Instead of actually playing the game, I spent all of my time trying to figure out how to enter the cheat code that would activate the gore and fatalities, little realising that such a code only existed on the Genesis version of the game. The SNES was Sweat City forever.

These days, the cool kids edit files instead of entering cheat codes. A redditor by the name of XVermillion has unlocked previously unplayable characters Rain, Sindel and Baraka by renaming references to assets in the source files. Instructions are here.

The implementation isn’t perfect. Movesets are incomplete and while you won’t find yourself stuck in Sweatsville, don’t expect a full set of X-Ray moves and Fatalities. It’s not outside the netherrealms of possibility that these characters will be fleshed out in DLC packs further down the line so perhaps you could consider these half-formed versions to be a teaser.

I played the first few fights of the Story mode over the weekend. There are long cutscenes depicting a war between military special forces and flying demons. There are QTEs. Johnny Cage punches Sub-Zero right in the snowballs.


  1. Daniel Klein says:

    I honestly tried to watch the cutscenes, but dearie me are they tedious. Started cancelling them immediately three fights in. Can’t cancel the QTEs, but you can fail 100% of them and the game carries on no differently, so, err, yeah.

    Too much of a sucker for MK to regret my purchase though.

    • Jalan says:

      As much as I fear being laughed out of existence for writing (or much less thinking) this, the story in Mortal Kombat X kinda sucks. It effectively stomps on all that good will from the previous game, where they attempted (and pulled off to a passable degree) to wipe away the massive mess the series had become.

      Now, instead of something to look forward to, there’s a story mode that feels like it was built as an afterthought in regard to DLC (“Interested in what happens? Find out when you pay x amount in our forthcoming expansion!”) but sadly doesn’t have nearly anything going for it to keep it engaging beyond sheer curiosity of how much worse it could possibly get. It’s the darkest timeline, as written by a bunch of 12 year old kids whose mothers told them their fanfiction was awesome. It’s essentially the Mortal Kombat: Annihilation of Mortal Kombat video games.

  2. Wowbagger says:

    Baraka isn’t a proper playable character this time? He was my favourite in MK2 :(

    • Bluestormzion says:

      Oh, they know that he was your favorite. Why do you think he’s a partially on-disc, locked, later paid DLC character? The way to build a fanbase these days is to find customers or people who are interested in your product, seize them by the testicles and either squeeze or twist, but not both. You only twist and squeeze when the last game in the series comes out and you want to make multiplayer season passes mandatory to see the game’s good ending.

      • Baines says:

        Partially on-disc? From what people have said, these are just the MK9 versions of the characters. They are present as AI opponents, and lack the additions of MKX. In particular, they lack moveset variations.

        This isn’t like Capcom with Street Fighter x Tekken characters. Which itself was an argument that was derailed by fans bandwagoning outrage without understanding what the real issues were. It became rage against specifically DLC being included on disc, when it should have been about the design practices and policies that allowed publishers and developers to have DLC complete in time for it to be included on disc. (If you are already going to have the DLC ready that early, then when it comes to physical releases it is better for pretty much everyone to go ahead and put it on the disc.) You could tell the argument was lost when Capcom said “Okay, we’ll consider not putting it on the disc next time. You’ll have to download it on release day.” and people said “Yay, we won!”.

        • KevinLew says:

          Well not me. I still say that Day One DLC is absolutely wrong, and Season Passes are one of the worst things to come out of video gaming. Companies are now selling preorders for DLC even before the game comes out. Even CD Projekt just announced that they are selling an Expansion Pass for The Witcher 3. You can’t even play the game until 2016, but they are already talking about selling additional content.

          I’m pretty sure that this can be a sign when you’re no longer an indie developer anymore: When you are already planning additional content (which isn’t free) before your game is even playable by consumers. Can you imagine if Campo Santo announced that Firewatch would have a Season Pass? Or Jonathan Blow’s The Witness announcing that there’s going to be a second downloadable island if you preorder?

          • CamPatUK says:

            I disagree, respectfully, with your post up until preorder bonuses. They can go to hell.

            Paying extra for more is the same to me regardless of when it was created as long as both the base game and the extra content represent value for money. Even some season passes are good value because you can understand their worth in advance such as cars and tracks etc, some represent risk such as expansion packs because they may contain content which plays entirely differently to the core. People are still entitled to take that gamble. I hate pre-order stuff and stuff exclusive to bundles, everything should be on the market imho.

          • welverin says:

            You don’t even need to take a gamble on a season pass, you can wait until all of the content is released and then decide if it’s worth buying. They don’t stop selling the season passes just because all of the content was released.

          • CamPatUK says:

            Good point, although there are artificial pressures to purchase dlc as its realised. For instance when The Dark Below dropped for Destiny it would be difficult to hold off until House of Wolves and I’d argue you’d get less fun out of it if you chose that approach. But your point stands.

  3. technoir says:

    Anyone else remember when someone unearthed 12 completely finished “dlc” characters from Street Fighter X Tekken’s launch version? At least these ones mostly seem to be imported straight from Mortal Kombat 9 which uses the same engine so I guess they weren’t intended to be playable in any form.

    MKX is a whole lot of fun, btw. I even enjoyed the totally silly story mode for reasons I’m not entirely sure about myself. Too bad the PC port isn’t exactly great, though – apparently lots of people still have performance issues even on high-end systems and the online modes are kind of rickety at the moment (although the netcode seems to be adequate enough if can get the game to work).

    • GHudston says:

      I loved the story mode. It’s just completely absurd, utterly nonsensical and generally terrible, but it’s a giant pile of basically everything that 12 year old me thought was awesome and I couldn’t help but love it for that.

  4. rexx.sabotage says:

    Johnny Cage post ninja gonad wolloping;

    “Who’s the cool guy now?”

    cue hater-blockers