Stealthy Cybermurder: Ronin Demo

Gonna gut some cybermen.

Ronin [official site] is a cool game about cool stealthy murders. It’s a stealth ’em up about a futureninja taking down a megacorp, hiding in the shadows and striking unseen, then whipping out the ole cybersword and dancing around murdering everyone in simultaneous turn-based cybercombat once you get busted. Chuck Mark of the Ninja, half a cup of rain, Gunpoint, and a neon tube into your mindblender – then step back – and you’ll get the idea.

Or you could play the demo. The game’s not due until May but somehow, some way, the demo has arrived first (cyberninja magic, probably), stepping out of the shadows onto Steam.

It’s pretty great fun. The stealth is arcadey but satisfying, especially with tools like dropping murderlines to haul chaps up into the rafters. The combat is great fun, about choosing trajectories to leap around cybermen and strike when you can, avoiding the aimed gunshots they telegraph with laser beams and the sword strikes of their cybersamurai. Cool murders. This new demo contains three levels.

“Haven’t I played this before…?” you may wonder. Sorta. Ronin began life as a free prototype, which we had a look at last year. Creator Tomasz Wacławek had started off making, in his own words, a “Gunpoint ripoff”, but failed in that and ended up with a cool murdergame of his own that’s simply Gunpoint-inspired. (Gunpoint’s Tom Francis was delighted.) Then publishers Devolver Digital picked it up and Wacławek has expanded the ideas into a full commercial game.

The full release is due some time in May, priced at £9.99.


  1. Wowbagger says:

    The Alpha was great fun so definitely have a bash at this new demo thank you!

  2. InfamousPotato says:

    Kudos to the devs for making a demo! Not enough folks do that these days. I played the earlier prototype, and thought it was awesome (I can’t remember whether I learned about it from Tom Francis or RPS). It looks like it’s gone a long way since then. I look forward to playing it.

    On a completely unrelated note.,. Alice, I don’t mean to be annoying, but you forgot the closing bracket when adding the link to the official site. That bugs me. I look at it, and it irks me. It seems… wrong. Incomplete. Like the world would be a slightly better place if either there were no opening bracket, or the bracket was completed by adding a closing bracket. It feels wrong.

    • Kaben says:

      Just to further you anguish Potato, i will guide your attention to the last paragraph where there is also a missing closing bracket.

      “(Gunpoint’s Tom Francis was delighted. Then publishers Devolver Digital picked it up and Wacławek has expanded the ideas into a full commercial game.”

      Where is your god now!?

  3. lowprices says:

    Ooh. Saw Tom Francis do his Let’s Play of this, then got obsessed with the prototype myself, so I’ll definitely be checking this out.

    • lowprices says:

      Played the demo now, and now all I can think is “Well that’s a shame”. Between the random frame rate drops and the ninja that insta-kill you unless you approach them in a very specific way the demo just killed most of the goodwill I had for the game. Dang.

      Once again the sensible lesson to take from this is to never feel positive or look forward to anything, ever.

  4. anmarmansur says:

    30 FPS. Sad face. No sale.

  5. walrus1 says:

    I keep getting a tip that says “This game is best played with a gamepad.” And it really feels like it the mouse feels unresponsive and imprecise. If they fix it this will be a great game.

    • Cronstintein says:

      Totally disagree. On a gamepad I had a problem aiming precisely because there was no trigger button (it activates the jump when the stick goes back to neutral, so you need to caaaaarefully walk it back to center… bah!) but had no issues at all using the mouse. You using a laptop trackpad or something?

  6. ribby says:

    At times it feels really weird and clunky, but when you kick a guy plummeting off the edge of a building it feels great.

    I have to wonder if I’m missing some controls.

  7. Laini says:

    Remember seeing this in the Upcoming section of Steam a while back and thought it looked neat but wasn’t too sure, very glad they put out a demo because now I’m convinced I need to get this.
    The controls felt a little clunky to me at first but I soon got the hang of it.
    The combat is a lot of fun, almost puzzle like.

  8. SuicideKing says:

    “Hine: This is not Gunpoint”. LOL.

    Though I find the demo…felt too much like both, and not in a nice way.