Circular Logic: Demon Dodger Circa Infinity

I got 99 problems and they're all demons. Every single one of them. Jay Z has failed to addequately prepare me for this situation.Yesterday I got sent a build of puzzle jumper Circa Infinity [official site] by developer Kenny Sun. This morning I made it to the second zone after punching a boss demon in the chin and giggled when I saw how the challenge had changed so I thought I’d share some info with you.

Circa Infinity has you running and jumping inside and outside the edge of a series of circles as you try to avoid gargoyles and demons. The idea is to jump to a ball orbitting the centre of the circle which then expands to become the next circle. It’s probably easier to grasp if you watch a video:

In some ways it’s like playing a stylish TV credit sequence version inspird by Dante’s Inferno (except the numbers don’t quite add up and Dante took a different approach to boss fights).

Sun’s popped Circa Infinity on Greenlight (hence it arriving in my inbox) but, of more immediate interest to you guys, he’s also planning to put out a demo with the first few levels on 30 April.


  1. Niko says:

    Oh gosh, it looks cute. And interesting. Reminds me of Gyruss and for some reason a ZX Spectrum game called Twister.

  2. April March says:

    Reminds me of Fracuum: link to It’s from like seventeen Ludum Dares ago and I NEVER FINISHED IT ARGH

    But this seems pretty clever and pretty smart and gosh what a nice name. I’ll keep an eye on it.