Murders! Total War: Attila Gore DLC Patched To Add Gore

If you’re going to charge someone £2 to see blood, gore, and vom, make it visceral. Historical strategy series Total War splits its gore off into separate DLC, officially so the games get a lower rating. The gore DLC for Total War: Attila [official site], mind, fell far short of the orgy of violence you’d expect from something named ‘Blood & Burning’.

Recognising that, developers The Creative Assembly have bloodied up the gore DLC, resulting in patch notes like the adorably violent contents of a child’s notebook planning their dream game. Look out for “spurts last longer”! Don’t miss “decapitations are now more frequent”! Let’s not forget “Units with seasickness on transport ships will now vomit”! That’s the kind of gore I’d want for £2.

Weird patch notes are a pleasure of mine, and aren’t these bad boys a treat? I like imagining the meeting where The Creative Assembly sat down and drew up a list of ways to make it more gritty, more grim, more dark, more vomit-splattered. They settled on:

  • Added blood effects to over 140 more death and wounding animations.
  • With graphics settings above performance/low, decapitations are now more frequent during battles.
  • Improved blood effects in battles, made blood more visible and in some instances, spurts last longer.
  • Added 14 more decapitation/dismemberment animations in battles.
  • Blood will now spurt from the correct location when agents are killed on the Campaign map.
  • Blood will now show on top of snow.
  • Improved framerate when the camera is close to burning people on the battlefield.
  • Increased the amount of vomiting when an army is suffering from sea sickness or plague.
  • Greater frequency of gory animated event pictures.
  • Blood decals will now remain longer on units and on the ground during battles.
  • Improved blood effects from decapitation and dismemberment on the Campaign map after limbs/heads are severed.
  • Units with seasickness on transport ships will now vomit.
  • Units will no longer play two death animations in some cases when set alight by flaming arrows on the Battlefield.
  • Fixed a couple of instances where units’ weapons changed while they vomited.

Sounds like it’s a bit bugged at the moment, with spears sending heads flying, but that sounds great. Make everyone explode in showers of limbs, like Fallout’s Bloody Mess trait. Have units slip on the blood. Have they stumble and scrabble in the viscera, sliding into one another, accidentally lopping parts off each other, until the whole battlefield is one slurry of guts and blades streaming downhill.

Attila is on sale now on Steam until Friday now too, down 25% to £22.49. Steam says this is to celebrate the launch of Attila’s Steam Workshop and mod tools, but they haven’t launched yet. The Creative Assembly say the Attila Assembly Kit is “nearly done” and a forum moderator adds in a post, “Patience is a virtue, and when working with Steam, sometimes a necessity.” Mystery!

Correction: this story originally identified a forum moderator as a CA staff member.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Risingson says:

    Lately I have been wondering about violence and videogames, and wondered why violence is sold always as a good thing to have in a game. A selling point. Something in the “Pros” side of the review, with the lighting effects and animations.

    • Monggerel says:

      I remember when I first got my little baby mittens on Jedi Outcast. Dad got me a combined walkthrough/cheat sheet for it (we had no internet, so that was a big thing). One of the cheats was “g_saberrealisticcombat 1”.
      If you played the game, you likely remember that as the code that enabled dismemberment.

      Imagine my surprise, trying it out for the first time, as Kyle Katarn and a Reborn swung their lightsabers and rather than the expected clash and sparks, Kyle’s head flew right off, him frozen in shock for a moment then dropping backwards like a sack, the camera sweeping around the scene in sadistic slow-motion. I was dumbstruck.

      There’s something extremely grim and sobering about Star Wars when you replace the excitement with deliberate precision and the soaring score with the final choked gasps of someone who can’t believe they’re actually dying. But that’s true of all violent media. It’s the abstraction that makes things palatable, and that happens in your head.
      Or mine, anyway.

      • Monggerel says:

        “trying it out for the first time” sounds like the recollections of a recreational drug abuser and I just want to make clear I do not support the use of dismemberment as a recreational drug, why, in fact, I think that’s terrible

  2. Thurgret says:

    Obligatory comment on shoddy DLC related practices for what would otherwise be a reasonably solid instalment in the franchise.

    • Gap Gen says:

      You know, I’m actually pretty glad this particular DLC is hidden behind a paywall, where no-one will ever see it. Although granted, you still murder people without the gore DLC in the game anyway.

      • BobbyDylan says:

        It continues to amuse me that we seem to have no problem with the murder of thousands, the genocide of entire cultures, so long as we dont see the wet bits while doing it.

    • Premium User Badge

      Grizzly says:

      Dismissive remark referring article already containing counter-point.

      • Thurgret says:

        More seriously, they have blocked off a number of factions unless paid for, at a cost of €7.50 per set of three factions.

        • Premium User Badge

          Grizzly says:

          Combo-Breaker :(

          Considering that these factions were added later into the game and add as much factions (or even more?) then the game already has, I’d say that these packages are actually part of a seperate development cycle or were cut from the game due to delays, and had to be sold as DLC to justify the extra development cost. Those factions not being in the game proper at launch does not detract from the factions already in the game (As well as the units from the packs being added as mercenaries free of charge)

          Then again, I do hear you, and do wish those factions would be added to the game for free if only because that would signal goodwill on the part of CA. However, it’s also noteworthy to consider that game development is beocming more and more expensive and Atilla already was a cheaper game to begin with.

        • mashkeyboardgetusername says:

          It’s a nuisance, but the game is pretty generous in number of factions you can play anyway, with a good variety of starting positions and units/tech/playstyles, so I’m not really upset by extra DLC factions. There’s already more there than I’ve had time to try out so far.

  3. Longshot says:

    Well like RPS said in their review for Total War: Attila ………. oh

  4. Brinx says:

    ‘Blood will now show on top of snow.’ is weirdly poetic.

  5. muppetts says:

    What I never get is who would be so mind blowingly dumb to pay for this in the first place. I mean the whole DLC debate often ignores the fact that there must be a large demand for this POS, judging by this, going all the way back to 50p Horse Armour!