To The Max: Mad Max Gameplay Trailer

A Mad Max game from the folks behind Just Cause sounds oh so very exciting. What sort of open-world antics might one get up to in the post-apocalyptic Australian outback? So far we’ve mostly gone on scraps and screenshots from the game named simply Mad Max [official site], but now a new ‘gameplay overview’ trailer shows the sorts of shenanigans the reluctant hero will engage in.

Expect explosions, scavenging, fisticuffs, and fast cars, in short. Have a look:

I know, shhhhhh, I know, just ignore the PlayStation branding.

On-foot combat looks a lot like the Batman: Arkham-style stuff everyone’s doing nowadays, with big groups of people to counter, corral, and generally duff up using whatever’s at hand. Likewise, Max can improve his armour and weapons. He’s not above guns, but ammo is scarce.

Creating and customising his car, called the Magnum Opus (this threw me at first too), is also a big part. It looks like it’ll offer a fair degree of freedom to make the turbocharged rustbucket of your road warrior dreams, with different chassis and add-ons to balance. ALSO! You do get a grappling hook, even if it is only to tow scrap. I’ll settle for that.

As for what you do? Heck, you know: drive around, murder men, salvage junk, help people out to upgrade their strongholds, and beat the bad guy: hero stuff.

Mad Max is due September 1st in North America, but won’t reach our green and pleasant land until the 4th. Boo to that.


  1. Dale Winton says:

    Two games have done batman style combat tbf , looks alright though

    • Geebs says:

      Batman’ combat wasn’t really worth duplicating once. To top it all, precisely no games have done Oni-style combat :(

      • Dale Winton says:

        I disagree strongly

      • vlonk says:

        I remember this game! Oh the magic when everything aligned in combat. The real matrix game.

      • fitzroy_doll says:

        All third person fighting games are basically becoming Batman, just as open world games are becoming generic Ubi-game. Mad Max might be both.

        • Xzi says:

          To be fair, I’d play it based just on that premise. Also, Arkham City did that concept unto itself well before Far Cry 3 provided the second half of that model.

      • LennyLeonardo says:

        I really enjoy the Arkham games’ combat, and Shadow of Mordor’s. I think Sleeping Dogs emulated it pretty thoroughly, so that’s five games by my count, with another coming soon. Anyway, yeah, it’s a great system. Other third-person fighting systems are available. Consult your pediatrician before use.

        • Dale Winton says:

          Sleeping Dogs and Shadow of Mordor were the games I was thinking off I suppose you could add the updated version of SD to the list. It is indeed a great fighting system.

      • ukpanik says:

        Agree. Amuses me how a group of enemies wait turns to fight you. Very Gentlemanly.

      • frogulox says:

        Oh dude, i like batman plenty but oni!
        I know literally no other person who has even heard of it. So good. I still think of it from time to time.

        I was terrible at it.

  2. seroto9 says:

    “I see you’ve finally joined us…Mad Max.”

    “I was just taking my time…Scrotus.

    WAIT – Scrotus! You’re called Scrotus?!!!” (Much hilarity)

    • Zenicetus says:

      Scrotus… the final boss you have to sack. The last of the big testes in the game.

      • vlonk says:

        What a silly name. They dropped the ball on this one.

        • whexican says:

          It does sound pretty nutty.

          • Jediben says:

            This could be the seminal way to name bad guys.

          • Zenicetus says:

            And their arch rivals, like Vasectimus… sworn to eliminate the blight of Scrotus and his wee squiggly minions in the wasteland.

            Actually, considering the lack of women in that trailer, it looks like ‘ol Vasectimus has been pretty active out there.

          • marano says:

            Albeit its obvious fallacy, it’s a balsy approach to naming characters.

          • Ejia says:

            It sure is a vas deferens to previous naming conventions.

  3. Hunchback says:


  4. El_Kabong says:

    No pre-order for PC makes Homer something, something….

  5. Banks says:

    It’s generic as hell but It could be fun, i guess

  6. Orija says:

    So, the execrable Batman/AssCreed brand of combat, wait for people in a crowd to attack you one by one as you counter and perform ‘finishers’. The car sections seem nice.

    • TK-093 says:

      The Assassin’s Creed fights are what you describe… one attacker at a time. I remembered Batman being more hectic…

      Shadows of Mordor is even more so. I died a ton getting surrounded by a bunch of enemies. They did not wait in line like the Creed games.

      Hopefully this takes that route more….

    • Lord_Mordja says:

      Well given that Batman, Mordor and this are all WB games, I’m guessing they’ll be taking few cues from Ubisoft.

      I do wish they went for a more oversatuated look to match the upcoming movie though; Fury Road looks like an incredibly lovely apocalypse.

    • SpoonySeeker says:

      Mash ‘A’ until a giant button prompt appears then press ‘y’ to watch a blocking cutscene. Wow, what skill.

      Melee combat used to be one of the only things consoles did well, now this batman style has become yet another strain of consolitis infecting and dumbing down games which could otherwise be good.

      • fish99 says:

        Play on hard and you don’t get the counter prompt.

      • Flammablezeus says:

        While I agree that this style of combat definitely doesn’t suit Mad Max, who actually leaves on the combat icons? They’re just meant to be training wheels for those new to those kinds of systems, aren’t they?

    • fish99 says:

      Not entirely true, guys with guns and mini-bosses don’t wait their turn to attack. Also the basic attack and counter only works on basic goons.

  7. noom says:

    Despite looking somewhat derivative, this does seem to be shaping up quite well.

  8. PedroTheHutt says:

    This game needs some Fist of the North Star mods.

  9. gfrenz says:

    At 2:52, did he just scoff some rotten corpse guts?

  10. Jiskra says:

    4 minutes of trailer and not single female in it ? arent they taking Ubisoft inspiration bit too far ?

    • skyturnedred says:

      The other person in the Thunderdome might be a lady.

    • scannerbarkly says:

      Well given all the murder involved it certainly seems so. First trip to area = scantily glad female guards with rifles. Second trip to area when you need to kill someone just happens to be on their day off so its just generic goons thankfully!

  11. SlimShanks says:

    I have to say that the physics for the player’s vehicles looked pretty fun. I saw both wheelspin AND single tires coming off the ground over bumps, which appeared to affect turning ability. This suggests a reasonably advanced physics system.

  12. Tuor says:

    Huh…. that guy doesn’t look much like Mel Gibson…

  13. heretic says:

    looks quite decent actually, glad they didn’t rush it to tie in with the film – that should make for a better game no doubt

  14. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Something about it still leaves me cold, can’t quite put my finger on it.

  15. Kefren says:

    I’d prefer first person but you takes what you can gets in the wasteland. The driving bits remind me of the game I thought Fuel was going to be, based on its misleading trailer.

  16. cylentstorm says:

    What? A post-apocalyptic game that that doesn’t have fucking zombies in it? It’s Mad Max? AND it looks pretty decent? Oh–it isn’t a shitty cashgrab licensed job AND it’s being develeoped by the lovely bunch of nuts at Avalanche?

    Well shee-it son–sign me up. Seriously–even if it is half as good as Avalanche is capable of making it, then I’m already sold. I mean, hey–it beats the OTHER MM game by default. (You know–from 25 years ago?)

    Derivative? Name one game (outside of the shadowy edges of the artsy experimental indie sphere) that isn’t? Get over it. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to build a car. Innovation is encouraged, but in this age of dumbphones, incremental tech advances, and “reality” TV, where recycling is ubiquitous except where it is most required–I think that reusing ideas in a video game is forgivable. Well, it’s definitely forgettable, right? The whole damned planet could explode around us, but we wouldn’t notice because we’re too busy picking out imperfections in a virtual entertainment medium. Yeah–welcome to Earth.

    So…here’s to hoping that more devs go the Mad Max route rather than Call of Dragon Souls 546: Super Extreme Naughty Hentai Turbo Fuckwad Championship Edition. Gotta have something of a little substance to distract us from the apocalypse–lol.

  17. rockman29 says:

    Was surprised how good it looks. I have no investment in this Mad Max thing, but I really like what they showed. Really love the wide driving environments.

    A lot of what they showed is what I wanted from RAGE actually. I like that game too, but I was hoping it had some of the experiences they seem to be showing in this trailer.

    Pretty surprised to say I might pick this up actually :)

  18. Stevostin says:

    In car view looks nice (just a shot glimpse but it seems to be there). I have no interest for any other views. A bit sad it’s not full FPS but melee makes it acceptable and seems especially well done, at least visually.

    I’ll wait the what I think but I am interested.

  19. Rath says:

    Estimated time until Gorkamorka total conversion mod?

  20. bit.bat says:

    I really like the idea of having one car that you upgrade through the game rather than progressing through better and better ones. It reminds me a bit of the first need for speed: under ground, I really loved my starter car whatever it was.

    On the game generally. looks good but I just hope its not one of those ‘we made an open world, then we sprinkled our 5 mission types over it and have fun’ types of games.

  21. April March says:


    I like that trailer. And I like how most of your weapons apparently require you to have a dude sitting on your trunk firing them. That’s post-apoc as heck.

    Also, right-side wheel?

    • SuicideKing says:

      Must be a brit studio. And thank god, compulsory left side wheels are annoying.

  22. Monkeh says:

    This actually looks a lot better than I had expected. Sure it’s mostly a bunch of generic systems thrown together, but if done right it could still be a lot of fun.

  23. Flammablezeus says:

    It doesn’t really feel like Mad Max. The combat is way too fluid. Fights were dirty one-on-ones in the movies. I don’t remember Max ever fighting a bunch of guys in hand-to-hand while he killed them in flashy style as they lined up to fight him. That worked for Batman because that’s what Batman does when he gets surrounded. This game should focus on avoiding situations like that altogether.

    Oh well, I guess being generic sells, rather than doing anything interesting.

    • fish99 says:

      Yeah I don’t think either arkham melee or FPS are an ideal fit for a Mad Max game, he’s more about improvising. Maybe something with stealth and traps/explosives would have been better.

      Having said that, it still looks a decent game, just derivative.

    • Darth Grabass says:

      To be fair, Max didn’t fight anyone hand to hand until he was forced into the Thunderdome. Ground melee just wasn’t even a thing in the movies. There are even a few scenes showing how Max actively avoided conflict with more than a single person at a time, while on foot.

      • jonahcutter says:

        Yeah, outside of the Thunderdome fight and one fairly brief segment in Mad Max 2/Road Warrior when Max delivers the semi truck to the compound, there are no extended, on-foot melee fights. Most of the violence in the series takes place during vehicle chase sequences. Vehicle combat is the hallmark of the series.

        The melee combat doesn’t look nor feel really fitting for Mad Max. But if it’s based on Arkham, rather than AssCreed, at least we know it will be a proven fun system. AssCreed’s system though is just so completely non-challenging it will be huge letdown if they used that as the template.

  24. slipstreamgb says:

    The whole thing looks good, but also looks like a re-worked “Rage” – even the oddball salesman with the giant backpack.

    From what’s in the trailer I don’t think there are any features that were not in Rage in some equivalent form; this could almost be “Rage 2” and as such could be a damn good game.

    Except – it’s third-person only..
    As first person it could be amazing, but to any FPS fan third person style just does not make the grade..