Star Wars: Battlefront Will Aim For Authentic Vwoms

Developer diaries from big studios rarely contain any actual insight into the development process, but they do provide a first-rate glimpse into the marketing pitch. For example, Star Wars: Battlefront [official site] first developer diary is desperate to tell you how authentic its Star Wars experience will be.

“Authentic” is one of those words game marketing uses when they want to wink realism and reverence to a certain portion of their audience without alienating all the people who find it intimidating. Medal of Honor contains an authentic military experience, for example. Using it to describe a Star Wars game is interesting: it’s a similar pledge towards reverence, I suppose an implicit promise not to be a movie-licence cash-in, and perhaps also a particular claim to which parts of Star Wars they’re being reverential towards.

Heck, the video above even contains a clip from the original trilogy of films. Oh sure, Dice, you were let into the vault and your lightsabers and blasters have their grooves and screws in all the right places, but where’s Naboo at? Can’t I Battlefront with my Gungan chums? Boba Fett is all well and good but why can’t I spawn as Jar Jar as a killstreak reward?

Of course, I can prick and poke at Star Wars all day, but it’s all a mask of scorn to hide my genuine interest. It’s a shame that all the footage of the game we have so far is “game engine footage” as distinct from, y’know, game footage, but I like when all the little spaceships whoosh out of the docking bay of the larger spaceship while John William’s score peaks.


  1. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes.


  2. Cinek says:

    Authenticate your experience online with Origin.

  3. SuicideKing says:

    Wasn’t it 17th November? Interesting.

    Anyway, I wish they had just made a single player game, because I don’t have much faith in DICE/EA doing multiplayer right. They’ve already made the battles tiny with 20vs20 being the max possible, that too with vehicles (so infantry get about 10 or 12 players per team).

    BTW, I think the dogfight sections from the trailer were in-game.

    • that_guy_strife says:

      I don’t mind, so long as there are plenty of bots. The commander system in the old ones where you could have 1-4 bots in your squad (based on your rank) and issue them orders was really fun !

  4. dorobo says:

    This will be a Gold Mine if they play right with DLC’s and pre-orders :D

    • BlackMageSK says:

      This is EA we’re talking about, the chances that they release DLC that slowly splinters their community into tinier and tinier fragments until it has shrunk significantly in size is pretty high.

    • Corb says:

      oh, it’ll be a gold mine, just not for the reasons you think it will be.

      • Cinek says:

        That will be a gold mine no matter how great or godawful this game is going to be.

  5. OmNomNom says:

    I have been waiting for this game for so many years.
    Please let it not suck.

    • BobbyDylan says:

      Yeah, don’t get your hopes up too high mate.

      • that_guy_strife says:

        I’m pretty sure it will be a refined experience – DICE made some pretty cool shooters. No space maps (at launch) is sad though. But dogfighting in canyons could be really cool ! My only hope for variety is in the modding scene … but with the DLC model I think EA will use, they’ll probably clamp down on the code tighter than an oyster.

        • Catweasel says:

          Refined is not how I’d describe the experience I had with Battlefield 3 and 4. Sort of the opposite.

  6. Monggerel says:

    The vide games that are authentic. The video games that are authenticity.

  7. derbefrier says:

    Its rare i ever get excited for an EA game but i just cant help myself with this one. I hope they show us some gameplay soon.

  8. ukpanik says:

    Disappointed you all will be.
    *Authentic Star Wars typing.

  9. Horg says:

    That’s odd, I distinctly remember the ”authentic Star Wars movie experience” having space battles.

    • Philomelle says:

      I, on the other hand, distinctly don’t remember an authentic Star Wars experience involving Sullust.

      In fact, it took me a lot of digging around in the wiki to find out anything about the place, mainly that it only shows up in a handful of video games and none of them can agree on what the place is actually like.

      • Vin_Howard says:

        Actually I looked it up, and it apparently appeared in the “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” episode “Nightsisters”

        Also, I remember it as being one of the most annoying and ugliest maps on Star Wars Rogue Squadron >_>

        • Philomelle says:

          I have Clone Wars on hand because I’m very fond of it, so I just went ahead and dug up that episode in my collection.

          Sullust doesn’t really appear in it. There is an outer space dogfight (heh) in the Sullust system and you see a planet that may or may not be Sullust itself in the background, but it’s never visited. Most of the episode takes place on Dathomir and Serenno.

          When your major featured planet is something that appears for 10 seconds in the background of a space battle in one episode of a 121-episode series, you know there is a problem.

          • Vin_Howard says:

            Well there’s always its appearance in the original material:

            “What of the reports of the Rebel fleet massing near Sullust?”

            “It is of no concern.”

            ―Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine

  10. shaydeeadi says:

    No space, no interest.

  11. James says:

    I have heard rumor on that ever (un)reliable internet thing that we will not be able to drive the AT-ATs – I hear they are on rails. That certainly (if substantiated) means that features are being trimmed for another (likely financial) purpose. ‘Authentic’ is a word I am treating with extreme caution because I have heard far more about what Battlefront will NOT contain verses the ten year old version than what it actually WILL have. And that is worrying.

    The Star Wars fan within me wants to believe the PR and celebrate. The bit of me with a brain goes ‘It’s PR, of course they will say that – and if they say its ‘cinematic’ then run for the hills.’

    Actual gameplay, or better yet, a demo – would prevent all those concerns. I just hope they start to tell us more about what the game content is, and not what it isn’t.

    • Synesthesia says:

      I kinda thought that. THese massive structures would look odd dancing all around the terrain, unless it’s a flat, boring one. I think they will be the AC-130 of this game. I don’t think that’s necessarily bad.

      Though, I just wish they fucking stopped it with the fucking dlc carpet bombing, already. Jesus.

    • Stupoider says:

      Feature trimming isn’t a new concept to DICE/EA. I was a huge fan of the Battlefield series, I played it since BF1942 and the only ones I skipped were the Bad Company games. So imagine my annoyance when Battlefield 3 was announced with no commander, no VOIP, no boats, less vehicles, less maps.

      They wanted a new audience. They didn’t want the fanbase they had built with all those games up to Battlefield 2142. They wanted an audience that was more profitable, and wanted less. So they appealed to the Bad Company audience, primarily console users, pushed out less content and hit higher numbers. Big, big numbers.

      Battlefront is no longer for fans of Battlefront. The NEW audience of Battlefront never played the originals, but have heard that they were good, so that already factors into their decision to buy this one. They don’t care that there will be fewer players, fewer vehicles, fewer maps, no space battles, because you can’t miss what you never had.

      I’ve washed my hands of it all. Better to look elsewhere.

      • shaydeeadi says:

        Although different to BF2/2142, the Bad Company games were fantastic shooters. They were actually my gateway into Battlefield, prompting me to go back to the older titles to find out what joys I missed out on. BF3/4, on the other hand were travesties.

      • Bereil says:

        “no commander, no VOIP, no boats, less vehicles, less maps.”

        Bad Company 2 had those things. No great navy battles, sure, but there were plenty of maps, although people gravitated towards a few. DICE even released a few more (for free, can you believe it?) that were really good. Lots of destruction – no invincible wall bs that was in BF3.

        There was no prone in BF:BC2, though.

      • SlimShanks says:

        Bad Company 2 was actually the best Battefield game. Never mind the wonky ass controls and various technical problems, the gameplay is… well… basically perfect. And it looks awesome, and the sound engine is one of the best ever implemented in a game. And it has Haggard.
        Everything explodes!
        Ok I’m done now.

      • SlimShanks says:

        Right I forgot to mention that it also has literally the greatest maps known to multiplayer. Oasis? Harvest Day? Atacama Desert? Port Valdez? They all play perfectly to the games strengths…

  12. Rad says:

    And any gains they make from a technical standpoint will be ruined when the games gets carved up for DLC. Please remember this is EA we’re talking about.

  13. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    All aboard the hype train! That’s what that dev diary says to me. And that doesn’t really inspire confidence that the game wil be any good.

  14. pepperfez says:

    I’d be really surprised if this is included in the base game. I can’t imagine EA would allow themselves to be outdone by Total War in relegating authentic vwoms to DLC.

  15. ffordesoon says:

    I hope this isn’t shit.

    I mean, I’m pretty sure it will be, but I hope it isn’t.

  16. kevinspell says:

    By DICE standards, Han dies exactly 22 seconds into this video:

  17. disorder says:

    Only one question: does the game contain within it any stage, prop, artistic reference, acknowledgement, easter egg or line that acknowledges even the merest possibility of there existing, in some forsaken and degenerate parallel universe that there may exist abhorrently vile and ruinously absysmal movie prequels?