Legend of Kay Is Basically Samurai Pizza Cats: The Game

I have only vague memories of Legend of Kay, which came out in 2005 and is about a cat that’s a samurai or something. It’s strange when the only real criteria I have for games is for them to feature bipedal animals, and Legend of Kay has these in abundance.

Considering how few waves it made when it launched, it’s maybe stranger that Nordic Games have decided to take on this old platformer to try and give it a second run. Legend of Kay: Anniversary [official site is coming out 10 years after the original PlayStation 2 release. Nordic are aiming for a bigger cross-section of gamers this time, releasing the remaster to PC too.

“Our strategy is to focus on our IPs and make them available to as many players as possible and also on the current generation of consoles,” said the incredibly named Reinhard Pollice, business & product development director at Nordic Games. “We keep our options open to expand on the Legend of Kay franchise in the future.”

The game will be coming to Steam this summer, probably costing between £14.99 and £19.99, but for now you can take a look at how much it’s been updating right here on Steam.


  1. baozi says:

    Given that the cat’s holding a jian instead of a katana, probably not a samurai

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      gritz says:

      *pushes glasses up nose*

    • simontifik says:

      Given it’s a cat wearing a blue jump suit, I don’t think it matters what it’s holding.

      • Dilapinated says:

        Mixing up/mishmashing Chinese & Japanese culture is a thing that matters, because it happens way too often. Poking around the Steam page it’s pretty clearly rooted in Chinese dress/weapons/tropes.

        It was certainly an honest mistake on Emily’s part, but something to be aware of.

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          gritz says:

          Pastiche isn’t really much of a problem! Especially with cartoon pizza cats!

  2. elilupe says:

    Oh Em Gee
    I loved this game on PS2 back when I was but a wee babe, but I completely forgot about it. I might have to find my old copy and see how it holds up

    • JamesTheNumberless says:

      “Oh Em Gee”

      ^ Not sure whether expressing disbelief or simply addressing the author.

      • Eleven says:

        I’m glad I wasn’t the only person wondering that.

      • elilupe says:

        Could be both, who knows? A good comment is a vague comment, like my grandpappy always used to say

    • jrodman says:

      If you were a wee babe in 2004, are you now 13? You can’t fool me into feeling older than I should be!

      • elilupe says:

        I am now somewhere between the age of 15 and 32. I’ve lost track myself, actually

  3. Kollega says:

    Fun fact pointed out by a friend of mine: this game was originally rated PEGI 12, and Ratchet: Gladiator, which is basically “Battle Royale meets The Running Man” and features aesthetics that’d feel right at home in Warhammer 40k (with one level titled “Dark Cathedral of Kronos”), was rated PEGI 3. We live in a strange, strange world.

  4. SomeDuder says:

    Meh, looks like furry nonsense.

    But a SPC game? If the right developer does it, it might works. 3 classes, minigames, whole dumb setting, sure why the hell not.

    • minkiii says:

      Why is it these days anything featuring anthropomorphic animals gets labelled ‘furry’ ? Like.. did you even watch cartoons growing up.. or Disney… seriously…

      • April March says:

        Because the Internet has decided ‘furries’ are an execrable and ignoble bunch that no one should ever associate with. And when I say ‘the Internet’ I mean ‘a bunch of people on 4chan who are ok with borderline pedophilia’.

        • jrodman says:

          Personally I decided when people I knew declared they had been misincarnated as the wrong species and then began to crank out anthropomorphic porn. Maybe a poor sampling size or something. Also the friend’s brother who kept trying to put his furry mask on me despite me saying to fuck right off.

          I’m probably just being unreasonable.

          • Jackablade says:

            Eh, you’ve gotta do what makes you happy. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, more power to you, I say. Or them as the case may be.

        • Geebs says:

          Meh, furries are a kink too far; there’s a point where you no longer appear to be merely getting your rocks off and just seem to be doing it to appear interesting. Unfortunately, nothing is less interesting than somebody else’s fetish.

          As for children’s cartoons: the internet watches far too many of those, and takes them far too seriously already. That actively wastes neurons.

          BTW does it strike anybody else as terribly poignant that the sign-in box now asks the user to prove their humanity before asking if they would like to be remembered?

          • Caiman says:

            Thing is, most furry stuff isn’t about sex at all; it never was, but of course the media and internet weirdos like to focus on the negative aspects of any group of people they don’t understand. Also, because it’s now considered socially unacceptable to be a bigot towards LGBT people, socially intolerant people have started looking for easier targets such as furries and feminists. Getting dragged down to that level isn’t very smart. Furries are just another group of people who don’t fit with societal norms, yet most of them are much nicer people than the dimwits who castigate them.

            The slapping of negative “furry” connotations onto every vaguely anthropomorphic animal is just the usual internet flock stupidity at work. Don’t fall into the same trap.

          • LionsPhil says:

            As for children’s cartoons: the internet watches far too many of those, and takes them far too seriously already. That actively wastes neurons.

            There’s something deeply ironic about saying this in the comments of a blog about computer games.

            I desperately want to believe it’s on purpose.

          • Allied says:

            So “neurons” are an expendable resource spent on daily activities now – nay, wasted on some? Better let the neuroscience department at your nearest university know, quick. I’m sure they’d be very interested to hear all about it from you. Now, without googling, tell me what a neuron is.

          • Geebs says:

            Neurons are what your calvarium would usually be full of; unfortunately they seem to have been replaced with glial tissue secondary to you repeatedly stroking out over mild but slightly sarcastic comments on the internet.

      • Creeping Death says:

        As a child of the late 80s and early 90s, I couldn’t agree with you more. Anthropomorphic cartoon characters were a large part of my childhood, but apparently now it’s just “furry nonsense”. Fuck that.

  5. AbsoluteShower says:


  6. Creeping Death says:

    This is great and all but… can someone please get started on a remake of Tai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger??

  7. jrodman says:

    I heard far far too much about this game during its production as a friend was having to co-ordinate all the voice acting talent. I *think* I bought a copy in sympathy but never played it. Maybe I will this time!

  8. Stopsignal says:

    Samurái Pizza Cats. You got me interested, EmGee!