Bombs Away: $300K In Prizes At World Of Tanks Finals

Did you leave the house today? Did you sense something in the air? That electricity is the feeling I exude when I hear about how I could have had a career making $300,000 playing World of Tanks¬†[official website] in Warsaw if I hadn’t spent my formative years on my “education.”

This weekend is the Grand Finals for the League, a big eSports expo that’s headed by the now omnipresent Tanks people. Twelve teams will go head-to-head for 300,000 clams, with matches taking place until Sunday evening.

Fans of historically accurate vehicles of death will enjoy a new medium tank that’s being added to the game, known by the name of AMX 13 57. That’s a Tier 7 French tank, for those of you at a pub quiz.

Attendance to the event is free, with all matches being streaming on the official Twitch channel in English, Russian and Polish. The schedule’s over here.


  1. Ham Solo says:

    Friends of “historically accurate vehicles” don’t play World of Tanks.
    Either way I think on the EU servers this weekend is triple XP for the first win, if I’m not wrong.

  2. El_Kabong says:

    I hear this argument a lot when it comes to WoT. I’m not sure why its so difficult to grasp the fact that the game is not a simulation. Some people just have to be negative, i guess.

    • Koozer says:

      I don’t really understand the vitriol that some people have over the fact that it isn’t realistic. They then usually point to War Thunder, but that’s not exactly true to reality either. I would rather not play my T-34 in a cold room with all the windows open, and with no radio/minimap to know where teammates are. I don’t want to learn Russian so I can read all the levers and dials. I also don’t fancy spending 3 days driving to the battlefield, and broken tracks taking 4 hours to repair.

    • Ham Solo says:

      Don’t misunderstand me, I like the game alot. But there is no point in advertising any part of it as historically accurate. Because it isn’t. And it doesn’t try to be. It’s an arcade game.

    • SlimShanks says:

      For those that don’t understand the vitriol over WoT’s lack of realism: Once upon a time, advertising for the game stated that it was a simulator, and I’ve been making fun of them ever since. If they hadn’t said that, I don’t think anyone would really care.
      Also, pointing to WT as an example of a more realistic game seems totally fair to me…

  3. rapchee says:

    sorry to be that guy but the new tank is a light tank
    also, i’d say while not terribly accurate, calculating armor slopes, ammo types, modules, crews – it’s not exactly an arcade game either

    • SlimShanks says:


    • Ham Solo says:

      It is an arcade game. Health bars, premium ammunition, small, arena-style maps, Tanks from all countries packed together in one team, the whole spotting mechanics (if a tank is 500m away he vanishes), red marks above enemy tanks, red enemy outlines, Modules getting repaired in a few seconds, some completely invented tanks, other with guns they never had. 25% RNG on accuracy/damage values/penetration values.

  4. jenniferedunning says:


  5. Cinek says:

    So, who RNGesus will bless this time?

    I don’t get what’s the point of making e-sports with WoT. This game is not suitable for e-sports. There’s waaaay too much randomization in it. It’s not really a sport if 10% of outcome is decided by pure RNG, especially on a high level where teams are roughly equally matched.