Test ‘Em Up – Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Benchmark

Final Fantasy XIV [official site] may have launched in a sorry state, but I’ve heard good things from MMOers since its revamped relaunch with the A Realm Reborn subtitle. A big ole chunk of newsness is coming in June with the first expansion, Heavensward, and you can have an in-engine peek at that now running on your own computer thanks to a new benchmarking tool.

The free Heavensward benchmark will run through a few scenes showing off new things in Heavensward. It also includes the character creator so you can play with the new race in advance, and save your toons to use in the full release. Two months is about how long I need to perfect characters I create anyway.

I mean, yeah, sure, it does let you check out how well your PC will run Heavensward, including its DirectX 11 support, but it’s really a cheeky tease for what’s coming on June 23rd, right? The benchmark’s scenes include, and I quote, Heavensward’s “three new playable jobs, exciting dungeons, new areas, and flying mounts.”

And that new playable race. You can create your own character to star in the benchmark, fiddling with sliders and colours and gear, then save them to import into the game once it’s out. I enjoyed a quick fiddle in this character creator, but alas had to stop to write this. Thanks, readers.

Or if you don’t fancy downloading 1.6GB for what’s sorta a trailer running on your PC, you can watch the whole thing in video form:


  1. Koozer says:

    I keep reading it as Heaven Sward and confusing myself.

    • Ejia says:

      The name irritates me to no end. I know it means “toward the heavens”, but my brain keeps on seeing it as “heaven sword”, “heavens’ ward”, and “heave n’ sward”.

      Like the time they named the Dissidia se(pre?)quel after what my mind insists is a bit of intestine.

  2. Commander Gun says:

    Anyone still playing this? And if so, how is the game compared to
    1. a random FF game ( i played 6 and 7 extensively and loved both, though favoring 6)
    2. a random MMO (i played GW2 and WoW and sometimes play them again)

    A few weeks ago i dowloaded Final Fantasy: Record Keeper for my Phone and since became hooked on it. It is actually a f2p game that works without paying and especially fun for people to revisit the realms for old times sake. Almost can’t be coincedence that now a post appears on RPS, guess i must play :)

    • Luciferous says:


      It’s one of the few subscription based MMO’s that actually earns the sub, extensive updates every three months including new main story continuation, multiple dungeons and a new raid plus numerous smaller questlines and quality of life stuff.

      Lets go and compare it to a standard FF game… The story isn’t just good for an MMO its good for a FF game in general. The class system is flexible meaning you can level every class with just one character so you have a chance to get really attached to your avatar (mine’s a Miq’ote (cat girl) called Mintie Choq’tchip).

      Graphically is really pretty, the community is helpful and friendly 90% of the funny kind of trollish the rest of the time. It has some of the best music available in a game and controls wonderfully on a gamepad as well as the standard mouse and keyboard.

      If you want I can set you up with a free trial that also gives you some goodies if you decide to buy in and stay on after the trial is up.

      • Commander Gun says:

        Thanks for your answer man. I am going on holiday for the next month (yes, rly :) ) and when i am back i am happy for you to refer me. I don;t know how i can pm you, but just give me your mail address and i mail you when you can refer me, ok?

  3. SpoiledToast says:

    Why do many Japanese games have such uninspired environments? We’re in this magical world with dragons and spirits, but it just looks so… boring? The grass is just a generic grass texture, there’s nothing really interesting to look at, it’s just so “normal”.

    • Luciferous says:

      So you want dayglo pink grass with teddy-bear heads instead of the standard seed pods?

      • SpoiledToast says:

        I want something else other than generic forest, generic jungle or generic desert. The game has very nice graphics, but the visuals themselves are forgettable and bland. The areas rarely felt thought out and crafted, more like roads with a bit of grass next to them.

    • Awesomeclaw says:

      I played FF14 ARR for a while when they had a free trial thing going last year and it was a lot of fun, but the world felt very small. I think it was something like 50 hours of gameplay before I saw something more than ‘desert zone’, ‘forest zone’ and ‘plains zone’.

  4. Emeraude says:

    I’ll probably never play this; but will still look t at it with a mix of longing and disgust.

    I miss my now-transitioned FFXI linkshell.

  5. slowlogic says:

    i love this game im planing on starting up again soon is there a rps ls or server everyone plays on?