Agent $4.99: Mobile Spin-Off Hitman GO Now On PC, Kinda

Minute Assassin

We have Opinions about Absolution, the most recent Hitman game, ’round these parts. Opinions which not everybody shares, but everybody should because famously we’re always 100% Objectively Correct in all things. Despite some grasping at greatness, it seemed a disservice to Hitman as we knew it. Meanwhile, in Mobileland, whispers spread that there was, in fact, a pretty great latter-day Hitman. Its name was Hitman GO, it looked lovely, and it was a sort of stealth-themed sliding block puzzle which looked like a miniatures wargame. Though mechanically very different to any Hitman game, as I understand it Go nonethless conjures up a lot of their spirit – perhaps more so than 2012’s Absolution was. It was also acclaimed as something of an original. Sadly, it was banished to portables. Until now: suddenly, it’s on PC. There is, alas, a catch.

That catch is that Hitman GO is currently solely available via the Windows 8 store (or Windows 10, if you’re running the Technical Preview). Aside from the not-insignificant matter of locking out Windows 7, that’s not inherently a bad thing, but the Win 8 Store is usually a wasteland and its interface is cumbersome and slow.

If you want to take a punt, it’s $4.99/£3.89. It’s also available on Windows Phone but haha whatever losers.

As well as Go being a welcome arrival on PC (sort of etc), it’s interesting to wonder whether this is some sort of precedent for mobile games seeing simultaneous PC versions on the Windows Store. This is, of course, presuming that Windows Phone mobile versions don’t arrive quite so late the day as this one did – GO was released on iPhone just over a year ago, y’see.


  1. aniki says:

    it’s interesting to wonder whether this is some sort of precedent for mobile games seeing simultaneous PC versions on the Windows Store

    I’d expect Universal Apps to make it a bit more common, though I’ve no idea what sort of additional development time/resources that would require (most third-party mobile engines will probably include support for it eventually anyway).

  2. Premium User Badge

    Oakreef says:

    I don’t actually mind the windows 8 store that much (I’ve even bought an IRC program on it) but the fact that you can’t use the programs as windows in an operating system called bloody windows is pretty daft.

    • Jalan says:

      Yeah, where’s my damn Windows ME compatability everyone?! Where, dammit!? WHEEEEERE?

    • Floflo81 says:

      Afaik, Windows 10 allows you to display Windows Store “Metro” apps as actual windows on the desktop that you can move and resize. So, they noticed the issue you just described and fixed it!

  3. gruia says:

    where are all the commandos like games?
    why no kickstarters for them?

    • XhomeB says:

      One of us. One of us.
      I’m a Commandos fanatic. Absolutely adore C1&2 (C3 was a mess, unfortunately) and their wonderfully crafted “clone”, Desperados:Wanted Dead or Alive (no idea how to prevent it from crashing like crazy on Win7 from time to time, sadly).
      After Robin Hood and Korea:Forgotten Conflict, the genre pretty much died. Depressing.

      • rabbit says:

        Desperados : Wanted Dead or Alive is great!

        Hard as balls though

        Hard. As. Balls.

        • XhomeB says:

          Frankly, I found it much easier than the original Commandos, but a bit more difficult than C2.
          It’s amazing that – despite copying Commandos’ rules to the letter – Desperados still managed to craft its own identity (and a terrific atmosphere to boot). The gameplay just fits the Wild West setting so well, even though – in theory – it shouldn’t. A true classic, just like the games it so successfully “copied” (in this case – that wasn’t a bad thing!).
          Robin Hood I didn’t enjoy as much. Way too repetitive in many ways, and less tactical (emphasis on brute force in side missions and the fact the latter half of the game blatantly recycles all the locations the player has already seen before, only with changed enemy patrols. It feels so, so cheap, basically killed my desire to finish the game).

    • Chaz says:

      Oh Commandos. There was me thinking of this game link to

  4. Eight Rooks says:

    Gameloft already seem to put most of their bigger releases out on iOS/Android/Windows 8 at roughly the same time, but Asphalt 8 is the only thing of theirs on the store worth playing, and even that’s strangled by some pretty grating F2P mechanics (and I say that as someone who’s put like fifty hours or more into it over various formats). I can’t think of any other publisher or developer who does it.

  5. gbrading says:

    Hopefully it’s just timed exclusivity for the Windows 8 Store; I can’t imagine Square Enix would have committed to having it there and only there permanently.

    • Premium User Badge

      basilisk says:

      It’s a metro/modern interface/whatever-they’re-calling-it-now app. Which, as far as I know, can only be purchased through the Windows Store. Nothing timed about this.

  6. LionsPhil says:

    Presumably one reason to care about Windows Store is you’ll be DRM-locked to it, and Microsoft’s whims are somewhat chaotic and turbulent when it comes to discontinuing things and changing directions.

    • slerbal says:

      A very good concern to have, and one I also share. Given their history of dropping/killing services on a whim I would only buy something cheaply enough that I could justify it to myself as a rental. They really undercut the value in their own products with their lack of continuity. I suspect this is one of the many reasons the Windows Store has struggled to make sales.

  7. ebyronnelson says:

    Wow! I don’t pay attention to mobile games, so this is my first time seeing this. Best aesthetics ever! I don’t care about the Hitman series, or indeed about the Men who Hit, but based on the look alone, due to my enthusiasm for all modern-normal-people miniatures and architectural models, I must have this immediately! I anticipate my only frustration will be that I can’t take the figures and models out of the screen and keep them on my desk.

  8. slerbal says:

    My biggest issue with it being on the Windows Store is that the game is 461MB and my tiny C drive on my T100 doesn’t really have the space, but windows doesn’t let me choose my other drive for storing the game. Man, it is just like the 90s all over again. Anyone know if I’ve missed an obvious option? I’d really like to give the game a go…

  9. Adam Dawes says:

    Hmm. Your straight-up hostility against Windows Phone users seems a bit unnecessary.

    It’s a shame this game doesn’t take advantage of one of the Windows Store’s strengths, and offer a trial mode. This is generally fairly common, but many of the “big studio” releases seem to ignore it.

  10. malkav11 says:

    It’s a really neat game but keeping it locked as a Metro app means I’ll stick to my iPad version, I think. Especially since it’s one of the few mobile game designs that isn’t an utter nightmare to play on a mobile device because of the vast and myriad inadequacies of touchscreens as a sole interface.

  11. Myanacondadont says:

    So does this version still register your location every time you play it, or did they remove that requirement?