A Giant Expansion: Endless Legend – Guardians

Endless Legend’s [official site] Guardian’s DLC is a giant expansion in that it’s an expansion that adds giants, although that’s not to say there isn’t a large bundle of new things to play with. The first major expansion to our Game of 2014 adds new global events, cooperative and competitive quests, legendary deeds and buildings, unique structures, and the titular Guardians. That’s one of the blighters in the image at the top of the post, Skoros the Dust Guardian. He can fully heal allied armies and control enemy minds. Handy chap to have around in a pinch.

It’s an expansion all about The Big Stuff. As well as five Guardians with game-changing powers, there are five legendary buildings, each of which can only be constructed once per era. You’ll need to complete one of the new legendary deeds to add one to your empire but there are also new unique buildings that allow cities to specialise by drawing on their surroundings. The multi-faction quests are particularly intriguing, forcing players to compete for rewards, or to work together. Draped over everything else, the new global events should fit neatly in a game that has one such event – seasonal change – as its cornerstone.

Guardians costs £6.99 and is out now.


  1. Devenger says:

    Does anyone know whether all players need to own the expansion to play a multiplayer game with these added features (or does the game host determine the expansions in play)?

  2. ribby says:

    Wait so they’re just big elementals?

    Kinda would have hoped for something a bit more unique from Endless Legend but ah well

    • Zenicetus says:

      They’re not as original and interesting as most of the faction designs, I agree. On the other hand, it makes it easier to explain why every faction has access to them. As elementals they’re faction-agnostic, just embodied aspects of the planet.