Mighty Morphin’ Management: Chroma Squad Released

Siblings aren’t all that useful, I’ve found, but younger ones do give an excuse to watch television shows you feel a pressure to be far too mature and sophisticated to enjoy. Say, Power Rangers.

I’m excited to see the launch of Chroma Squad [official site], a tactical fightin’, business managin’, sim-o-RPG about running a mighty morphin’ super sentai show and fighting through its episodes. Excited for my sibling’s sake, that is. Maybe they might like a copy for their birthday, you know. Not me. I’m big now. I can buy alcohol and go on all the rollercoasters.

Chroma Squad sees five actors quit their jobs to set up their own super sentai television show. On the management side, you need to hire actors, arrange sets, buy props, and make your own shoddy mecha for the final showdowns. And then you record episodes by fighting through them in turn-based tactical combat, powering up with new abilities, weapons, and so on as you go.

As recording episodes is sort of setting your own goal, I’m reminded a bit of Hand of Fate, another game where you craft a situation you’ll need to fight through. These are nice ideas.

Chroma Squad is out now on GOG DRM-free for $14.99 (£10-ish), £10.99 on Steam, or from the game’s site for $15 both DRM-free and with a Steam key. It’s on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

It’s launch trailerin’ time!


  1. golem09 says:

    I’ve become extremely tired of tongue in cheek indie titles, but this one actually made me smile.

    Who needs GTA V again?

  2. SquidgyB says:

    Is this a spin-off/rip-off somehow of Disgaea (I forget which one)?

    • NetharSpinos says:

      You might be thinking of 4.

      Oddly enough, watching this kind of made me want to fire up D2 again…

    • hamilcarp says:

      you may be surprised to learn that Disgaea is not the only tactical RPG game out there

      • Craxel says:

        But.. the rangers and the pumpkinheads and the music and the beat-em-up style boss fights (ZHP) and the geo symbols (or maybe those are traffic pylons I’m not sure)…


        • SquidgyB says:

          Thanks. I *was* going for the multiple similarities, not “ooh, a tactical RPG MUST BE based on Disgaea!”

          A send off of the power rangers. The set up of the screenshot showing a level played in a film studio, and the game playing out through that. I think the assumption was justified.

          • Cronocke says:

            Those were traffic cones, not geo symbols or anything like that. The boss fights aren’t like ZHP at all, don’t know where you got that from. The mecha fights are QTEs, and the human fights play just like minion battles. There’s a ridiculous pumpkinman monster, but there’s also a barrel-man and a cardboard box-man and a reverse-mermaid and other silliness.

            Really, saying this is like Disgaea just means that Disgaea really does a good job of making its (complete joke) sentai team look and sound like a real (that is, officially licensed) team.

  3. Highwinter says:

    Considering the clear influence of Japanese toku shows, including an entire Kamen Rider themed story, it’s really sad that they had to slap “inspired by Saban’s Power Rangers” onto this. There’s more nods to Super Sentai than there are to the American adaptation.

    • Pich says:

      They had to put in that subtitle because Saban threatened to sue them for copyright infringement

      • Ansob says:

        Which remains total and complete bullshit, since it’s a game about Japanese stunt actors working on Japanese TV series in Japan, where “Saban’s Power Rangers” doesn’t bloody exist.

        But that’s Saban for you. :(

        • Renato Costa says:

          Even sadder, since Bohemia is a brazillian studio, they had contact with the japanese Sentai Series WAY before the saban power rangers. I think they mention Changeman, Jaspion (Juspion) and Kamen Rider in every interview, because that’s what their generation, the ones old enough to make their own company at least, were raised on. We also had Maskman, GoGo V, Lion man, Kamen Rider Black and RX, Cybercops, Winspector, Shaider, Sharivan, Jiban and so many more before the first Power Rangers reached our shores.

        • Pich says:

          never said it wasn’t

        • machineageproductions says:

          Power Rangers exists in Japan. It’s “Super Sentai USA”. It’s really awful; they re-dub it back into Japanese, including translating the US filmed segments.

          A few episodes of Super Sentai have poked fun at it. In fact, the Toei created parody series, Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger, has a painfully funny episode tearing into the Power Rangers.

          That said, Saban’s shit for pushing them to include that nonsense.

  4. melancholicthug says:

    As a fan of tactical tb combat, this seems pretty fun! Now if only we could get some more Freedom Force somehow…

  5. rcguitarist says:

    I want an Arkham gameplay style of power rangers game already! Take me back to when I was 9!

  6. quietone says:

    April 38th?

  7. Jalan says:

    I guess I have no shame, needing no excuse to watch something I might enjoy regardless of whether it paints me as an immature and unrefined manchild.

  8. Ejia says:

    I knew I wanted to play something like this when doing the Pokestar Studios battles in Pokemon B2W2.

    Still, what I want even more is a Muppet Show simulator. It would play quite a bit like The Movies, but Miss Piggy would destroy the entire theatre if her demands are not satisfied.