How To Install Grand Theft Auto V Mods

Grand Theft Auto V [official site] modding hasn’t been given any support by Rockstar, but this is PC-land and PC players will not be restrained. If you’re interested in learning how you install mods for the game, I’ll briefly lay out some basic instructions below. It’s extremely simple, but it requires a couple of pre-installed files before most mods will work, and it can be intimidating if you’re new to modding and the instructions are never all in one place.

Note: Some of these things will only work in singleplayer, but some scripts out there will make changes to GTA Online. Be careful with this. GTA Online is dependent to some extent upon an in-game economy and if you start futzing around with online cheats – even if it’s just making it snow – it’s possible Rockstar won’t take kindly to it.

That said, there’s nothing you’re doing here that can harm your game, your saves, or that can’t be undone by right-clicking Grand Theft Auto V within Steam, and going Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Cache to wipe away your changes and re-downloaded any modified files.

Let’s get started. You need to download just two things, Script Hook V and the LUA Plugin, and it won’t take you more than three minutes to get it all working.

Script Hook V

Script Hook V has a descriptive name: it’s a library of files created by Alexander Blade that allow enterprising modders to write scripts that then hook into Grand Theft Auto’s singleplayer mode. This is the basic tool that makes modding possible. Download Script Hook V from here.

The package comes with both the most recent Asi Loader and the latest version of the Native Trainer. The Asi Loader is essential, the Native Trainer is not but does give you ready access to various cheats in the game, including teleportation, fast run and super jump.

How to install Script Hook V:

1) From within the \bin folder of the .zip you just downloaded, copy ScriptHookV.dll to GTAV’s main folder. This is where GTA5.exe is located and, if you’ve got a Steam install, will be something like \SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\.
2. For the Asi Loader, you do the same thing but with dsound.dll from the same place.
3. If you want the optional native trainer, do the same thing but with the NativeTrainer.asi file. You probably want it because it lets you do this.


Now that you’ve got Script Hook V installed, there are some other basic mods that make other modding easier. The first is the LUA Plugin by headscript, which lets people write LUA scripts that work with the game. LUA is a language that might be familiar to you, at least in name, if you’ve ever futzed around with something like Garry’s Mod; in short, it lets people make cool things. You can download the GTAV LUA Plugin from here.

How to install GTAV LUA Plugin:

1. Within the .zip you just downloaded, you’ll find a folder called ‘scripts’ and a LUA.asi file. You need both.
2. Plop them in the same folder as before: \SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\.
3. Within the ‘scripts’ folder you just created, you’ll see an ‘addins’ folder. This is where you’re going to drop any LUA files you download in future. It’ll be empty just now though.

An example mod

So let’s put something in it. You’ve probably got something already in mind, but as an example, I’ve chosen something simple and you can download sakratt’s Ragdoll/Limp On Demand script from here.

How to install GTAV ragdoll mod:

1. Inside the file you just downloaded, you will find a ragdoll-on-demand.lua file.
2. Drop it in the \SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\addins folder as mentioned above.
3. That is legits all. Press ‘u’ to perform the action in game and see the included readme.pdf for instructions on how to edit it so it’s a toggle on/off button or a different key.

Tada! You can now mod Grand Theft Auto V. So far, the community has only worked out how to get scripts into the game, but there’s promising work being done towards allowing modification of vehicles, weapons, player models and Los Santos itself. I’ll update this post with instructions when that happens. In the meantime, you can find more GTAV scripts here.


  1. Not_Id says:

    “RPS: I personally feel like mod creators ought to be able to be paid for their work, in one way or another.”
    link to

    @TheBlokeWotWantsToPayForMods: Funny, you didn’t even mention the creators of those FREE mods.

    • padger says:

      And he wouldn’t have to if the structure that distributed mods was one that allowed for revenue to go to the creators…

      QED Mr Commenter.

      (Is that how you use ‘QED’?)

    • Premium User Badge

      Graham Smith says:

      Touché. Fixed.

  2. hgmiv says:

    So guys while I applaud your help in the modding community, and this is a really well-written article, the latest patch from Rockstar has broken ScriptHookV support, rendering most mods useless. They say it’s being worked on, but we don’t know how long it will take.

    • hgmiv says:

      And they’ve also begiun bannign people who ahve injected .dll’s, even something as simple as the FoV mod.

      • lzaffuto says:

        Has anyone confirmed whether or not this has happened to people that only use it in singleplayer? Every story I’ve read on the subject doesn’t mention if the person was banned only using it in singleplayer or if they were playing online.

        • IChewMyShirt says:

          From what I have read on the steam store page, its single player also.

    • instantcoffe says:

      The timing is pretty poor, indeed.

    • Premium User Badge

      Graham Smith says:

      You are right, but there are instructions in the article for how to wind back to an earlier version of GTAV where the mods will work again.

    • Premium User Badge

      Graham Smith says:

      And now Script Hook has been updated to work with the most recent patch. Huzzah!

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  3. Myrdinn says:

    After two weeks of GTA:O (which I enjoyed immensely) the entire online experience is ruined by cheaters/hackers/’modders’. Thanks modders!

    • Sam says:

      Script Hook V made by Alexander Blade is the lynchpin of this form of modding, doing the tricky bit of allowing people to get their scripts in to the game. Currently all that the scripts do is allow the player to call functions made accessible by Script Hook (one day they might develop into “proper” mods that do more creative things.)
      He built Script Hook so that it turns off whenever you go online. Inevitably someone modded his creation to allow it to work online too, but he did at least try to prevent the ruination of GTA:O.

    • VitalMoss says:

      Boo Hoo?
      I’ve still been playing (pre and post patch) and haven’t found much of an issue. That being said, I had the online-unlocked and never touched godmode or anything that would be detrimental to gameplay. It’s a culture thing. Play games with large crews in crew worlds only, stick to non-pvp. Idk, but hackers are something that happen. You just have to work around them :p

    • Tei says:

      If you like that type of shenigans, maybe you would enjoy APB:Reloaded. Is like GTA Online, but with much more human suffering.

    • April March says:

      If only Rockstar had bothered to give official support to mods, then they could enforce an environment where they can only be used in single player.

  4. padger says:

    There are mods for GTAV? News to me. What’s good?

  5. April March says:

    Since the headline pic has no alt text, here’s one for you: “Modding will let you have a whale of a time.”