War Games: Meet The World’s Best World Of Tanks Team

From a two-day event of brutality and tough but somehow sensual tank action has emerged a single victor. Wargaming [official website] has announced the winners of its official Dudes Who Are The Best Ever At Playing World Of Tanks award, better known as the Grand Finals Champions of Wargaming eSports Poland 2015.

The winner is a group of Russia-born lads called HellRaisers.

And it was a heck of a fight. The final saw HellRaisers, who had surprised everybody by defeating the 2014 champion team Na`Vi, brawl with China’s EL Gaming. In the end, it was a decisive victory for HellRaisers, who won 7:1 against their opponents.

“It’s been the best, most significant tournament for HellRaisers,” said Yuriy Buharov, who manages HellRaisers. “The competition was both stressful and exhilarating. We gave our all, fought tooth and nail, and won! The work Wargaming has done to organize an event this massive at such a quality level impressed all of us. Tournaments like The Grand Finals push the entire eSports industry forward, bringing it closer to popular real life sports of today, and it’s great being a part of this revolutionary trend.”

The event, which took place in Warsaw last weekend, was made up of 12 teams and a nice pot of $300,000 in that filthy tanking lucre.

“This event left us speechless,” said Mohamed Fadl, the man at the head of eSports at Wargaming. “We knew that the top teams have a huge fan base but to see tens of thousands of them joining us to watch their stars play for the world championship was truly breathtaking. We have a new world champion, and we saw so many big surprises during these two days. This is just the beginning of a long journey for all of us, and we can’t wait for the next The Grand Finals to be even bigger and better.”

If you’ve got an hour on your hands and want to spend that time watching a hell of a battle as accompanied by the dulcet tons of Warsaw’s native citizens shouting in a chorus of joy, watch below.


  1. Dilapinated says:

    That was really fun to watch! Knowing next-to-nothing about WoT, it makes me want to play it!

    • Folly Incorporated says:

      I personally think that WoT works well for an E-Sport because of what you said. It presents information fairly clearly in a way that even non-players can understand the general flow of the battle. I’d wager a fair number of people watching Quickybaby(the caster on the left) or The mighty Jingles don’t even play WoT but enjoy watching

      • DarkFenix says:

        As someone who played WoT at top level for over 3 years I think the opposite. Once you’re experienced with what’s happening and what’s going on under the hood there is nothing more boring than watching these matches.

        • WiggumEsquilax says:

          Granted, but it’s never been this bad. The OP T-54 lightweight has completely broken high tier competitive matches.

          Give a light tank the frontal armor of a medium tank, with no downside. What could go wrong?

        • Cinek says:

          I agree. WoT isn’t really a good game for esports. And DarkFenix barely scratch the surface of issues with making this game a serious esport… though as long as devs pay and players earn – I guess anything can be called “esport“.

  2. Christo4 says:

    WOW, 7:1 in the finals… That’s really awesome! GG guys and congrats.

  3. Vagrant says:

    I thought the WoT finals were pretty boring thanks to mostly washout games, but if you really want to see something exciting watch the American WOT grand finals. The final matchup had a game end using the most extreme, insane circumstances possible.

    • Folly Incorporated says:

      I don’t suppose you’d be allowed to link to that? And I’d have to agree, no really close matches. plenty of wipes

  4. Muzman says:

    I guess it’s not surprising that the staging for these things is like some mixture of a corporate tech event and professional wrestling.
    Not good, but not entirely surprising.

  5. SuicideKing says:

    Pretty cool to watch, though “for the first time it’s not a yellow team!” is kinda racist, no?

    • Alt Muller says:

      It was said about the last year’s champions, Natus Vincere, which is another Russian team whose team color happens to be yellow.

      • SuicideKing says:

        Ohhhh. That way. I thought the defending champions lost that match, who were Chinese, hence the confusion.

  6. Gurrah says:

    I love WOT, and with around 12k under my belt I can say I know the game fairly well and with that being said I really don’t think WOT is a game that translates well into a competitive environment. There’s just too many RNG related factors at play that each and every game is a gamble however good you are. Yes, tactics, communication and teamplay go a long way but at the end of the day it’s just too messy to be considered fair and a clean environment to compete in. But I guess it’s just me and people are enjoying it, good for them.

  7. SlimShanks says:

    Without going into my opinions on this game, I will say that purely from the perspective of a watchable eSport, I think WoT doesn’t really work. My friend watched a bunch of high level matches at my house, and from a visual perspective the gameplay doesn’t make sense because you are constantly watching tanks doing things that tanks don’t do, and just generally ignoring actual tactics. Now I know that this isn’t a realistic game, but it all comes down to ludonarative dissonance, for the game to be easily watchable (for non-players) tanks have to clearly act like tanks.

  8. Keasar says:

    Wargamings games have never been that suited for competitive play in my experience, there is way too much RNG, way too imbalanced with higher tiers of vehicles being objectively better, vehicles being upgraded vertically instead of horizontally, making it more valuable to have put in a crazy amount of hours to make sure your vehicle is top notch rather than you being actually good.

    They could have basically settled who is the best World of Tanks players by just rolling a dice, where the dice of some players have been upgraded to increase the lowest numbers a few steps higher.

  9. Swanny says:

    This was fantastic, I’ve never seen WoT played before. Thanks for having articles like these.

  10. manny says:

    Of interest is south korea has tanks that if required can be operated by one person, due to the level of automation it has.