Dragon Age: Inquisition Free Multiplayer DLC Next Week

BioWare, in their deep and powerful wisdom, have decided that we puny mortals like stuff that’s free. So starting May 5th, a new multiplayer add-on called Dragonslayer is coming to Dragon Age: Inquisition [official website] at exactly no cost to you.

Dragonslayer gets you three new playable characters: an Avvar warrior called Skywatcher, a rock ‘n’ roll bard known as Zither the Virtuoso, and series veteran Isabela, the Raider Queen of the Eastern Seas. Also coming is a new location in the form of a Ferelden castle.

The whole thing is about going mano-a-draco with some fire-breathing dragons, which as a rule of thumb is my main criteria for video games, but to be honest I’m more interested in this Zither dude. He was actually first revealed on April 1st in what everyone thought was an April Fool’s joke because he’s a guy who plays an effing flaming gittern.

You can expect a whole lot of more details revealed via a Twitch livestream on Tuesday, May 5th at 6pm UK time.


  1. Orija says:

    How well did this game sell? Seemingly it was a flop given that EA didn’t release sales numbers, not even ”copies shipped”.

    • killias2 says:

      link to vg247.com – I haven’t found any actual sales figures, but they called it their most successful launch ever, based on units sold. I mean, between that and the overwhelmingly positive critical response, I somehow doubt it’s a flop.

    • Zenicetus says:

      Just going by forum posts I’ve seen in various places, it seems like many people with a strong interest in fantasy CRPG’s have played it. Witcher 3 was delayed long enough to open a window for it, which probably helped. It’s not like there are many games of this type to choose from. I’m guessing it did pretty well. I bought it myself, but stalled out about halfway through… not sure I’ll ever finish it.

    • carewolf says:

      Personally I am still waiting for confirmation that the PC version has been fully fixed before bothering with buying it. Plus after already missing the initial release, I might as well wait a few more months and grab it at half price soon.

      • JiminyJickers says:

        I played the game for over 150 hours now and have had 1 crash.

      • MazokuRanma says:

        I’ve put in over 100 hours so far and loved it, but at this point you may as well wait for all of the inevitable DLC to run its course and pick up the GotY edition that is eventually released.

      • klo3 says:

        I am quite interested in DA:I (was a huge fan of Origins and loved the IE games) however, the fact that it requires Origin is really of putting.

        Right now with limited time and Witcher 3 coming out it feels like a choice to between a game published by an anti consumer company that assumes I’m a thief and forces me to install a platform that wastes my computers resources versus a game by a company that embraces gamers and has a public stance against DRM.

    • McPartyson says:

      I put in over 300 hours in the single player alone. Weirdly enough, I probably only spent 50 hours in multiplayer. I didn’t like the 1-20 repeat progression over and over on pre-made characters. The whole fun of the single player was creating your own guy.

  2. Anthile says:

    The Avvar is also a bit of an inside joke. The very first Dragon Age was supposed to have a barbarian origin but it got axed during development.

  3. DragonOfTime says:

    Oh right, it had multiplayer. I forgot about that.

  4. MaXimillion says:

    The multiplayer at launch was a terrible grindfest to get any gear upgrades. Might check back when this releases to see if they’ve rebalanced it at all.

    • Jenks says:

      How does it compare to Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer, assuming you played that?

      • Dicehuge says:

        I found it pretty disappointing. I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun Mass Effect’s multiplayer was, but I think that worked cos it played a bit more like a straight tactical shooter. With DA it feels like they tried too hard to replicate the gameplay of the singleplayer mode, which really doesn’t work in a multiplayer context so it just feels awkward.

      • Booker says:

        I was looking forward to DAI’s mp, because I liked ME3MP a lot, but I was very disappointed. The problem is obviously that mp is supposed to be this action oriented thing, but action doesn’t work in such a role-playing setting, where you give your character an order and the character carries it out.
        With ME3 it was completely different, because you can dodge and shoot – all directly, this can be lots of fun.

        Another thing that was really cool in ME3, was all the unique weapons. After playing it a while, you knew exactly what weapon someone was firing, you recognized it from the sound. DAIMP has none of that, because all weapons are generic whatevers. Equipment gained are boring staffs or swords that have a lower or higher damage than others, but are otherwise pretty much the same.

        While you always at least get all the action out of the ME3MP, DAIMP is just sitting there and watching your character stand there and perform certain attacks. This is so boring. It’s single player without the story and everything that makes that interesting.

        Another huge difference is, that a really huge draw in ME3MP was, that you could be any character, while single player had you always be Commander Shepard, a human. DAI allows you to play a wide range of characters anyway, no one needs mp for that.

        They also tried to make mp more… user-friendly, I guess? That means “missions” are now optional (you had to do them in ME3MP or the whole match would fail), you can complete a match without doing any of the tasks. This results in many people doing nothing, just walking towards the exit and killing foes where necessary. I guess this isn’t a problem if you are only playing with your friends, but in public matches this can be very frustrating. Matches can now end without you even getting lots of money or items (which you need to unlock anything).

        As a result, I played like 5 matches and then never touched it again, whereas I still play ME3MP.

        • TormDK says:

          I think it’s also very important to understand the differences between ME3MP, and DAIMP.

          ME3MP is your average Bro-shooter while DAIMP is your average MMOG dungeon run.

          So if you like dungeon running in MMOGs, then DAIMP will be up your alley, while if you like 3rd person bro-shooters then ME3MP will be right up your alley.

          Personally I enjoy DAIMP alot more than I did ME3MP, but YMMV.

          There’s some systems you could argue makes more sense from a progression perspective in ME3MP, but gameplay wise I’m much keener on DAIMP’s room progression.

      • PsychoWedge says:

        Also, Mass Effect 3’s combat gameplay is fun, DAI’s is not. DAI goes back to especially Mass Effect 1 and in parts 2 in that regard, because all the fights are like a nuisance between the stuff you really want to do. And it gets annyoing fast.

        I can’t imagine for the life of me why anyone would want to play DAI. It’s just the shitty combat and nothing else… xD

        • PsychoWedge says:

          And when I say ‘would want to play DAI’ I mean ‘would want to play DAI MP’. Maybe I’m blind but I can’t find the edit button…

        • TormDK says:

          You forgot “In my opinion”.

          I find the gameplay in DAIMP fun, otherwise I wouldn’t have spent more than 100 hours playing it.

          • PsychoWedge says:

            well, obviously it’s my opinion. everything here is somebody’s opinion. ^^

    • yoggesothothe says:

      re MaXimillion’s original question: it’s less grindy now because weekend events give you free chests which have a higher chance to contain very decent gear. This might have been a bug for me, though I don’t think it was, but if you haven’t logged in a while, you’ll probably have several free chests lined up.

      The gearing up in DAI is actually less grindy than ME3, however, once you get past the entry level. This is because a successful run has much more to do with a proper build in DAI than it does to do with your equipment, as in ME3. That is to say, it’s more player skill based–playing well in ME3 only ever went so far, whereas building well in DAI can help you carry teams. Good builds can easily solo the lower two difficulty levels, and mostly solo Perilous, though there’s not much point in doing this since it makes each run take longer. The point being, it’s easier to translate skill into gear in DAI than in ME3. Essentially, its the same structure but slightly better balanced and refined.

      Unfortunately, without going into too much detail, the way some of the class mechanics work still tends to result in soloist player behavior, as in ME3. Gameplay that’s clearly meant to be team based but just doesn’t play that way very often in practice always results in a slightly sour taste until you begin to ignore it.

  5. FantasyMeister says:

    Cheers Gera, I’ll get my crossbow re-oiled. I think that’s also the first ever use of the phrase mano-a-draco since mankind discovered another use for tongues, I grovel before your literary originality.

  6. anHorse says:

    I’ve had the game since launch and I honestly didn’t know it had multiplayer until now

    • lumenadducere says:

      You never noticed the nice big “Multiplayer” option in the main menu? Or the banner picture on the main menu on weekends saying “MP Event Live Now!”

      • Fredrik Sellevold says:

        Nope. That is, I did vaguely notice the “MP live event!” banners, but they didn’t register something I should pay attention to, so I was also not aware of the multiplayer option until this moment.

        As for this DLC, the only dragon I fought during the game was right at the very end. More content based around the idea of looking for more dragons to fight does not appeal.

  7. Mokinokaro says:

    The Black Emporium is also coming out tomorrow on the SP side.

    It’s a fancy shop that lets you change character appearance among other things. And it’s free.

  8. OmNomNom says:

    Loved DAO, liked DA2, just can’t get on with DAI. Combat is so uninspiring and simple, it has more in common with Diablo than an RPG. story is merely OK, and overall its been transformed into an Ass Creed style game with endless pointless mini quests. Hardest difficulty still far too easy and straightforward too :/

  9. roya152 says:

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  10. bleeters says:

    I’m trying not to be more than a little bitter that, as of yet, Isabela’s only role in all of Inquisition is as a multiplayer character with no relevance to anything.

    I’m trying, I really am. It’s not working.