Revving Up: Carmageddon Gets Last Early Access Update

Carmageddon: Reincarnation [official website] is very nearly out of Early Access Beta, which means you can start feverishly throwing together Finish Line puns while I grit my teeth.

The game’s last ever Early Access update is now out, which stabilises a few known issues, game crashes included, and sets a new maximum count of six cars in multiplayer.

And yes, Stainless Games is aware this sounds slightly odd. Jumping out ahead of the expected complaints, they write:

“‘But why the 6 Car MP maximum?’ we hear you cry. Simply, because it results in a vastly more stable and smooth MP experience. The game has been developed from the beginning around a 6 car grid, and all the early benchmarking for complexity of models and the tech requirements were based on this number. But there was an ‘aspiration’ within the team to push the MP number up. We tried… and it didn’t come off. So, we’ve finished up where we strongly expected to be – with the Multiplayer game being the equivalent car-wrecking experience to the Single Player, and vice-versa. And during extensive testing over the past few months it’s clear that the MP game plays as well if not better by following the Single Player setup.”

You can also expect improvements to car AI and pathfinding, alongside a new feature that lets you easily throw your own audio into the background.

On a final note, the Complete Carmageddon Collection, which includes everything your road raging heart could desire, will only be avvailable while Reincarnation is in Early Access. In other words: Not for much longer. So if you buy yourself a copy of Carmageddon: Reincarnation then you’ll also get the original Carmageddon (the Max Pack, which includes the Splat Pack), Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now and Carmageddon TDR 2000 for free.

As the devs said last month, they’re pushing the release date back by one month, from April 23rd to May 21st.

Anyway, take a look at the delightfully Monty Pythonian trailer below.


  1. Artist says:

    Seems they still havent fixed their awkward performance issues. Sad, but if they dont fix it I give it a pass.

    • Lamb Chop says:

      In Carmageddon, crashes aren’t a bug; they’re a feature.

  2. klops says:

    When the crashing physics are like shown in the video it’s no wonder most of the video is not about the gameplay. Ages old Flatouts did it better. Hopefully they get the physics improved with the finished product.

  3. Banks says:

    Honestly, I expected a lot better than this garbage and I didn’t have very high hopes to begin with.
    I’m also super disappointed with the direction Wreckfest is taking, It should be more hectic and over the top.

    • ButteringSundays says:

      Wreckfest is exactly what I wanted and exactly what was set out to be made. A truly modern destruction derby game – something that is sorely overdue! I’ve already put dozens of hours into it and have had a blast! The others weren’t really wacky, just a little bit on the naff side, the racing was never silly though. Here’s hoping now they have the physics reworked we’ll start to see some updates…

      This is a tad disappointing, but it’s a faithful evolution in the style of the originals, at least. I was personally hoping for more though.

      • ButteringSundays says:

        Edit: And if you don’t find the mini figure 8 with 24 cars in multiplayer hectic then I don’t know what to say! :p

  4. Rodwell says:

    Do you really need to put a gory screenshot like that on the frontpage? Some of us read RPS with children around…

    • int says:

      Maybe it’s time to talk to the kids about the beauty we can all find in watching human beings warp and disintegrate from being violently inserted then ejaculated from a jet engine. It is only natural.

      • SavageTech says:

        ALRIGHT PEOPLE, wrap it up! This guy just won the Internet and you are now trespassing on his property.

  5. Xzi says:

    So, over/under on Mad Max having better driving than this game even if it is another generic open-world to-do list? From that video alone it feels like they have very little of substance to show this close to release.

  6. Daniel Klein says:

    Let’s see if the time spent in early access was actually useful or just, you know, a cunning stunt.

    • schurem says:

      More like a stunning cunt if you get my drift!

      badaboom tishhh yes folks i’ll be here all week :D

  7. aukondk says:

    No sign of Linux support yet. I’ve only backed 2 Kickstarters, this and DFA, and at least DFA had multiplatform on launch.

    One scary thing is that both games started before my daughter was born, and she’s a walking talking person now.

    • Windows98 says:

      I backed the kickstarter at a level where you get physical stuff sent to you.
      I’ve moved house three times since then, and their update-your-info page doesn’t let you change address, so I had to ask someone on the forums every time. Eventually I got tired of it and set it to my parents’ house, since they only move once every 20 years or so.