Flip Side: Audiosurf 2 Leaving Early Access This Month

Audiosurf 2 [official site] is coming out on May 26th. “Oh,” says whatever voice I’ve created for the purposes of introducing this post (sounds a bit like an old mate of yours, one you don’t think about often and smile remembering, but underwater), “I thought it was out. It’s not out? It is out, isn’t it? No? Really?”

No, it’s still on Steam Early Access. The game which turns your songs into courses to race around gathering points launched into Early Access in October 2013 and creator Dylan Fitterer has worked on it since. Now he’s almost done, and mercy me I might get pulled back to old friendly rivalries.

A fair amount’s still to come, as a list of plans on its site explains. Along with a new user interface, expect more modes, more skins, more leaderboards, and oh god I see it yes it’s right there the feature from the first game which kept me coming back every time I stopped playing: e-mail alerts when you’re dethroned on the leaderboards.

It’s a small but wonderful/horrible thing, receiving an e-mail informing you that you are no longer the best in the word. I fiercely defended by scores on certain songs for ages, and even now receive e-mails every now and then and feel my hands balling up into fists my nails digging into my palms drawing blood as the first bars of the song start inside my head. That’s exaggeration for comic effect, that.

Anyway, away from my horrible compulsions, one big addition with the sequel is mod support with a Steam Workshop. That’s nice, that. Beyond that, it also brings things like more modes, fancier graphics, and support for playing from SoundCloud.

Here’s a look at Audiosurf 2’s Wakeboard mode, where you pull sikk trikks when the song goes off:


  1. noodlecake says:

    That’s a weirdly niche choice of song for the trailer. :S Definitely didn’t sell the game to me! I also found the model for the “character” and the models for the collectables pretty hideous too. The original had a nicer aesthetic.

    • ButteringSundays says:

      I don’t think I’d call it niche – it’s not pop music, if that’s what you mean? Besides, high BPM dance type tracks tend to make for very good racing music, combined with the aesthetic of the game etc. seems like a perfect choice to me.

      • noodlecake says:

        It wasn’t high bpm dance music. It was rhythmically weird with no real melody, and no catchy bassline or hook. I didn’t really get what it was supposed to be, and it’s not like I only like pop music! I love trip hop, blues, folk, avant garde music, rock, chamber music, euphoric 90s stuff, electro, funk, new wave, shoegazer, jazz, klezmer, balkan, grunge, chill out, classical. I can even stomach some dubstep (although being at parties where it’s all dubstep for hours I find it really brings me down!). There’s definitely a large spectrum of dance music that I don’t really get, however! I pretty much anything that has some kind of melody or groove, and there’s a lot of electronic music that manages to get away with neither.

    • PokeyThePenguin says:

      I agree. The graphics are functional at best. I bought Audiosurf 2 a long while ago. No regrets, but I wish it had a bigger budget / team. The game has such potential, but a one man team can only do so much. It does not help that I don’t give two shits about the competitive or even plain “game” aspects of it. I just want to ride my music.

      • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

        “I just want to ride my music”

        Ditto. I don’t even care about beating my own scores (most of the time). Just zoning out to the music, ninja monoing my way down the track. No pattern matching, no stunts—just the blocks to hit, the blocks to dodge, and the beat.

        So while I’m disappointed that Audiosurf 2 doesn’t seem to cater to me, it’s no big deal—I can still play the original.

  2. unraveler says:

    So… is there gonna be an online co-op?

  3. edwardh says:

    You know, it’s funny – Steam says that I have played the first Audiosurf for about 200 hours.
    Yet… I hate this game so much.

    Support for it has been really, really, really bad. Zero improvement over time in pretty much anything. For instance, reporting cheaters does exactly nothing. And senior members and moderators in the official forum are quite hostile when new features are requested.
    Which is the reason why I hope that Audiosurf 2 will bomb big time. Millions of users thinking “You won’t screw me a second time”.
    Because had I known how bad some of the functionality and the support will be, I never would’ve bothered to buy the original. But since I bought it, I figured I might as well play it. It’s not completely broken after all. And it IS a fun game. But whoever developed it is either lazy, incompetent or corrupt (prefer to develop a sequel instead of fixing what many users already paid for) or maybe a mix of everything that caused this we-won’t-improve-shit-even-if-it-upsets-many-users attitude to form.

    • edwardh says:

      Maybe I should’ve said that I hate the developers?
      Because like I said – I enjoy the game a LOT. But I can’t stand how they’re (not) dealing with problems.

    • edwardh says:

      Oh yeah – the whole throne system is pretty crappy too because they’re private by default when it should really be the other way around.
      As it stands, 99% of the people have probably not even figured out that nobody can actually see their thrones!
      Which means – whenever I come across somebody who is roughly on my skill level, I’d first have to befriend him if I want to challenge him on other songs. Do people even get notifications when they receive messages? I don’t think so. And even if they did – that’s just a very annoying system…

      Another one of many issues that have probably all been there from the beginning.

      • Jalan says:

        I think (but am not going to say I’m certain) that this was intentional. Some people got really, REALLY competitive when it came to this game. To the point where, if a profile had been public with its thrones, someone would take the opportunity to de-throne them in one big swoop. Making everything private by default lessened the chances of someone snaking every throne held by an account “simply because they could” and encouraged users who wanted to be friendly and non-dicks about such competition to try and communicate with each other to better facilitate an even playing field.

    • Jalan says:

      Reporting cheaters and their subsequent getting dealt with isn’t an automated process (at least not fully). Through posts made on the forums, it seems like the manpower dedicated to going through all those reports for the first game was lacking greatly, leading to more reports than resolutions. The only time any reports get dealt (or got dealt with – I haven’t played in quite a while) were if the song was mega popular enough that it was dominating the main page of the site. Otherwise all those cheated scores on the uber-obscure song du jour you held a throne on were likely to remain there.

      You’re not wrong about your assessment of some of the forum mods though – some are complete assholes with very little provocation as an excuse for being so.

      Dylan Fitterer (the game’s developer) did update and fix the game quite often until he shifted his focus onto AudioSurf 2 though – he was (again, at the time, I haven’t played in a while or interacted with him in just as long) a rather personable guy, compared to how some devs have tended to get (with or without the nudging of the fanatic brigade) these days. He was accommodating when it came to modding the game as well, which was a plus in the days before Steam Workshop became a thing.

      • edwardh says:

        That’s why people suggested a system as it was used in “Symphony”. Leaderboards for songs split up into leaderboards by hash code.
        Apparently, they asked for it repeatedly. And it was always treated in the same unconstructive “Meh, we don’t need that shit”-manner.

        • Jalan says:

          First time I’m aware of that (then again, never had a general issue with the leaderboards overall – despite potential for cheated scores).

          Given that the first game was largely just Dylan doing the work, I can kinda see why such a drastic overhaul to a core element didn’t happen. Not that it should be an excuse but still.

  4. Jalan says:

    “I fiercely defended my scores on certain songs for ages, and even now receive e-mails every now and then and feel my hands balling up into fists my nails digging into my palms drawing blood as the first bars of the song start inside my head. That’s exaggeration for comic effect, that.”

    I was the same way with the first game for such a long time. I still get de-throne emails from time to time (some for songs I don’t even have in my library since making the big format switch to Ogg Vorbis) and even set up a special filter in my inbox for them. I keep telling myself I’ll just stuff them aside for now and then unleash the beast at a later date to reclaim them but then I remember how much of this game ate up my life and think “nah, there’s other stuff that needs to be played”. Occasionally I’ll fire it up if I know I still have the song and I’ll attempt a reclaim for half an hour at most but that’s about it. Not quite cold turkey but close enough.

  5. Old Rusty Dusty says:

    Personally I could care less about the competitive aspect of the game. That said, I bought this game in early access last year, so I’ll ask you folks, gameplay/graphics wise what has changed in the last 6 months or so? Primarily I’m just interested in riding my own music while stimulated by various psychoactive compounds. I’m definitely a big fan of being able to modify the graphics an so on, and would like to see where the game has gone since then. It’s a shame it doesn’t sound like the community aspects are faring as well, but again only so much can be down with a tiny indie team.

    • Bierb says:

      Well, base game wise, that weren’t exactly many graphical changes.
      The thing where the graphical part of this game shines is the steam workshop.

  6. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    So I’ll finally be able to play Audiosurf on my mac. I generally like music-based games, and I wonder how Audiosurf 2 will live up to all the praise that its’ predecessor received.

  7. AngryThrowawayMcSlide says:

    You people are all so fucking ungrateful.
    I’m so sorry that Dylan has to deal with you incessant cunts and your total lack of appreciation for the endless work that guy’s put into this game. You bitch and whine about the gameplay, yet there are countless mods to drastically change how it plays. You bitch and whine about the look, yet there are even more skins to drastically change how it looks. You bitch and whine about slow updates yet you have no idea just how much effort is put into this game on a daily basis.

    Drink chlorine.

  8. Bierb says:

    Great. Now all that’s missing is an all-purpose pause menu (And maybe some main menu music..) like in the first game and this game might as well be game of the year.